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5 Ways Technology is Changing Marketing Consulting

  • On : July 23, 2021

Advances in technology affect every part of our lives, so it’s without question that it has significantly changed the world of marketing too. Marketing consultants have to adapt their strategies to keep up with a very technology-driven society.

This comes at a great benefit to businesses, with even more ways to reach customers than in the past. On the back end, marketers have access to software and artificial intelligence to deliver targeted and effective marketing strategies for their clients. The leaders of the marketing industry are embracing all forms of technology in order to offer the best strategy to their clients.

The following presents some of the ways in which technology has changed marketing consultancy.

  1. Clients are choosing consulting firms that better suit them

No longer do clients have to go for the big (4) marketing consultants: clients now have the ability to perform research to evaluate which firm best serves their needs. As a result, this reduces the risk of a client potentially choosing a consultancy that doesn’t suit their requirements. Additionally, this can reduce their expenses by choosing a smaller (yet more fitting) consultancy, as opposed to a less specific, larger consultancy.

Clients can find subject matter experts (SME) quickly. The expertise and deep understanding of an SME will much better benefit a client as opposed to a consultant with a broader knowledge base. In some cases, general expertise is simply insufficient. The client is likely to receive a more targeted and practical marketing strategy and is likely to see results of a more rapid pace.

  1. Clients expect results than ever

In this technology-driven age, clients are expecting results faster than ever. We are a data-driven society with easy access to data in so many ways, therefore, clients have the ability to constantly evaluate whether or not their marketing consultant is performing as they should. Clients can clearly observe the number of likes, the number of visits and the increase of sales through simple platforms available online.

Because clients can see their results so easily, client loyalty is at an all-time low. Consultants are expected to perform at impressive rates and rightfully deliver on the marketing strategy proposed. Such a cycle has the impact of forcing marketing consultants to always be improving their performance, ultimately benefitting everyone involved.

Consequently, marketing consultants are becoming stronger than before. They’ll provide you with quick responses, keep working through your changes and seek unique opportunities to see your business grow. It’s likely marketing consultants are investing their own time to upskill in ways that benefit their client at the time. Such competition and pressure have the ability to transform the quality of marketing strategies developed for businesses like never before.

  1. Digital marketing is the advice of any marketing consultant

It’s likely that your marketing consultant will integrate a number of digital marketing methods into your marketing strategy. Digital marketing is both cost-effective and productive. Digital marketing takes the guesswork out of results, providing the consultant and their client with exact data – and immediately as well.  It helps clients to reach their existing customers and while also bringing in prospects too. It provides a plethora of knowledge about customers, their motivators, and behaviors.

Content is key to growing any business: think blog posts, podcast episodes and social media posts. Content helps to increase your search engine optimization, which results in increased lead generation and welcoming new prospects. Online platforms allow for speedy online interactions, rewarding your customer for their activity with your organization. Such content also helps to keep existing customers engaged, driving brand loyalty.

  1. Clients have access to marketing workshops online

Marketing workshops are a practical and holistic approach to formulating your marketing strategy. By getting various members of the company involved through a marketing workshop, you can solidify the company vision, accurately define your target market, improve communication and cooperation and come up with an innovative solution.

Doing a marketing workshop through an online platform is a realistic way of getting everyone involved, especially with capacity limits during these times. Geographical barriers will not inhibit your employees from getting involved. Likewise, you can have access to marketing talent from across the globe. The nature of online workshops ensures that you can fit it into your schedule however you please. 

  1. Marketing consultants are utilizing AI marketing strategy technology 

A good marketing consultant is always looking for ways to minimize time to create cost savings for their clients. One of the technologies we are seeing emerge from the marketing space is artificial intelligence-based marketing strategy software.

Robotic Marketer is a marketing strategy software based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. A task that typically took 80-150 hours can now be completed in 11 minutes. Always overseen by a marketing professional, Robotic Marketer is a leader in marketing strategy formulation. Such a technology has the ability to save much of the client’s time and money, while also ensuring the strategy is a direct reflection of what the client actually wants.

Marketing consultants are ceaselessly adapting their marketing strategy offerings in order to best capitalize on the changing technologies. The highly competitive world of marketing ensures that clients will always be getting the best. While the concept of technology changes can seem daunting, ‘smart’ consultants are able to acclimatize to these improvements and continue to offer an optimum strategy for their clients.

Image source: Shutterstock (432009058)