Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from December 2021

Virtual Reality

Is the metaverse just marketing hype?

  • On : December 30, 2021

metaverse The world is abuzz with hype over how customers will experience brands through the metaverse and with the likes of Facebook and Microsoft throwing their weight behind the ‘next big thing’, the world is scrambling to work out whether it is just hype or do we all need to be early adopters and move our marketing budget and direction into a sci-fi era.

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy That Responds to Disruption

  • On : December 17, 2021
In 2022, creating content with value is more important than ever. There are new and improved ways of doing things that are more effective, and most importantly, create the most noise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more and more detail orientated than ever before. That makes marketer’s jobs even harder than it already was. Marketers now need to find new and inventive ways to attract customers, what used to cut it now no longer does. 

What does that mean when it comes to your marketing strategy? It means things have to change. There is no longer room for a marketing strategy that was introduced back in 2018, a lot has changed since then. 


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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus on PR in 2022

  • On : December 16, 2021
If the pandemic has taught us anything over the past two years, it’s that your online presence matters. With some businesses operating entirely online and many consumers preferring to primarily shop online, how you appear on the internet will have a pivotal effect on the success of your company overall. Hence, a public relations (PR) focus is no longer a good idea, it’s a necessity. The ways in which a PR strategy will shape and influence your business’s success are virtually endless. Here is a list of 8 of the reasons why your business should focus on PR in 2022. Read more

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5 Reasons Companies Fail without a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

  • On : December 7, 2021
A comprehensive marketing strategy is at the crux of the business model of any successful company. Without it, new and old businesses simply have no hope of surviving in this digital age. A well-thought-out marketing strategy will provide your company with a roadmap of sorts, guiding you along the way to a successful promotion plan and implementation. This will allow you to meet your specific objectives and goals. There is a multitude of reasons why companies without a comprehensive marketing strategy fail. Here are five of the key contributing reasons.

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Is Robotic Marketer the Answer to High Performing Marketing Strategies?

  • On : December 3, 2021
There is no question that as our marketing strategies continue to evolve to fit our rapidly changing technology, identifying innovative and dynamic solutions is sometimes impossible. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence and data marketing systems, identifying the trends and advancing your company’s plan moving forward is crucial in a high-performing and successful marketing strategy. Companies like Robotic Marketer may be the solution to our forward-thinking problems.Read more