Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from September 2021

Marketing planning software

What is Marketing Planning Software and How Can it Help Your Business?

  • On : September 29, 2021

Technology has enabled marketing to become increasingly automated. Technology once only reserved for big, capital-intensive companies, has now become more accessible for small to medium businesses.  In particular, marketing planning software is an example of one of these technologies which is ...

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Internal Communications

Internal Communications: Why’s It Important & How To Develop An Effective Strategy

  • On : September 28, 2021

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Role of the Traditional Marketer

Is the Role of the Traditional Marketer Dead?

  • On : September 23, 2021

Marketing has seen a significant shift over the years – from the types of mediums used, to the intricacies of content developed. Advancements in technological automation and the rise of marketing artificial intelligence have raised several questions about the future of marketing and the ...

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Automation and the marketing discipline

Automation and the Marketing Discipline

  • On : September 21, 2021

In today’s corporate world, change is an unavoidable reality. One of the most sought-after management abilities is the skill to master and exploit change, this is especially true in marketing, where the rate of change is always increasing. So, is the profession of the traditional marketer ...

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computer SEO marketing infographic

The Power Of SEO

  • On : September 17, 2021

There is no doubt that the world we live in today is staggeringly different from the world that businesses were operating in 20 years ago. Technology has taken over many aspects of people’s day-to-day lives, with mobile phones, laptops, and televisions becoming a major influence. The ...

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data infographic

A Guide To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

  • On : September 15, 2021

What is data-driven marketing? Data-driven marketing is a strategy that focuses on the approach of optimizing brand communications based on customer information. This looks at how consumer behavior has changed over the recent years with the help of technology, allowing consumer data to be ...

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7 Reasons Why Marketing Strategies Fail

  • On : September 14, 2021

There are a number of reasons why a marketing strategy fails. Discover what they are to avoid making costly mistakes and secure the success of your business.

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Which Marketing Strategy is Right for my Business?

  • On : September 13, 2021

The purpose of marketing is to link your company’s value to the appropriate consumer base. It’s a basic concept with a million distinct strategies involved. Knowing which marketing approaches are viable and which are a waste of time can help reduce costs, increase awareness, and ...

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marketing infographic

Why Marketing Strategy Is Fundamental To Marketing Success

  • On : September 9, 2021

What is a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy is essentially a framework that outlines your company’s long-term direction and marketing objectives – typically leading to an ultimate gain in consumer conversions. It is a comprehensive plan that breaks down the whole process of the ...

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Web Development

Your Strategic SEO Checklist to Building a High Traffic Website

  • On : September 7, 2021

Everyone wants a website that sees a lot of traffic, high engagement and a high conversion rate. Unfortunately, with over 1.86 billion websites online, creating a highly engaging, competitive website that generates a lot of traffic is easier said than done. Fortunately for marketers, there are ...

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