Digital Dashboard

Manage your entire marketing strategy performance
in one place.

Manage your entire marketing strategy performance in real time

Discover the real time performance of your marketing strategy using an AI-powered digital dashboard designed to optimize marketing performance.

When your company does a marketing strategy using Robotic Marketer technology, information is seamlessly fed into a smart, flexible marketing digital dashboard designed to help you make better marketing decisions and report on successes.

With one singular view of your marketing performance, benefit from integrations into CRM, Google Analytics, Social Media, Adwords, email marketing technologies and marketing automation.


Manage your entire marketing strategy performance in real time

By having all of your marketing strategy in one place, you will be able to ensure that the performance of your marketing function is aligned with business goals, KPI’s and industry best practice.

Not only will you have a singular view of your entire marketing function in one place, your company will benefit from up-to-date hashtags, curation of blog headings, influencer interaction and keyword analysis.

This fully integrate-able digital marketing platform cleverly gives you the information to work more efficiently and effectively, with AI-based guidance.

Competitor analysis at your fingertips

Robotic Marketer smart marketing strategy digital dashboard gives you a complete insight into your competitors social media performance with comparisons against your own.

This will help you easily set goals to improve your social media performance, lessening the gap between you and your competitors where necessary, and cleverly keeping you up-to-date with ‘runaway competitor performance’.

Using the marketing strategy digital dashboard will heighten your ambitions and give you the tools to stay ahead of the game.


Make reporting to senior management easy

A new AI-tool to provide various reports to senior management will alleviate hours of sorting through various software programs dashboards for information and analysis.

This tool is designed to save marketing managers time and resources on administrative tasks that regularly take your team away from activating marketing tactics that derive results.

Know how your marketing performance is affecting the sales funnel, highly effective marketing campaigns delivering results and where to implement repeatable marketing tasks. Note: This tool is not available to non-enterprise clients.

Robotic Marketer Platform Overview


Marketing Strategy

Discover the power of AI-driven marketing strategy.

  • Documented 50+ page marketing strategy
  • 12-month implementation plan
  • Executive summary and Budgets
  • Detailed lists: Conferences, Events, Media Outlets, Awards
  • Competitor Analysis, Target Audience Personas, Key Messaging, Website Analysis, Marketing Tactics

Marketing Workshop

Benefit for Robotic Marketers high energy marketing workshop from setting goals and objectives, through to tactics and KPI’s.

  • Packages designed to meet your budget requirements
  • Full service: marketing, PR, content, web, graphic design, lead generation
  • Specialized lead generation programs available
  • Website development and SEO
  • Outsourced marketing department

Digital Dashboard

Manage your marketing strategy performance in one place.

  • One view of your entire marketing strategy performance
  • AI powered insights and tactical actions
  • Integrate plan into CRM, e-marketing, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics and Social Media Platforms
  • Discover performance across social media and website of your company and your competitors

Our Clients

At Robotic Marketer, our marketing consultants have built some of the best and most productive of relationships that are rooted in a desire to create a marketing plan to achieve greatness. We have offered marketing consulting services to a range of clients from small to mid-sized companies who through the Robotic Marketer platform seek to develop refreshed a marketing strategy that will help them stand out of an ocean of competition.

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