Robotic Marketer Team

Take a look at the team who built Robotic Marketer and use the technology to serve clients today.

Like any great technology company, Robotic Marketer sourced the best collaborative team available in Australia to develop what is the world’s first Robotic Marketer. It specializes in the development of comprehensive software robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence based automated marketing strategies.

Relationships with software engineers, robotics experts, data scientists and marketers are key

Forming a commercial relationship with QUT University in Brisbane, complemented by Robotic Marketer’s internal technology and marketing teams, the company has been able to complete a proof of concept for the automation of marketing strategies using smart technologies.

This differs significantly from technologies that offer companies lists of things that they could do from a marketing perspective, as opposed to providing valuable insights that are actionable in optimizing marketing efforts aligned to business goals.

Everyone shares Robotic Marketer’s vision

Team members who work for Robotic Marketer share the company’s vision and want to be involved in the success of Robotic Marketer. We are jam-packed with experience in both the marketing and technology industries, giving us formidable success in achieving the success.

We try new things every single day

The team is given a free reign to try new things, experiment and test predictive data outcomes. While an automated marketing strategy from a marketing workshop is now at your finger tips, it is the next steps that will truly blow your mind – and as our team grows and develops, we will be able to share this with you.

Robotic Marketer Team

Mellissah Smith - Founder & CEO

Mellissah is the founder and CEO of Robotic Marketer. She has 28 years experience in marketing and has conducted more than 550 marketing workshops and written 450 marketing strategies. An avid skier, Mellissah also likes to wind down at the end of a busy day with a glass of wine or a bottle of kombucha.

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson

As the Director of Robotic Marketer, Steven increases enthusiasm for the product and creatively engages small business (SMB) owners. Steven invests in a plethora of cutting-edge technology and is a keystone member of our Robotic Marketer family.


Professor Richi Nayak

QUT’s Richi Nayak is the Project Head of Robotic Marketer. Richi is also an internationally recognized expert in data mining and web intelligence. She is an associate professor, author, editor in chief and founder and leader of Data Mining research group.


Christina Kortesis

Christina contributes her marketing expertise to ensure the output strategies of Robotic Marketer are of highest quality. Christina Kortesis also is the CMO and Senior Marketing Consultant of Marketing Eye and has over 20+ years experience in technology marketing.


Miroslav Hrubes

Miroslav is the Chief Technology Officer and SEO consultant of Robotic Marketer. As the tech boss-man, he holds a masters degree in computers and mathematics. He has a deep understanding of the changing trends in e-commerce technologies which enables him to design and implement cutting edge online strategies for clients across a wide range of industries. When he’s not busy steering the tech ship, Miroslav is pretty proud of his dad jokes much to his kid dismay.

Venura Sasanka Abeysinghe

Venura is the head of the engineering wizards and also Robotic Marketer’s lead software engineer. Graduating with a masters degree in computer science from La Trobe University, Venura thrives on new technical challenges and loves learning and adapting to new technologies for optimized solutions. Venura loves travel and adventure sports – recommending sky diving and bungee jumping as a must try if you’re into that life.

Priyanka Subhash Sawant

Priyanka is one of Robotic Marketer’s IT geniuses that makes sure that all things ‘robotic’ work smoothly as possible. Graduating with a masters degree in Information Technology from the University of New South Wales, Priyanka believes that her skills can only grow when challenged and when part of a talented team of experts. She is also an avid adventurer and photography junkie.

Sean Collins Mbogo

This is Sean. Sean is Robotic Marketer’s coding wizard who graduated from Columbia University with a degree in material sciences and engineering. With years of experience coding with the likes of Python and Django as a backend engineer under his belt, he has a track record of constantly delivering successful projects. In his free time, Sean also likes to dabble in a little bit of woodwork.


Jennifer Fong

Jennifer contributed to the design of Robotic Marketer and operates as a marketing and data scientist assistant to the project. Jennifer is also a Commerce and Informatics graduate of University of Melbourne, majoring and having experience in Accounting, Marketing and Informatics at Marketing Eye.

Anna D’Souza

Anna is the newest marketing professional to join the team. As a recent post graduate from the University of Melbourne, she specializes in marketing strategy and communications. She believes that marketing brings the best of two worlds together i.e. the world of strategy and the world of creativity & innovation. When not musing on the world of marketing, Anna loves a good hike and baking session.