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Does Artificial Intelligence Influence Consumer Behavior?

Artificial intelligence is already very prevalent in the business realm, whether we know it or not. There are plenty of concerns about how it might affect the workforce, but have we considered how it could influence the behavior of our customers? The customer experience has so many variables between the first signs of interest to […]

The rising influence of spatial marketing

Marketing is effectively getting rid of the middle man – and putting tape on the mouths of marketers around the globe. Now, that is a little over the top, but it’s not too far from the truth and when you read this, you will see why.

People touching the screen of a laptop

Know Your Audience, Engage Actively With Target Audiences

You’ve streamlined your product. It’s ready to fly off the shelves in droves. But, where do you find customers that want to buy it? Don’t let your product die on the shelf or spoil in a digital cart. Develop a loyal target audience that fits perfectly fits your product design.

Make Marketing Easy

Robotic Marketer: A Simple Solution. Make Marketing Easy.

What’s your biggest marketing obstacle? Whether omitted or poorly executed, many companies fail to plan. But, there is a solution. Robotic Marketer makes askew plans are a thing of the past. Hurdle the barriers of traditional marketing and step into the future of strategic planning.


Increase Market Control with Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances maneuver your business toward increased sales and greater brand awareness in the market. Navigating these arrangements with complementary businesses can be difficult, however, they are quintessential in the strategic process.


Sinking in a Sea of Customers? Swim with CRM

CRM is a strategic approach to detailing and maintaining relationships with current and potential customers. Proper use of CRM tools streamlines your customer pipeline and pivots your business toward success. Let’s take a deeper dive.


2020, The Year to Outsource Your Marketing Department

Many companies are wary of the practice of outsourcing. Despite reasonable skepticism, outsourcing may be an invaluable solution to strengthen your marketing department. Could it work for your business?

Email Marketing, More Influential Than Facebook and Twitter Combined?

Email marketing is one of the most pervading forms of media today. This channel boasts some 3.9 billion users, surpassing the total accounts of Facebook and Twitter, combined. If you’re not using email marketing to reach your target audience, you should be. So how exactly does your business integrate email marketing into its strategy?


B2B Enterprise And The Early Adoption of TikTok App

TikTok! No…we’re not talking about a clock.  TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing social media platform and its numbers are staggering. 500 million users and 1.2 billion downloads make the app ripe for user engagement. However, is it possible for the B2B ventures to adopt this TikTok? Let’s see how they can tackle this Gen-Z app.

SEO Google

SEO, Just Another Useless Buzzword?

For many, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just another buzzword tossed in a sea of jargon promoted by marketers. However, SEO is much more than just a phrase. How can SEO become part of your game plan and marketing strategy for 2020?

Video Marketing

‘Lights, Camera, Keep Up’: The Age of Strategic Video Marketing

Today, consumers are spending 33% of their time watching online video content. To keep up with these staggering figures, companies must keep video content in their wheelbarrow. So then, how do we integrate video into our marketing strategy?

Brand Overload

Promotional Strategies that Build Brand Recognition and Awareness

Believe it or not, the phrases brand recognition and brand awareness aren’t synonymous. The jargon is similar, but they’re more fraternal than identical. While the differences are slight and must be approached in unique ways, a marketing strategy can be implemented to achieve both brand recognition and awareness.

Marketing by the Numbers

Marketing Strategy by the Numbers: Budget, Price Point and Profitability

The culture of startups and SMB is fast-paced, unpredictable and often ill-resourced. Often smaller businesses are good at what they do, but they don’t know how exactly to display it to others. Developing a marketing strategy is crucial even in the most minute stages of growth. If developed properly, it will jumpstart your business for […]


The ‘Why’ Behind Marketing Strategies: Don’t Just ‘See What Sticks’

An old method (I might even say an archaic way) to see if spaghetti is done boiling was to throw a single noodle strand at a wall. If it stuck, it was done boiling and ready to eat. SMBs are trying the same thing with their approach to strategic marketing, only they are forgetting one […]

Focus of CEOs

How to Capture the Focus of CEOs in Strategic Marketing

Approaching a CEO is a short hike, you just have to build up the confidence. Now, whether or not you truly get their attention is like summiting Everest. So how do we make the climb?


B2B Dynamics Are Changing, Here’s How to Adapt

The landscape of Business to Business (B2B) is changing rapidly. Interactions between companies are taking far more personalized and less corporate tones than they did 10-15 years ago (even 5 years ago for that matter) and we have to evolve with those changes. So then what are some key insights that we can pay attention […]

Tech Strategy

The Renaissance Platform of Technology Strategy: Robotic Marketer

The opportunities and outcomes afforded by technology strategies are innumerable. Let’s take a brief exploration of the technologies impacting business today. Robotic Marketer is a renaissance platform within technology strategies and combines multiple properties to refine your business model and give your company a desired competitive edge.


Is It Time to Reset your Marketing for 2020?

Search “marketing strategies” on Google. Soon you’ll be swimming in a flood of inquiries and Q&A pages on how to buff up your marketing plan for the next calendar year. However, when building their marketing plan, companies often exercise the wrong muscles. So how can you reset your goals and make sure your marketing is […]

We're live!

“And We’re Live!”: How Live Video Streaming Impacts User Interaction

The culture of content shifts like sand in a desert. As new mediums emerge from the woodworks, they change the landscape of user interaction. The introduction of live features–on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn–create sweeping and innovative changes that alter social media platforms. So, how should we use them?


10 Tools to Improve Your PR

Public Relations is a multifaceted process that involves a variety of roles and requires hours of planning. For many startups and small businesses, this discipline operates as a one-man show–or falls to the wayside. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Today we’ll look at several tools to improve your PR and turn your […]

SEO and Robots

SEO and The Robots Improving It

Last week, we talked about the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how they can secure leads for your business. Next up on our list is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why is this feature so important and how exactly can you implement it within your business plan and marketing strategies?

Marketing Technology

Marketing Strategy Technology, Predicting Trends in 2019

The last decade witnessed a sharp transition—digital platforms rose to an imminent position as traditional print media cowered in the shadow of this new wave. We shouldn’t be surprised when new trends occur, but rather, attempt to predict them. We’ll give you glimpse into the future—artificial intelligence infrastructure is going to dominate the field of […]

Save With Our Robot

Don’t Break the Bank, Save With Our Robotic Consultant

Let’s discuss the bottom line—marketing is expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be the drain on your company’s already small budget. Our Robotic Marketing platform—which includes an online workshop and a 40-page marketing strategy—is only $1,950. We’re an all-in-one digital marketing and consulting agency ready to craft the perfect marketing plan for your business. It’s […]

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs Are Dominating, Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention

Every industry has a means of measuring success. In every field, there’s a litmus test and standardized measurements to meet your objectives. Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s) are the litmus test by which we can and should measure our goals in marketing! So what exactly are KPI’s and how can we dominate our field by […]


Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with our Intuitive Robotic Assistant

Robotic Marketer has engineered a framework to ensure that small to medium sized businesses can craft a strategic marketing plan without exhausting capital or stretching resources too thin. Our Artificial Intelligence software gathers data and scours unprecedented amounts of information to give you a competitive advantage against competitors. But why should you use our software? […]

Sales and Marketing

Don’t Stumble into the Next Fiscal Year, Discover a Robotic Solution

We’ve nearly arrived—it’s the end of Q3 and companies are sent scrambling into Q4. Startups and other small enterprises are wiping their brow, singing praises that they’ve survived another fiscal quarter! However, where many companies are winding down and waiting for the year to end, they should be strategically planning for Q1.


Marketing strategies for events companies

Event companies are finding it increasingly difficult to cut through a cluttered marketplace and establish their events as a go-to for their target audience. Unless you are a big brand with an established attendee list, your event may not achieve the desired attendance participation. Adobe Summit In March, we attended the #AdobeSummit in Las Vegas. […]


Why every business should have a marketing strategy?

Starting a business from scratch, people mainly focus on sales and administrative practices. Sometimes, they are focused on the product or service, but what about marketing? Entrepreneurs are sometimes overwhelmed with wearing so many hats, and when it comes to marketing,  they may think it is costly and difficult to see a tangible outcome in […]


How brand ambassadors can help your marketing plan succeed

The word ‘brand ambassador’ gets thrown around all the time these days and has in fact become a common job title. Brands are frequently paying everyday people to go around to shops, offices and public places to interact with potential customers in order to generate positive brand image, brand awareness and word of mouth. But […]


What is the future of marketing

Marketing has changed so much in the last few years. With technology growing and advancing every day, marketing is constantly being affected. We can credit these changes to technological advancements and artificial intelligence. However, due to these innovations, consumer expectations have been modified as well. We have to switch up the way we reach people […]


How AI is playing a role in modern transportation

New ways of transportation are just around the corner and AI is at the forefront of this development. Autonomous cars, self-driving garbage trucks and drone air taxis are all in the near future for the world of transportation. Technology has come a long way, but just how advanced has it really become?  We now live […]


A clever new way to market your business

Does your business need a clear direction in regards to your marketing activities? Maybe you’ve tried the same strategy over and over again but it doesn’t quite take your business to the level you desire. If this is the case then it’s time for you to try something new! Robotic Marketer uses data-driven information and […]


The undeniable rise of chatbots usage

You may be thinking what is a chatbot and how does it affect me? Well, a chatbot is an instant messaging system that answers any questions you may have while on a website. It saves time and effort by automating customer support. So, whether you are the one visiting the website or the company behind […]


How AI is revolutionising Ecommerce Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest talking points for digital marketing. It is truly changing the way we do business and transforming the world of e-commerce as well. However, there are a few common misconceptions about AI that need to be cleared up before we can get into how its revolutionizing e-commerce marketing.

Office workers

Is AI being used to monitor staff activity?

For many the thought of their work activities being monitored might make them a bit uneasy, but that is the direction AI is headed. Artificial intelligence allows robots and technological systems to gather information, analyse outcomes, and produce final work and projects to you in record time. However, if that isn’t enough for you AI […]

Robot in fake world

Is Artificial Intelligence creating a fake world?

Even though we’ve already argued many times about how AI is amazing and how it helps us daily, AI raises some awareness and fears amongst humans.


Is artificial intelligence the key to doing your job better?

By now you have must have heard the news? Well if you haven’t, yes robots and artificial intelligence are taking over every aspect of our lives including our workspaces. But the real questions are, is it for the better or for the worse? The increased utilisation, integration and implementation of technology into our daily work […]


Will AI be able to protect itself from hackers?

Cybersecurity has always been a tricky issue due to the high complexity of the industry and the always changing nature of the technology sector.

Marketing Planning on whiteboard

How to write the best marketing strategy possible

Like many other people, you dream to create your own business, or you already have one you want to improve. To this end, a marketing strategy is inevitable to build a strong business’s foundation in order to attract customers. Good thing for you, it’s easy to find instructions on how to create your marketing strategy […]

What to expect from AI

What can we expect from AI in 2019?

With AI continuing with its rapid development, in 2019, we’re expected to see some big strides yet again in numerous different industries as the hype of AI technologies is showing no sign of slowing down.

Morning rush to work

AI will create more jobs than it destroys!

Some fear that as AI improves it will supplant workers, in turn creating ever-growing unemployment as humans become unable to compete economically with machines. But, on the contrary, AI can be seen as the greatest job engine the world has ever seen!

Artifical Intelligence and humans co-existence

How are humans and artificial intelligence platforms working together?

If you ever used Siri on your smartphone or saved your vacation memories on the cloud, you already know what Artificial Intelligence is but probably not how it works.

Marketing strategy broken up

How can machine learning technology maximise the success of marketing?

Machine learning technologies are constantly evolving before our eyes and continue to play an even bigger part in our everyday lives as technology continues to develop.

People gathered around a shop

What’s with all the hype around artificial intelligence?

When thinking of artificial intelligence, we remember being beaten by our computer during a solitaire card game, or we imagine robots that have the ability to think like humans.

Sales being affected by artificial intelligence

How is AI reshaping marketing and sales?

The analysis of large amounts of data is a very common practice in sales and marketing. All this can be achieved by an AI, which means considerable time-saving.

City buildings

Does AI have the potential to destroy or improve society?

Years ago, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking saw the potential in AI and is the potential ability to “transform or destroy” society. This technology called Artificial intelligence still sounded surreal. Now, we know for sure that this technology is the future, we can make it be, but we need to ask the question “Should we”? […]

Business articles in newspaper

Will Implementing AI in your Business give it a Competitive Advantage?

It is said that businesses who adopt Artificial Intelligence are 3.5 times more likely to grow their profit margin by up to five points more than industry peers.

Man getting hand cuffed

Is artificial intelligence key in tackling crime?

We’ve seen artificial intelligence be implemented in many different fields such as smart cars, smartphones, social media and now we’re witnessing it in crime prevention.

retail suits hanging up.

How is AI revolutionising the retail industry?

These days AI is involved in most industries and the retail industry is no different. Already adopted by some retailers, over a quarter of retailers were deploying AI in 2018, investments in this new technology will continue to increase by 2022.

person standing in front of lights

AI and Machine Learning can only help Human development and learning.

Contrary to popular belief, AI is not harmful to humans, but rather useful, this technology could even help humans develop their way of learning as well as develop themselves. It seems paradoxical, a science dedicated to learning from how we humans operate, it may actually return the favour by teaching us about ourselves, if it’s […]

Background photo

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

It is apparent that the evolution of artificial intelligence has provided many specific benefits to many industries. With the ability to perceive its environment, interpret external data to learn and adapt, and take actions to maximise the success of goals, it is evident that the incorporation of AI technology in business can enhance company development […]

Computers using artificial intelligence

Regulation Before Regret

In the fast-paced era of technology, artificial intelligence is evolving at an alarming rate. Robots are beginning to possess the ability to learn and read human expressions, along with the ability to have a complete conversation with people.

Human interaction with computers

Does AI still need humans to succeed

Artificial Intelligence has very quickly established itself as a tool that is being commercially used in government and corporate systems on a large scale and it’s showing no signs of deceleration.

Climate change in action

Is AI the Key to Saving the Planet?

Growing up, everyone is taught about global warming, preserving the Earth, and steps to take to prevent further damage.

The number five.

5 AI trends to watch out for in 2019

The place of AI in our society is becoming increasingly important and we are amazed by the capabilities developed by this technology. From a year to year, the trends around this new tool, which will soon be indispensable in our daily lives. Here are 5 trends to watch out for in 2019.

artificial clock

What does AI actually mean and how does it work?

More and more every day, we hear about this new technology called Artificial Intelligence. This is not about to end! AI is spreading to many industries, but do we really know what “AI” means and how it works? It has been reported that the majority of people know what it stands for but don’t know […]

Artificial intelligence picture

8 myths surrounding AI

We’re surrounded by artificial intelligence daily. Yet there still are common myths and misunderstanding about Artificial intelligence which need to be dispelled. What exactly are these myths about AI technology?

professor teaching

5 expert tips to help you integrate AI into your business

With the rise of AI, everyone is beginning to see this technology as a working tool. As fascinating as AI can be, it allows tasks to be performed in record time and with great precision. So, what are the important tips to follow?

meeting with clients

Is hiring a “robot” to conduct your next workshop too impersonal?

Many questions revolve around robots and AI, and in particular concerning feelings: “will this technology be able to reproduce human emotions? Feel empathy? Be less impersonal? Here, the question is: is it necessary that a robot has feelings and the ability to personal to conduct your next marketing workshop?

Robot's hand

Is AI threatening jobs or making new opportunities?

What do you think about AI? Exciting technology? Frightening? Or both?

AI as impactful technology

Is AI expected to be the most impactful technology

One of the first references to AI dates to 1950 in an article by Alan Turing entitled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. The official birth of artificial intelligence took place a few years later at the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. This technology is therefore not invented recently and even many researchers have been working on this topic […]

Future of digital marketing

What is the future of digital marketing?

Some people think that the future of marketing will be through artificial intelligence, while others believe that influencers are the key.

Ai revolution

5 industries soon to be completely revolutionized by artificial intelligence.

In a few years, each industry will be able to benefit from this new tool that everyone is hearing more and more about called Artificial Intelligence.


AI and it’s influence on farming

The time has passed whereby everyone does everything the traditional way. We are now living in a society which is continuously evolving and heavily dependant upon technology. This reliance on technology has led to the adoption of artificial intelligence in just about every aspect of life. Now we are seeing AI play its role in […]

investing in Artificial Intelligence

Why investing in these top 3 Artificial Intelligence stocks is beneficial!

There is an array of different stocks being offered on plenty of stock markets around the world. Therefore, the question comes up which industry is the most profitable one as well as which stock is the best choice to invest?  Especially, when looking at recent trends the most noticeable one is surely the current development […]

Robot marketing strategies

Can a robot write your marketing strategies?

The answer is Yes. Robots can do everything these days. And I already know the name of this robot, it’s called Robotic Marketer!

AI Marketing hype

What is all the hype around AI and marketing?

When you hear “AI”, are you thinking about science a fiction film?

world of a Human Resources

AI in the world of a Human Resources

The world as we know it, is changing rapidly and is going through an array of technological innovation that is recognisable in literally every business industry. By utilising Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Engineering and Cybersecurity, the new century has arrived and is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But after all those impressive technical […]

Robotics law and order

No more Law and Order

Everyone loves a good old dose of Law and Order every once and while. In 10 years’ time, our favourite characters and our real-life legal system will be flooded with an overwhelming amount of Artificial Intelligent robots and technology.


Unlocking business success based on behavioural science

The roll out of a successful franchise business in both new and old markets has been tried and tested since the grandfather of franchising, Howard Deering Johnson, established his first restaurant franchise Quincy in Massachusetts in 1932.

Data signage

Is AI the new marketing?

Nowadays, AI is everywhere! At our jobs, when we use the internet, in our homes, pretty much simply everywhere. AI is a machine learning designed to simplify our life and make sure all we see on the internet or on our applications is relevant to our methods of consumption. A simple example is Netflix and […]


Why the big players on Wall Street all invest in AI trading systems

Recent events such as the global financial crisis in 2007/2008 demonstrate the tremendous impact that these financial institutions can have on the entire world.

travel industry

The impact of machine learning in the travel industry

Every business owner and business leaders working in the field of tourism and travel, must use the latest trends to ensure that they are constantly up to date with the market. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with the development of our fast-growing technology and integrate machine learning into your business strategy. However, there are […]

Improving knowledge of AI

4 reasons why we have to improve our knowledge about AI

AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in data that no analyst would be able to accomplish without computer power.

Beating your competitor

Beating your competitor with a dose of AI

All industries are being tremendously affected by the integration of artificial intelligence. From the health care sector to real estate to even the retail sector.

AI and machine learning

What is the difference between machine learning and AI?

Two buzzwords that continuously keep popping up are artificial intelligence and machine learning, these words also seem to be used interchangeably as many people believe them to be the same. Although they are similar they are not quite the same, but many people believe perceived into thinking they are which hence leads to some confusion.


Impact of AI in education

Artificial intelligence is no longer just contained in science fiction films. It is a part of our everyday lives and in the classrooms. As tools like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, it is just beginning to see the possibilities of AI in education.

Robots vs Humans; who will run the future?

Robots vs Humans; who will run the future?

With the rapid expansion and ever-growing development of artificial intelligence and robots, the question on everybody’s mind is whether robots will take over in the future.

Tesla car

Should we be more afraid of Elon musk or AI?

His name is constantly swirling around and around the media cyclone outlets, that has created an overwhelming and very much confronting storm filled with anxiety, fear and disbelief. Elon Musk is his name and he is nothing short of a just anybody, he is the billionaire inventor, founder and CEO of the greatest AI creation […]

The tremendous power of AI

The tremendous power of AI in the very complex world of healthcare

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is revolutionising the world we live in today. In particular when it comes to makes big decisions in terms of life and death. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), even the medical industry can take advantage of the technology and improve the health care system which is […]

9 reasons why Christmas is the time to reassess your marketing strategy

9 reasons why Christmas is the time to reassess your marketing strategy

Every year Christmas seems to creep up on everyone, we start running around like headless chooks organising the Christmas party for work, buying our Kris Cringle presents for our colleagues and gorging out on cheese platters and champagne.

Robots are helping us in unique and amazing ways.

Robots are helping us in unique and amazing ways.

Robots are becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated, and due to these advancements different industries are utilising this technology in interesting ways. Various industries are using robots in different ways to decrease staff costs, carry our shopping, do repetitive or dangerous tasks plus much more.

Desk with a mac and data

A day in the life of a Data Scientist

Did you use the Internet today? Visit Facebook? Buy from an online shopping website? Check the weather on your smartphone? Watch a funny YouTube video? Use Uber? Connect on LinkedIn? Text your co-worker about that funny YouTube video? If you did any of these activities, you generated an unimaginable amount of data.

AI and machine learning

Technological Trends of 2018

As technology continues to evolve we must be prepared to take advantage of the digital and technical opportunities that present themselves to us. 2018 has saw huge change but there have been trends with have been constant throughout the year that everyone should be aware about.

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

One way or another the future of artificial intelligence (AI) will change everything in life. The history of artificial intelligence dates back centuries to when robots would appear in the myths of many ancient societies including Greek, Arabic, Egyptian and Chinese. Today, the field of artificial intelligence is smarter than ever and is evolving every […]


What is big data, data mining and data science?

These terms sound very impressive, don’t they? But these concepts are not as complicated as they seem. They’re revolutionary and technology infused terms that will change the way we collect data and use these data sources to make analytical hypothesis and analysis’ on where the future is heading, especially in terms of Business.


How marketing can use AI efficiently?

These days, the effect of AI has been growing enormously, not only in our personal lives but also our work lives. The marketing industry has been immensely impacted by Artificial Intelligence systems, that will continuously have an impact for years and decades to come. People are beginning to believe that AI is threatening to destroy […]


What is the future of Marketing?

Due to the fast-growing technology industry, a lot has recently changed in regards to how people go about their working lives. With the rise of big data and the use of artificial intelligence there comes an age of transformation especially within the marketing industry. The way we approach business is changing and evolving in a futuristic […]


Artificial intelligence is an indispensable tool for the real estate business

It’s no secret that we are utilising Artificial Intelligence, or commonly referred to us as AI, in almost every industry these days. AI is slowly taking over businesses and the world as we know it. Artificial Intelligence is simply the advanced technology that solves problems by constantly learning over time and has the ability to […]


How Robotics is Changing Marketing

We are currently in an age where technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and as a result, is becoming more and more prominent in every field of business, including marketing.  Humans still cannot even fathom the technological advancements that we will be facing in the coming years, and as more growth occurs, as does its […]


Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Charlotte Gore I remember in school being made to watch I, Robot, a film where robots are a part of everyday life, making things easier and keeping humans safe. That is until they turn evil and try to take over the world. So yeah, that is pretty much what I had in mind when people […]

Man with a virtual reality headset

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and its influence in sport

Sport plays an important role within our modern society and has so for centuries. For some, sport is important for the health and longevity benefits that they provide, for others, sport is a channel to socialise through; whether it’s by participating or by spectating. For most however, sport is a healthy source of entertainment; watching […]

business news

Technology’s Rapid Influence in Business

Written by Stephanie Petrolo The influence of technology cannot be ignored. Advancements have connected us in ways we previously couldn’t imagine, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently. In business settings, technology has increased the pace of the work environment with a shift from analogue to digital. This is undoubtedly necessary as businesses need to be […]

IT technology

How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing your everyday life

Stephanie Petrolo The initiation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has been met with mixed responses. Some have been quick to embrace the technology whilst others are much more skeptical. In business, a more efficient work environment has been promised with the adoption of AI encouraged. Whether we are conscious or not, AI is already present […]

Facebook scratched

Can we happily live without social media?

Angeliki Sfikas The big question On my way to work every morning, I see people on the train, their earphones in and their eyes are glued to their devices. Some are sending emails, others flicking through Facebook, few watching last night’s Instagram stories, scrolling through their Insta feed, because everyone knows, if you don’t Instagram […]

weird robot

The 6 Weirdest Robots Ever Created!

Angeliki Sfikas During the last decade, robots escaped the factory floor and started conquering big cities. Robots in assembly lines, robots in accounting, robots in welding, if all this sounds pretty normal to you, then you need to read about the following robots! 1. A Tooth Brushing Robot


How the Army is Using Artificial Intelligence

Zac O’Hehir The future of militaries across the globe will have a heavy focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Militaries are heavily investing in robots because they believe they will play a key role in future defence force endeavours. Both the US and UK military are now utilising battlefield robots in combat exercises. These robots are […]


A new companion: The future of social media

Written by Stephanie Petrolo Social media has become synonymous with our everyday lives. From connecting with friends and colleagues to communicating with services; a reliance on social media has been formed. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence on these platforms has promised to personalise and enhance our online experiences personally and professionally.

Robot and ligths in the night

The Sexbot is here… AI really can do it all.

By Maud Garcia The cyber woman is born. The wait is over! Realbotix will launch their version of the cyber woman, specifically designed for male companionship, in September. This robot isn’t quite on Ex-Machina’s level but is insanely impressive nonetheless.

Robotic marketer

Life of a tech entrepreneur is no longer a star-buck

  In New York for a few days selling my wares and it becomes increasingly apparent that being a tech entrepreneur is much harder than first thought.

What is all the hype around AI and marketing?

Robots: Friends or Foe?

  By Angie Sfikas Do businesses benefit from robots? How reliable are they? Will a Robot take my job? These are just a few of the numerous questions when it comes to introducing robots into the business environment.


Welcome to Life-Changing Technology

By Eleonore Kugle The world is changing every day and as a result, it’s becoming more and more efficient. But how is that actually possible? We only need to flashback 20 years prior- no Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones. If you wanted to catch up with some friends, you couldn’t just google maps the location of […]

Man on an Ipad

What are you doing with the extra time AI gifts you with?

By Megan Eaton Let’s face it, we aren’t the most active society, sure, we’ve got a few extremely talented athletes doing us all proud. But other than that, the stats for the everyday human aren’t in our favour. Studies show that the average amount of steps taken in the world are just over 5400 per […]

robot hand

Leaving trust in the hands of Artificial Intelligence

By Jaimie Cusack We must expose the Pandora’s box, educating businesses and the society as a whole on the concepts, algorithms, and workings of Artificial Intelligence. This vital insight allows us as humans to better understand the current present day and the possibilities of further developments in Artificial Intelligence. In relation to the Marketing industry […]

People touching the screen of a laptop

When Creativity meets with Artificial Intelligence

Written by Tom Durston   The public hysteria revolving around the rise of AI in the workplace has been well documented. The fear of humans first losing their jobs to computers followed by the common troupe of losing control of society is palpable. However, a concept previously left unsaid has been AI’s ability to think […]

Robotic Marketer Computer Screen

How AI is changing the PR Industry

Written by Stephanie Petrolo The presence of artificial intelligence in the marketing and public relations industries, let alone the global community, has been met with a range of responses. Perhaps fear is the most prominent. There is a fear of the unknown. If AI runs to plan, will it minimise human input? Perhaps we should […]


Organisations, the Employee & the Consumer – The Impact of Technology on Change

From self-driving cars to robotic receptionists and factory workers, we’re amidst a full span robotic takeover of a variety of jobs and daily tasks. How are organisations responding? It’s those tech-savvy organisations with innovation at the forefront of their operations who are embracing the latest technology and taking action to ensure their employees are trained […]


Robotics & AI – how are they changing the way businesses operate?

Losing jobs to technology is really nothing new if you think about it – even when humans haven’t been totally overrun they have learned to adapt to technology and machinery to become more efficient and accurate in what they do. With continued advances in artificial intelligence, technology and robotics, businesses will need to stop and […]

Robotics Opening the Door to Unlimited Possibilities: The Robotic Car

  In our contemporary world, advanced technology and robotics are omnipresent. With the help of automation, artificial intelligence and data scrapping, businesses are faced with endless opportunities to reinvent what the future looks like. Earlier in the week we were discussing the various robotics across the industries and stopped to think about how cool a […]


The worldwide adoption of robotics

Moving into 2018 we’re seeing an increasing number of companies replacing a percentage of their workers with robotics and advanced technology in an attempt to increase productivity levels like never before and cut costs. This shift to accepting and adopting a robotic workplace will be one of the biggest hurdles faced by corporate businesses over […]

Data on a computer

Adapt or become irrelevant

The workforce of tomorrow will require a completely different set of skills compared to recent times if they wish to navigate the future world of work efficiently. Fact: It’s no longer a theoretical exercise to wonder if your job will quite literally be replaced by robotics, it’s reality. The future is already here – businesses […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Job Security

Did you know, that an IDC survey for Salesforce estimates that over 800,000 new jobs will be created within the customer relationship management sector? More jobs, less jobs? This, for many years to come will be one of the leitmotifs in the continual debate on artificial intelligence and how it will affect employees as it […]


The next level marketing strategy your business needs

“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” — Brian Halligan We’re consistently stressing the importance of a marketing strategy, but why?

Robots on a desk

Robotics in the workplace, how does it affect you?

Reality Check: Robots haven’t just landed in the workplace – they are already expanding their skills, increasing productivity and retention rates, and moving up the corporate ladder. Technology continues to bring unprecedented improvements into the workplace that essentially streamline processes and creates efficiency.

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Are you in fear of losing your job to robots?

“Some jobs are better done by people, and some jobs are better done by machines.” Machine learning is slowly but surely creeping into our everyday lives in the workplace – no matter what you think, employees can no longer turn a blind eye to this topic. From maximising workplace efficiency by streamlining every day processes […]

Humans & Machines

Humans & Machines

“Humans and machines – each on their own – won’t be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively” – Accenture. Those forward-thinking businesses who have adopted robotics, automation software and technologies, have increased their productivity by over 200% evidence suggest. […]

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Robotic Process Automation?

Is Robotic Process Automation the future of streamlining everyday business processes that no one really wants to do? Robotic Process Automation otherwise referred to as RPA fundamentally refers to a software robot that can be easily programmed to ‘mimic’ and complete simple tasks across multiple applications just as your general employees would. Think of this […]

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Why having a marketing robot as a colleague is super cool

When talking to my incredible team of people working at Marketing Eye, the sister company that has helped Robotic Marketer by providing invaluable voice recorded workshops and marketing strategies, they are so excited about what we are doing.