Organisations, the Employee & the Consumer – The Impact of Technology on Change

From self-driving cars to robotic receptionists and factory workers, we’re amidst a full span robotic takeover of a variety of jobs and daily tasks.

How are organisations responding?

It’s those tech-savvy organisations with innovation at the forefront of their operations who are embracing the latest technology and taking action to ensure their employees are trained and developed to take a step into their new or modified roles.

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Robotics & AI – how are they changing the way businesses operate?

Losing jobs to technology is really nothing new if you think about it – even when humans haven’t been totally overrun they have learned to adapt to technology and machinery to become more efficient and accurate in what they do.

With continued advances in artificial intelligence, technology and robotics, businesses will need to stop and rethink their approach to getting the job done in the most competitive manner.

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Robotics Opening the Door to Unlimited Possibilities: The Robotic Car


In our contemporary world, advanced technology and robotics are omnipresent. With the help of automation, artificial intelligence and data scrapping, businesses are faced with endless opportunities to reinvent what the future looks like.

Earlier in the week we were discussing the various robotics across the industries and stopped to think about how cool a robotic car would be. Do you remember back in the day when you had to physically roll your window down? Well, thanks to technology our cars are now equipped with Wi-Fi, voice control systems, fatigue detectors, reverse radars, GPS’, etc.

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The worldwide adoption of robotics

Moving into 2018 we’re seeing an increasing number of companies replacing a percentage of their workers with robotics and advanced technology in an attempt to increase productivity levels like never before and cut costs.

This shift to accepting and adopting a robotic workplace will be one of the biggest hurdles faced by corporate businesses over the years to come.

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Adapt or become irrelevant

The workforce of tomorrow will require a completely different set of skills compared to recent times if they wish to navigate the future world of work efficiently.

Fact: It’s no longer a theoretical exercise to wonder if your job will quite literally be replaced by robotics, it’s reality.

The future is already here – businesses have started to employee robotic colleagues over human employees. It’s estimated that in five years’ time over 45% of the worlds fastest growing businesses will employee more robots (virtual assistants and smart machines) than people.

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Artificial Intelligence and Job Security

Did you know, that an IDC survey for Salesforce estimates that over 800,000 new jobs will be created within the customer relationship management sector?

More jobs, less jobs? This, for many years to come will be one of the leitmotifs in the continual debate on artificial intelligence and how it will affect employees as it advances and evolves.

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The next level marketing strategy your business needs

“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” — Brian Halligan

We’re consistently stressing the importance of a marketing strategy, but why?

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Robotics in the workplace, how does it affect you?

Reality Check: Robots haven’t just landed in the workplace – they are already expanding their skills, increasing productivity and retention rates, and moving up the corporate ladder. Technology continues to bring unprecedented improvements into the workplace that essentially streamline processes and creates efficiency.

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Are you in fear of losing your job to robots?

“Some jobs are better done by people, and some jobs are better done by machines.”

Machine learning is slowly but surely creeping into our everyday lives in the workplace – no matter what you think, employees can no longer turn a blind eye to this topic. From maximising workplace efficiency by streamlining every day processes to understanding how consumers emotionally connect to brands, the applications of artificial intelligence seem to be limitless as new advances continue to disrupt the workplace.

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Humans & Machines

“Humans and machines – each on their own – won’t be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively” – Accenture.

Those forward-thinking businesses who have adopted robotics, automation software and technologies, have increased their productivity by over 200% evidence suggest. This helps re-affirm how the future workforce will look like: human and digital interaction on a daily basis.

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