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Robotic Marketer is a unique, technology start-up company that has revolutionised the way companies write Marketing Strategies. Robotic Marketer uses the power of Artificial Intelligence, data mining and machine learning to produce Marketing Strategies that are comprehensive, thorough, market researched and fact-based. These strategies include an in-depth competitor analysis created using advanced fact-finding technology and data trawling capabilities. It’s a total game changer in the Marketing and technology world and Robotic Marker has been at the centre of it all. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the emergence of I.T with Marketing have all been hot topics at the major technology forums this year, so join us in discussing how Robotic Marketer can feature at one of your events today.

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At Robotic Marketer we are always looking at ways to promote ourselves through specialised technology tradeshows, futurism events, technology forums, start-up conferences, Marketing work-shops, business networking functions, technology tradeshows or entrepreneurial events and unique speaking engagements. Let’s work together to promote your events company and Robotic Marketer together.

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Registering your company on the Robotic Marketer website will give you the opportunity to work with Robotic Marketer and in-turn promote your event company through various engagements and lift your public profile along-side ours.

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