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Robotic Marketer has an eBook series on marketing, this e-book covers everything from marketing strategies to public relations, social media and email marketing. It is complete with important resources to help you navigate your business’s marketing success.

Playbook for implementing the perfect marketing strategy

This playbook gives you all the tools needed to implement the perfect marketing strategy. Benefit from templates, marketing tips and different hacks that helps you improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver upon your business goals.

10 Technologies that will accelerate your marketing teams performance

There are thousands of technologies to choose from, but our agency partners choose these 10 technologies that ensure that they work harder, smarter and faster than their counterparts. The technologies also help businesses gain more followers, greater engagement and deliver more leads to your sales team.

20 Inspiring websites that will change your thinking

Ready to be disrupted? To think differently? To change your game? To be inspired in a way that you have never been inspired before? Then this eBook is a must to download.

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