Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Marketer's expert Marketing Consultants are here to answer your questions.

What is a Robotic Marketer?

Robotic Marketer is a world-first marketing technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), big data and machine learning that creates marketing strategies that help businesses capitalize on market opportunities and achieve their strategic goals.

Why Robotic Marketer Marketing Strategies?

Marketing strategies can often take weeks or even months to develop. With Robotic Marketer, you will receive a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Beyond this, marketing strategies are often written by marketing consultants who are not fully across the entire marketing mix. Many marketing plans don’t deep dive into big data to give companies a thorough analysis to build competitive advantage. Robotic Marketer deep dives into big data on Google keywords, advertising, competitive content and customer behaviour to provide businesses with a blueprint to achieve the best possible marketing outcomes using comprehensive data-driven marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI help with developing a marketing strategy?

Robotic Marketer, along with other AI marketing tools, can analyze customer data and market trends to identify target audiences and inform strategic decisions. By completing a prefill, you will be able to process marketing strategy which will create an output of a 50+ page marketing strategy, 12-month implementation plan, executive summary – all in minutes using AI.

Can AI completely replace the need for a marketing team?

No. AI excels at data analysis and automation, but human creativity and strategic thinking are still important for marketing success. Robotic Marketer can be a valuable asset to a marketing team as a productivity, efficiency and effectiveness tool for marketing. AI is the perfect marketing tool for your marketing team.

What are some ways AI can personalize the customer experience in marketing?

Robotic Marketer (or similar AI tools) can analyze customer data to recommend personalized content, offers and ad campaigns, enhancing the customer journey. With Robotic Marketer’s content generator, you will be able to easily develop, execute and report on marketing performance allowing you to adapt fast and efficiently to the customer journey.

How can AI be used to optimize content marketing strategies?

AI can analyze audience data and content performance to suggest topics, predict content popularity, and even automate content creation (with human oversight). Robotic Marketer in particular, helps a business identify what content relates specifically to their target audience, then create content that incorporates the unique value proposition, key messages and benefits to your target audience.

What role can AI play in social media marketing?

AI can schedule posts, analyze social media sentiment, and personalize content for different platforms. Robotic Marketer new release offers complete content calendar creation for social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

How can AI be leveraged for better email marketing campaigns?

AI can personalize email subject lines, segment email lists for targeted campaigns, and optimize email sending times for better engagement. Robotic Marketer has features for email personalization and creates email marketing campaigns that are game changing. They understand your customer at a deeper level and write for your customer.

Can AI help with marketing budget allocation?

AI can analyze campaign performance data to identify the most effective channels and allocate budget resources more efficiently. Robotic Marketer provides detailed budget analysis, benchmarking and comparison with competitors.

How can AI improve marketing campaign measurement and ROI tracking?

AI can track campaign performance across different channels and analyze data to provide deeper insights into ROI, allowing for better campaign optimization. Robotic Marketer integrates with marketing analytics tools for this purpose including Salesforce, Google, Hubspot, Pipedrive.

What are some potential challenges of using AI in marketing strategies?

Challenges include ensuring data accuracy and avoiding bias in AI algorithms, as well as maintaining human oversight and control over marketing decisions.

How can companies ensure responsible use of AI in their marketing strategies?

Transparency and explainability in AI decision-making are key. Companies should also be mindful of user privacy and data security when using AI for marketing purposes.

What specific AI marketing tools or services does Robotic Marketer offer?

While specific details might require visiting their website (, Robotic Marketer likely offers AI-powered marketing strategy development, campaign execution, and performance analysis.

Can AI help with lead generation in marketing campaigns?

AI can analyze customer behavior and identify potential leads, personalize lead nurturing campaigns, and automate lead scoring for better conversion rates. Robotic Marketer might have functionalities related to lead generation.

How can AI be used for market research and competitor analysis?

AI can analyze vast amounts of online data to identify market trends, understand competitor strategies, and inform your own marketing approach. Robotic Marketer, in combination with market research tools, could be helpful.

Can AI help with public relations and crisis management in marketing?

AI can monitor social media sentiment and news mentions to identify potential PR issues and suggest proactive strategies. Robotic Marketer might offer social media monitoring tools for this purpose.

How can AI be used for influencer marketing campaigns?

AI can identify relevant influencers based on audience demographics and brand alignment, analyze influencer performance, and optimize influencer marketing campaigns. Robotic Marketer might have tools to help find suitable influencers.

Is AI effective for marketing automation tasks?

Absolutely. AI can automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media scheduling, and ad campaign management, freeing up marketing teams for more strategic work. Robotic Marketer likely offers marketing automation features.

How can AI personalize the customer experience on a company website?

AI can recommend products based on browsing behavior, personalize website content for different customer segments, and even power chatbots for customer service. Robotic Marketer might integrate with website analytics tools to achieve this.