Marketing Strategy

A Customized Marketing Strategy For Improved Marketing Performance

With the continuous evolution of buyer habits, new technologies and influencer reach, it is becoming increasingly hard for SMB’s to capitalize on market opportunities. Robotic Marketer‘s expert marketing consultants specialize in developing marketing strategies that are designed to ensure that you leverage your brand and marketing assets.

A 40+ page marketing plan developed after an extensive marketing workshop will be complete with an in-depth analysis of the market and competitive landscape. The marketing strategy will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint to a refreshed marketing effort. This blueprint can be utilized to implement a 12-month marketing program aligned with your company goals.

From lead generation and seminars to direct marketing campaigns and social media engagement, our expert marketing consultants provide companies the opportunity to reach more clients, more often, with an integrated, results-driven marketing plan in place.

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    The Marketing Strategy Will Cover

    Sales & Marketing Objectives Overview           Unique Value Proposition         Positioning & Communications     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Direct Marketing                                               Branding                                   Influencers                                     Testimonial/Case Studies

    SWOT Analysis                                                 Ideal Customer Profile              Media                                            Social Media

    Mission & Vision                                               Website                                     Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)          Public Relations

    Events                                                               Competitor Analysis                 Blogs                                             Advertising

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    Marketing Strategy

    Understand Your Business

    Customers, competitors and market conditions constantly change. A marketing strategy ensures you are equipped to adapt to the dynamic environment. With Robotic Marketer you will:

    • Identify key strengths and opportunities in lead generation, brand awareness and digital marketing to capitalize on
    • Identify inefficiencies in your current marketing plan
    • Understand your competitive landscape to help build a sustainable competitive advantage
    • Understand your target market
    Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Strategy

    Define Your Target Audience

    Robotic Marketer’s marketing strategy ensures that your time, energy, activations and other resources are streamlined towards a consumer base that matters. A target market profile will include:

    • Market segmentation
    • Specific demographic for targeting
    • Psychographics of target market
    • Buyer journey mapping
    • Customer experience
    • Audience location
    • Key characteristics
    • Products and services purchased
    • Methods of communication
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    RM Marketing Tactics

    Key Marketing Tactics

    Robotic Marketer technology deep dives into your competitors, your previous marketing efforts and industry best practices to clearly define the marketing plan going forward with key recommendations. The marketing plan will recommend:

    • Lead generation campaigns and initiatives
    • How to raise brand awareness
    • How to establish consistent branding and key messaging
    • Methods of improving engagement online
    • Building shorter sales funnels
    • Activities to promote your brand in the media
    • Events for networking and exhibiting
    • Awards for recognition and credibility
    • Content marketing
    • Social media engagement
    Marketing Strategy

    Reasons Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

    Regardless of the industry you operate in or the products and services you offer, you need a marketing plan. Having a marketing strategy is highly important on the list of things you would need to do. Robotic Marketer offers outsourced marketing consulting services, aiming to create an effective marketing plan to set you up for success.

    The World’s Largest Companies Choose Robotic Marketer

    Every business wants to grow no matter how big or small they are. With large corporations that inherently have complex business structures, the responsibility for growth becomes more evident. Many of these companies are listed on the stock exchange and need to show growth and innovation. Having a clearly defined marketing strategy becomes key to achieving success.

    That’s where Robotic Marketer’s outsourced marketing consulting services come in.

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    Our Clients

    At Robotic Marketer, our marketing consultants have built some of the best and most productive of relationships that are rooted in a desire to create a marketing plan to achieve greatness. We have offered marketing consulting services to clients range from small to mid-sized companies who through the Robotic Marketer platform seek to develop refreshed a marketing strategy that will help them stand out of an ocean of competition.

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