Marketing Services


Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Our marketing services help small to mid-sized businesses develop powerful, results-orientated marketing strategies that capitalize on market opportunities.

The Robotic Marketer experience is designed to exceed your expectations – backed by best-in-the-world marketing technology and an in-house team of expert marketers, graphic designers and other creatives.

Like any great marketing company, we use technology as a platform, but it is human touch that helps bring brand story and creativity to the forefront. Clients are able to build an advantage over their competitors through the help of strong creative, data- driven campaigns that are tactically executed.

We believe in constantly evolving, innovating and developing customized work with the help of a faster and more intuitive marketing strategy technology that deep dives into the internal and external environments to produce creative, big-data driven outcomes.

What We Do

Robotic Marketer provides powerful, in-budget marketing strategies and services customized to the marketing needs of small to medium-sized businesses. No matter the area of marketing, our team has the ability to deliver quality in all areas of marketing, communications and digital. Some areas we cover:

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Advertising

Bespoke Experience

The Robotic Marketer experience is designed to ensure your business leverages its brand and marketing assets. Our services are built to inform you on the market and competitive landscape by providing you with a blueprint to an improved marketing performance. This experience includes:

  • Packages designed to meet your budget requirement
  • Full service: Marketing, Content, Web, Graphic Design
  • Specialized lead generation plan available

Team Effort

Our talented team of marketers and creatives are committed to ensuring that you are set up for success by achieving your sales & marketing goals. By combining 16 years of developing marketing strategies and conducting workshops, we deliver quality services that help you stand out. Together the team has achieved:

  • 450+ Marketing Strategies
  • 550+ Marketing Workshops
  • TOP 10 Content Marketing solutions
  • TOP 10 Technology Marketing company in New York
  • TOP 20 Marketing Blog

Marketing Packages

Our Marketing Packages have been built to help you effectively connect with your target audience, generate leads & ultimately sales. So, why don’t you kick start your marketing plan with Robotic Marketer!

Outsource Your Marketing

Robotic Marketer understands the importance of not just having a marketing strategy and plan in place, but to actually implement it as well. We have an in-house team of marketers, graphic design, web development, SEO, content, digital and events specialists capable of turning your strategy into actions that deliver results.

Our Marketing Services Cover

Sales & Marketing Objectives Overview

Direct Marketing

SWOT Analysis

Mission & Vision


Unique Value Proposition


Ideal Customer Profile


Competitor Analysis

Positioning & Communications



Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Testimonial/Case Studies

Social Media

Public Relations 


Our Clients

At Robotic Marketer, we have built some of the best and most productive of relationships that are rooted in a desire to achieve greatness. Our clients range from small to medium-sized companies who through the Robotic Marketer platform seek to develop refreshed marketing strategies that will help them stand out of an ocean of competition.