Marketing Workshop

Is your business looking to grow its customer base? Do you want to generate more leads? Or create shorter sales funnels you’re unsure how? If so, the Robotic Marketer Marketing Workshop is just the answer to your prayers.

The Robotic Marketer Marketing Workshop is designed my our expert marketing consultants to build on your team’s marketing knowledge to provide insight on the current state of your business’ marketing efforts. With the help of an experienced marketing manager facilitating the 2-hour workshop, the Robotic Marketer ‘robot’ automates the process of market research, competitor analysis, marketing best practices – deep diving in Google keywords, advertising, competitor content and customer behaviour.

Faster, smarter and more intuitive than the average human – the workshop fast-tracks research and machine learning from past marketing strategies, which clearly defines a marketing plan moving forward to achieve the best possible results with data-driven marketing outcomes.

Bring the entire team along no matter where they are, or do it in your own time, in stages that fit your schedule.

Marketing Workshop

Benefits of the Marketing Workshop:

  • Facilitated by an experienced marketing consultant
  • Understanding of your business
  • Setting up of marketing objectives
  • Brainstorming on marketing tactics
  • Deep diving into your target audience
  • Analysis on the pros & cons of the competitive landscape

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    The Marketing Workshop will cover:

    Sales & Marketing Objectives Overview

    Define your sales & marketing goals and gain clarity on what needs to be achieved in the next 12 months

    Direct Marketing

    Understand how to promote your product or service directly to your target audience through a personal call-to-action to visit your website or get in touch for more information

    Marketing Workshop
    SWOT Analysis

    Identify strengths and opportunities that your business could capitalize on while overcoming and safeguarding against weakness and threats to build competitive advantage.

    Mission & Vision

    Highlight the company’s purposes, goals, promises and values to be communicated through key messaging


    Identify potential events for you and your team to attend/sponsor/hold

    Unique Value Proposition

    Understand how to communicate the benefits your business offers, how you solve your customers needs and what sets you apart from the crowd


    Build an effective strategy to help consumers quickly identify and experience your brand – choosing you over competitors

    Marketing Workshop
    Ideal Customer Profile

    Identify who your target market is in order to customize communication for the highest chance of sales success


    Understand your website’s current standing and identity key areas of improvement in terms of design, content, engagement, SEO etc.

    Competitor Analysis

    Compare the pros and cons of your direct and indirect competitors and identify methods to close gaps

    Positioning and Communications

    Determine how you want to be positioned against your competitors and define how that will inform your communications with your target market

    Marketing Workshop

    Identify appropriate influencers for your target audience

    Marketing Workshop

    Determine appropriate media outlets that will aid in communication of key messages and content produced

    Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

    Understand how to communicate to your database (past and current) to distribute engaging content and drive traffic to your website.

    Marketing Workshop

    Connect with your target audience through key messages on a list of relevant topics suggested with help of AI, big data and machine learning.

    Marketing Workshop
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Identify keywords to be implemented throughout your website to improve its effectiveness and ranking

    Testimonial/Case Studies

    Compile and utilize case studies and testimonials to endorse the key benefits of your company’s products & services and boost its credibility.

    Marketing Workshop
    Social Media

    Determine which social media platforms are most effective to your business and communicate your key messages to your target audience to increase brand awareness and engagement

    Marketing Workshop
    Public Relations

    Determine how to engage in PR activity and PR marketing activations in order to reach a wider audience and enhance credibility


    Understand how to use online and print advertising channels to target new leads, achieve greater brand awareness and ultimately improve sales performance

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