October 7, 2019

Robotic Marketer is becoming increasingly dynamic. Our marketing strategies have continued to disrupt the world of marketing and provide our clients with innovative approaches to age-old problems.

Initially Robotic Marketer was only working with small t0 medium sized businesses. However, as our platform continues to grow and our machine learning AI becomes more advanced, we’ve begun working with larger, corporate ventures as well.

Thank you for your support as our AI continues to grow and we make advances in the future of marketing. You are pioneering technological developments that will change the landscape of marketing forever.

January 3, 2019

The Robotic Marketer community is coming together to launch the technology in March 2019. We are inviting you all to join us in Melbourne and celebrate the newest member of the marketing technology family. We hope that all marketers and entrepreneurs use this technology to fast-track their marketing efforts. We know that not only is this the best possible platform for marketing strategies, but it also gives companies AI backed actionable insights into how to optimize marketing efforts.

We want more than ever to be part of our communities progress, watching them grow and exceed expectations, fine-tuning the technology along the way.

For an exclusive invite to our launch party, just email info@roboticmarketer.com with a subject heading  of “The future of marketing”. We welcome your feedback and the ability to meet with you face to face.

Happy New Year!

December 20, 2018

Thank you for being part of our Robotic Marketer Community. We have some exciting updates. Firstly, our technology is getting smarter and smarter. As you can expect, this is critical to giving our clients intelligent, research based, data driven marketing strategies.

Secondly, the power of this community has seen more than 100 marketing strategies been developed by Robotic Marketer over the past month.

This means that we have produced results orientated marketing strategies for more than 14 industry sectors including pharmaceutical, accounting, media, building supplies, technology, business consulting, legal, medical device, health and more.

This could not be possible without your support.

So, from the bottom of the team at Robotic Marketers heart, thank you!

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  • Avatar for Robotic Marketer Kim

    My company recently held a workshop by Robotic Marketer and I couldn’t believe the outcomes. The Marketing Strategy was so thorough and in-depth, especially the competitor analysis. I feel like I gained some great insights from attending the workshop and the strategy that was produced. It’s such a great tool,I recommend the Robotic Marketer product to everyone, it’s worth every minute!

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