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The One Reason The World’s Largest Companies Choose Robotic Marketer

  • On : February 11, 2020

Every business wants to grow no matter how big or small they are. With large corporations that inherently have complex business structures, the responsibility for growth becomes more evident. Many of these companies are listed on the stock exchange and need to show growth and innovation.

That’s where Robotic Marketer comes in. Whether the company is selling directly to their customer or have a mixture of direct and indirect sales programs, they all have the same basic requirement, and that is to sell more.

Some of the world’s top 100 companies are choosing Robotic Marketer as a strategic partner. The focus on revenue across multiple product and service lines and geographic reach requires a strategic plan. Robotic Marketer provides channel partnership programs, reseller agreements and licensing platforms with:

  • A white labelled marketing strategy that gives companies the blueprint to achieve their goals
  • An ability to maximize the marketing assets of the vendor by ensuring that they are deeply entrenched in the marketing plan
  • A focused approach to increasing revenue and improving the breadth of the sales funnel
  • A plan to increase brand awareness in a targeted manner
  • In-depth knowledge and research on your competitors, their marketing performance and the gaps in which you can leverage to gain a competitive advantage.

If a large corporation is able to increase their overall sales performance by more targeted marketing efforts rather than ad hoc promotions by 5% each year, there is a significant increase in the bottom line. By using Robotic Marketer many companies are seeking astonishing results, improved focus on marketing efforts, data driven connections to leads and increased performance of their marketing budget.

If you are a large corporation with a channel partnership program in place, why not contact Robotic Marketer and help your channel partners grow their businesses today.