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Atlanta Startup Robotic Marketer Uses AI to Solve Marketing Needs

  • On : October 24, 2018

R2-D2 can easily overpower an evil galactic empire, but what about spreading The Resistance’s message with a stellar marketing campaign? Artificial intelligence could become the next resource in the fight against the Dark Side for better in-depth analysis and results-based marketing.

Robotic Marketer may not have access to The Force, but it’s the next innovation of marketing strategy for companies who use the program. This AI-based, online system integrates machine learning, data mining and information retrieval and extraction methods to generate high-level marketing strategies for clients. The use of a “robot” saves time, enhances data reports and creates the ability to translate research into real-world marketing methods.

Robotic Marketer founder Mellissah Smith said, “The rise of using AI and software in marketing has been game-changing, and while Robotic Marketer is the first in its space in the world, we have already started stage two, which is the automated implementation of the strategy—once again, primarily AI-based.”

Smith’s company is located at the Atlanta Tech Village, a community of startups that work together to support, connect and inspire entrepreneurs. She has been developing Robotic Marketer’s technology over the last few years and is now using it in-house at Marketing Eye.

“Marketing has changed for the better, and technology has been front and center of that evolution,” Smith said. “Marketing had to change because it was so hit and miss before technology made marketers more accountable and expenditure more effective.”

Mellissah Smith
Mellissah Smith. Image Credit: Robotic Marketer.

Robotic Marketer entered into a partnership with Queensland University of Technology (previous winners of the Amazon Robotics Competition) to create this technology. Instead of solely raising money from VCs and investors, Robotic Marketer has turned to crowd funding, asking clients, friends and connections to allow them to write their next 2018-2019 marketing strategies for $1,950. Currently, the company consists of 11 people, and they are hoping to grow that to 50 within the next four months.

Smith, along with her female chief technology architect, is not only paving the way for marketing technology, but also for women in the male-dominated field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

“It is empowering to be a woman that has developed a technology that will change our profession and reshape marketing departments—and 50 percent of the people working on the project are women; they were simply the best people for the job and that’s very satisfying,” she said. “Paving the way for women to back themselves when developing technology, and not looking straight away for investment or having men as co-founders, is necessary.”

The goal of Robotic Marketer’s advanced technology for clients is to not only increase accuracy of marketing strategies and eliminate the use of expensive marketing platforms, but also to accelerate the performance of the entire marketing team. Smith believes that with AI, businesses will get their marketing recommendations in minutes, rather than current methods that can take up to a year.

“The more we feed the robot, the smarter it becomes,” she said. “The more it links with financials, sales and performance, the better a company is able to adapt their strategy and get better bang for their marketing buck. What business doesn’t want the best marketing strategy to work from?”


How Robotics is Changing Marketing

  • On : October 24, 2018

We are currently in an age where technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and as a result, is becoming more and more prominent in every field of business, including marketing.  Humans still cannot even fathom the technological advancements that we will be facing in the coming years, and as more growth occurs, as does its place in business. Already, artificial intelligence is taking over the corporate world, and can be found in multiple different work disciplines.  Marketing is one of such disciplines that has taken advantage of developments in artificial intelligence. Marketing Eye’s own Robotic Marketer has taken the marketing business by storm and is continuing to lead to success.Read more


Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

  • On : October 16, 2018

Charlotte Gore

I remember in school being made to watch I, Robot, a film where robots are a part of everyday life, making things easier and keeping humans safe. That is until they turn evil and try to take over the world. So yeah, that is pretty much what I had in mind when people started seriously talking about artificial intelligence (AI).


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Man with a virtual reality headset

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and its influence in sport

  • On : October 9, 2018

Sport plays an important role within our modern society and has so for centuries. For some, sport is important for the health and longevity benefits that they provide, for others, sport is a channel to socialise through; whether it’s by participating or by spectating. For most however, sport is a healthy source of entertainment; watching athletes push themselves to their physical limits and continually improving their performance is all a part of the thrill of sport. But what if I told you, that with the use of robotics and artificial intelligence, we are able to push ourselves and athletes to exceed our current physical capabilities?


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business news

Technology’s Rapid Influence in Business

  • On : October 5, 2018
Written by Stephanie Petrolo

The influence of technology cannot be ignored. Advancements have connected us in ways we previously couldn’t imagine, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently. In business settings, technology has increased the pace of the work environment with a shift from analogue to digital. This is undoubtedly necessary as businesses need to be moving rapidly in order to keep up with competitors, consumer demand and to allow evolution. Technology has swiftly shifted the operation of businesses, creating an efficient workforce.

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IT technology

How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing your everyday life

  • On : October 2, 2018
Stephanie Petrolo

The initiation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has been met with mixed responses. Some have been quick to embrace the technology whilst others are much more skeptical. In business, a more efficient work environment has been promised with the adoption of AI encouraged. Whether we are conscious or not, AI is already present in our lives and it is only going to flourish. Here are some examples of AI in your everyday life.

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