Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from October 2018

Atlanta Startup Robotic Marketer Uses AI to Solve Marketing Needs

  • On : October 24, 2018

By Melanie Preis  – Nov 2023 Revolutionizing Marketing in Atlanta: The Rise of Robotic Marketer In the vibrant city of Atlanta, where innovation meets entrepreneurial spirit, a game-changing startup, Robotic Marketer, is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reshape the ...

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How Robotics is Changing Marketing

  • On : October 24, 2018

We are currently in an age where technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and as a result, is becoming more and more prominent in every field of business, including marketing.  Humans still cannot even fathom the technological advancements that we will be facing in the coming years, and ...

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Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

  • On : October 16, 2018

Charlotte Gore I remember in school being made to watch I, Robot, a film where robots are a part of everyday life, making things easier and keeping humans safe. That is until they turn evil and try to take over the world. So yeah, that is pretty much what I had in mind when people […]

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Man with a virtual reality headset

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and its influence in sport

  • On : October 9, 2018

Sport plays an important role within our modern society and has so for centuries. For some, sport is important for the health and longevity benefits that they provide, for others, sport is a channel to socialise through; whether it’s by participating or by spectating. For most however, sport is ...

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business news

Technology’s Rapid Influence in Business

  • On : October 5, 2018

Written by Stephanie Petrolo The influence of technology cannot be ignored. Advancements have connected us in ways we previously couldn’t imagine, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently. In business settings, technology has increased the pace of the work environment with a shift from ...

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IT technology

How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing your everyday life

  • On : October 2, 2018

Stephanie Petrolo The initiation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has been met with mixed responses. Some have been quick to embrace the technology whilst others are much more skeptical. In business, a more efficient work environment has been promised with the adoption of AI ...

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