Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

  • On : October 16, 2018

Charlotte Gore

I remember in school being made to watch I, Robot, a film where robots are a part of everyday life, making things easier and keeping humans safe. That is until they turn evil and try to take over the world. So yeah, that is pretty much what I had in mind when people started seriously talking about artificial intelligence (AI).



Thankfully, since then my perception has changed. However, the question still remains, should we be afraid of artificial intelligence? My initial answer was yes. Being in the marketing industry I was worried my job was going to be taken over by robots. Can a robot really do what I can’t? I’m sure this question has all crossed our minds over the recent years. But is this the question we should be asking? Because the obvious answer is yes, a robot can do what I can’t, but we shouldn’t be afraid of that, in fact we should be excited.


AI and Marketing


Marketing companies are already using the power of AI to gain valuable insights into their customers. With 51% of marketing companies using AI, and with an expected increase of 27% by next year, it is clear that companies need AI to stay relevant. AI isn’t going to cost you your job, but it’s going to change what you do. Marketers are going to move from reactive planners to proactive planners. With the enhanced analytics AI provides, marketers will be more efficient at planning and executing campaigns, keeping on top of competitors and consumers needs and wants. AI will cut down on the initial process and production time, which means more time for marketers to do what they love.


Robotic Marketer


Robotic Marketer is exactly as the name says and runs an intelligent analysis to produce big results, producing tailored marketing strategies that suit companies exact needs and wants. Combining big data, data scrapping, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Robotic Marketer offers a solution to bridge the gap between data science and execution. It is able to analyse vast amounts of data, that was once an overwhelming process to humans, and make it not only feasible, but easy. Backed by Marketing Eye, Australia’s leading small to medium-sized business outsourced marketing company, Robotic Marketer offers comprehensive marketing strategies that are smarter, fact-based and more intuitive, with an in-depth analysis of competitors. Robotic Marketer is able to recommend marketing activities and budgets that suit your company goals, providing you with the best marketing strategy that no human can come up with.


So no, we should not be afraid of AI. It removes the mundane tasks, conducts a thorough analysis, frees times and produces great results. With insights provided by Robotic Marketer, we can shift from reactive planners to proactive planners, so us humans can really get down to business.