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SEO On-Air: Aligning Content Strategy with Business Goals

  • On : July 27, 2020

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of SEO On-Air. Whether you’ve started out with content marketing or have been doing it for a while, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy to make sure it’s up to date, engaging, and innovative for your customers.Read more


The Future of Marketing is Digital

  • On : July 24, 2020

An emerging and soon to be dominating approach within marketing is devouring the traditional marketing methodology and becoming a visage of marketing. The future of marketing is digital.

Traditional marketing has been seen as the cornerstone for marketing for ages, using methods such as television advertising, print media, and telemarketing. However, change is necessary and inevitable.

An ever-expanding labyrinth of utilized electronic platforms, devices, and the behemoth network of information systems, known as the internet is what defines the core of digital marketing.

These online instruments allow the opportunity to connect with wide-ranging audiences and develop brand awareness.

Video Marketing is Trending Upwards

Video marketing over the years has grown significantly due to its exceedingly engageable and sharable content, which can be easily accessed on several digital platforms and smart devices.

With over 70% of consumers sharing a brand’s video, it’s reasonable to predict that you’ve been influenced by video content at some point in life; from Instagram and Snapchat stories to vlogging entries.

Another interesting development is the utilization of Zoom, a cloud platform that enables video content and conferencing in a one-to-one or group format to meet and collaborate online.

This is especially beneficial within our current predicament during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to isolate physically. In April 2020, more than 300 million daily meeting participants were using Zoom. The value and experience of video conferencing presents a better outcome in comparison to common emails and voice calls.

The Outshining Control of Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term utilized to simulate machine intelligence demonstrating learning, functionality, and problem-solving abilities to imitate human actions.

To be more specific, chatbots are becoming more and more assertive within the customer service sector, with chatbots dominating over 80% of customer service this year.

Chatbots are a 24-hour service, assisting and providing immediate responses to inquires with genuine and accurate replies to ensure customers’ expectations are met and automating recurring responsibilities.

Overall, chatbots are digitally inclined to reach out or communicate with customers in a humanized and natural way through various of platforms like voice recognition technologies, SMS texting, also functioning in website and application layouts.

Interactive Content is Becoming Highly Attractive

Interactive content is anything that involves creating and shareable online content to promote brand engagement while providing entertainable yet informative content to educate their audience.

Lately, online business entities have engaged with consumers offering interactive quizzes, infographics, and webinars. These formats are enacted only to catch your audience attention and to establish a memorable experience.

According to BeMedia, 70% of marketers are creating more interactive content today than last year, This is because consumers have an attention span between 8-15 seconds to take in information before they become impatient, bored or they are no longer interested.


Everyone is soon realizing that digital marketing is becoming the preferred approach to emphasize in a marketing strategy, so that you can reach your audience with ease and efficiency. These trends are evidence that digital marketing is continuing to augment and acclimatize towards the future of the digital marketing landscape.

Marketing made easy with algorithmic learning

  • On : July 22, 2020

The future of marketing is robotic.

Associate Professor Richi Nayak, a program leader with QUT’s Centre for Data Science, has combined artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to develop a prototype of data-driven marketing platform called Robotic Marketer.Read more

The 5 Benefits of Hosting An Influencer Event! (Post COVID-19)

The 5 Benefits of Hosting An Influencer Event! (Post COVID-19)

  • On : July 17, 2020

More often than not, people are looking to voices they can trust for recommendations. Most influencers have spent years cultivating trust between themselves and their audience. When they recommend products, people listen. Influencer events are a powerful tool for brands that want to build a stronger relationship with their audience. With these events, brands invite influencers to participate in a gathering, getaway or other event in order to promote their products or services. These events are a great way to tap into the audience that influencers have built up and connect with people you may not have been able to reach otherwise.

Here are the five biggest benefits of hosting an influencer event — plus some tips on how to keep your event running smoothly.

1. They Build Trust

By inviting influencers to your event, you can benefit from the relationships they’ve established with their audience. Influencers attending your event and promoting your brand will lend a little bit of their credibility to your business. While this won’t create deep relationships with an audience overnight, it is a great way to attract an audience that is engaged and open to the products or services you have on offer.

2. They Help You Expand Your Audience

Influencers — and especially micro and nano-influencers — tend to fit into online niches and cultivate strong relationships with highly specific audiences.

By partnering up with influencers, you can gain access to the audiences they’ve built. Influence events are a great way to direct your content and brand to the specific people you want to target — often, even more effectively than with other targeting methods alone.

3. They Build Long-Term Partnerships

Some businesses can struggle to create long-term, authentic partnerships with influencer marketing. If you partner with an influencer for just one or two posts, it can be hard to create content that feels like a genuine and authentic promotion of your brand or its products.

By giving influencers a positive and memorable experience, you can foster a strong relationship that will last well into the future — and may even encourage the development of further campaigns and content.

4. They Create Content

Events naturally generate a huge amount of content. Users and influencers upload photos and videos from the event to social media. Influencers also usually create content leading up to the event and after.

While you won’t have much control over this user-generated content, it can be extremely effective at building buzz and extending the reach of your brand. If you’re struggling to create new content, or experiencing a lull in your content strategy, an influencer event can be a great way to keep up the momentum.

5. They Provide Value to Your Audience

Any effective content strategy relies on content that provides real value to its audience. Often, however, it can be hard to know exactly what your audience needs.

Because influencers know what their audience needs, these events are usually very effective at delivering value. As the event goes on, the influencers you partner with will create content that’s tailored to their audience — ensuring that it’s both relevant and valuable.

Tips for Hosting an Influencer Event Post-COVID

Running an influencer event will be a big undertaking. These tips will help you ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Communicate Early and Often

From the very beginning, communicate with everyone involved in the project. Keep influencers and staff updated on the venue and event schedule. Build a social media strategy that clues guests in on key information. If things change — you swap venues, move events or relocate registration — let people know as soon as possible.

2. Think About Housing

Your influencers will need somewhere to stay. If your event is held at a hotel, housing may be as simple as booking a few rooms — but things may not be so easy in other cases.

You should look for housing in the area that will be a good fit for your influencers. Serviced apartments, for example, are fully-furnished living spaces — and unlike some hotels, they’ll also let your influencers bring their pets. Room cleaning service in these apartments is also typically less frequent than service in a hotel, which can afford some extra privacy and room to decompress.

3. Take Advantage of Your Venue

When selecting a venue for their event, most brands go for unique and exciting destinations in order to make the event as Instagrammable as possible. Leading up to your event, you should show off the venue you’ve selected to build buzz and excitement.

You should also take advantage of any special certifications or amenities your event may have. Many venues, for example, have the new ISSA GBAC STAR accreditation — a credential awarded to venues that make outbreak prevention a top priority. These credentials can let your guests know that their health and safety are top priorities.

4. Create an Event Schedule

Part of your comms strategy should be a good event schedule. You want to make sure that there is enough going on that your event doesn’t lose momentum, but not so much that attendees feel overwhelmed.

Sharing this schedule with event staff and influencers will help keep your team on top of things during the event.

5. Follow the Conversation On Social Media

Keep an eye on what people are saying about your event once it’s kicked off. You can use social media to see how people feel about your event — providing you with instant feedback, information to tweak the event and suggestions about making future events even better.

Building New Relationships With Influencer Events

Influencer events can offer serious benefits for brands. The right event will help your company build stronger partnerships with influencers and reach audiences that can be difficult to target.

If you want to host an influencer event, planning and a strong communication strategy will help you keep the whole thing running smoothly. Be sure to also find the right housing for your influencers and keep your staff updated on the event’s schedule.

Guest Contributer – April Miller


The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Marketing Strategy

  • On : July 16, 2020

Digital marketing has the ​potential to transform the way that your business reaches and engages with customers.

While traditional marketing tactics require you to wait months to assess which strategies are working, digital marketing allows you to view results in ​real-time​.

This gives you the chance to easily and quickly adapt your strategy and tactics as you go for optimum results.
But beyond strategy, digital marketing tactics offer the most ​cost-effective way to market your business.

Affordable digital marketing tactics can allow you to get more out of your marketing spend, allowing smaller businesses greater opportunities to compete with larger companies of scale.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

In today’s digital sphere the ​importance of creating and using a digital marketing plan to support digital transformation and generate company growth is paramount.

What is still very common among many businesses today is the ​challenge they face knowing how vital digital and mobile channels are for acquiring and retaining customers.

Yet for some reason, they don’t seem to have an integrated plan in place to grow and engage their audiences effectively.

Bottom line if your business doesn’t have a plan in place you will suffer and most often ​lose out to your more tech-savvy competitors.

How To Begin

When people start thinking about strategic planning there is a fear that a massive report is required.

Sure for any strategy to be a success, planning is paramount but a clear and concise ​digital marketing plan​ no longer then three or so pages is all that may be needed.

Lean Strategy is Key

A huge report will just bog you down, your digital marketing strategy can be best summarized down into clear concise tables linking digital marketing strategies to smart objectives. A ​lean strategy​ will allow you to implement your digital plan more rapidly to gain traction.

How to Get Digital

An endless amount of digital marketing techniques exist ranging from search, content, social media marketing to website design and optimization.

Having a ​clear idea of what you want to achieve with your strategy will allow you to define a more manageable number of digital marketing activities that cover your full customer journey.

For digital marketing to be successful businesses must take a strategic approach to digital. Before pushing ahead with some wishful idea of how you want to digitally transform your business, first ​creating a plan​ will suggest a way forward.

Start with a digital marketing plan that’s ​separate from the overall marketing plan​. Aim to define the transformation needed and make sure any changes to your strategy are made clear.

This step provides an important opportunity to identify any potential problems, allowing you to map out a path through setting goals and specific digital strategies.

Integration is Key

While at first creating a separate digital marketing plan is key make sure it’s not packaged entirely separate. Digital media ​works best when integrated ​with traditional media.

Following the clear definition of your digital marketing initiatives, develop an integrated digital marketing strategy that is part of the overall marketing plan.

Integrating your digital plan into a fully aligned marketing plan allows it to become a core activity that becomes part of ​business as usual.


Without a doubt, ​digital marketing offers the best way to reach your customers right where they are during the moments they may be online searching for brands just like yours. Make sure before you leap into an unknown world of digital marketing you have a ​sound digital marketing strategy​ in place. Having a clear idea of what it is you want your business to achieve overall is important. From here you can create digital marketing goals that align with these objectives.


Interview With The Founder Of Marketing Eye, Mellissah Smith

  • On : July 15, 2020

Interview published on Botsify

To start with a job and indulge in it as your passion that consequently, becomes your ultimate profession. It feels great when your work becomes your pleasure. Here we are going to meet a charismatic industry expert, Mellissah Smith-an entrepreneur, Marketing specialist, a well-versed speaker.Read more

The Misconceptions of Digital Marketing in the Construction Industry

The Misconceptions of Digital Marketing in the Construction Industry

  • On : July 9, 2020
For whatever reason, there always has been a giant brick wall between digital marketing and the construction industry.

It is as if, the construction industry perceives the term ‘digital marketing’ by associating with basic advertising instruments, such as issuing email marketing, promotional content, and online posts, without a proper marketing plan to enact without the organization’s intentions or objectives. A common misconception with digital marketing, especially social media marketing.Read more