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SEO On-Air: Aligning Content Strategy with Business Goals

  • On : July 27, 2020

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of SEO On-Air. Whether you’ve started out with content marketing or have been doing it for a while, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy to make sure it’s up to date, engaging, and innovative for your customers.

According to HubSpot, almost 70% of companies are investing in content marketing. To discuss more on creating an effective content strategy, we got Miss Mellissah Smith. Welcome to our show, Melissah.

Mellissah is the founder and CEO of Marketing Eye. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years. She’s also the editor of Adobe Insider and has her own magazine named Marketing

Robotic Marketer Podcasts
Robotic Marketer Podcasts
SEO On-Air: Aligning Content Strategy with Business Goals

Time Stamp: 03:47-08:55

Q. How can we ensure that content is engaging for the audience?

  • Making content engaging is the primary goal of any business. Ensuring that their content is resonating with the audience should be the aim of every marketer.
  • You don’t write for the masses anymore, but write content that is more personalized and addresses the audience one to one.
  • Looking at the Analytics data is an important part of content strategy that can help you reach a wider audience.
  • The audience today need to be entertained and engaged online. To do that, marketers should utilize AR and other new technologies to improve user engagement through interactive content.

Time Stamp: 9:05-11:45

Q. What are your thoughts on companies creating collaterals that might already be covered by their competitors?

  • If you are telling the same story in the same way as everyone else, then there’s no reason for people to come to your site.
  • Most people prefer to go to a brand they already know. Therefore, a brand has to do content marketing in the best way possible.

Time Stamp: 11:53-16:12

Q. How to choose the right channel for content strategy for a new website?

  • The first thing that marketers need to understand is where their target audience will consume their content and what form they would consume.
  • If I’m looking at my business, I’m more focused on LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs.
  • You also need to analyze what is necessary for your business and choose channels accordingly.
  • For example, TikTok might not work for B2B businesses, but Twitter, on the other hand, is an amazing platform for any business to connect with its audience.

Time Stamp: 17:10-20:02

Q. Can you share more details about the Robotic Marketer tool? 

  • Robotic Marketer is an automated mapping strategic technology platform.
  • It helps understand your target audience better and also help you to analyze what your competitors are doing
  • The tool is a complete blueprint of what you need to do as a business to achieve your business goals through marketing.

Time Stamp: 20:19-23:22

Q. What are some of the best practices that you follow to generate content ideas for your target audience? 

  • The first thing you need to do is have a content goal and understand its personality.
  • Having good images is important, creativity is important and building content that can reinforce your ideas is really important.
  • You also need to leverage your networks to connect with your brand and share the brand story.
  • Influencer collaboration is also very important, so is boosting posts from time to time.

Time Stamp: 23:53-25:24

Q. Do you think the pillar-cluster content strategy is here to stay or there are better strategies than this?

  • I think it is here to stay. At the end of the day, your content should attract visitors and bring them back to your site as much as possible.
  • Your copy should have keywords. HubSpot is very good at focusing on specific topics and writing about them in detail.

Time Stamp: 25:37-30:37

Q. Can you share with our audience how did you manage to grow your online reach so much?

  • I started on Blogspot many years ago, and my first post had 50 readers, then I wrote another one, which had 250 readers.
  • The third post reached 10,000 people, and that really inspired me to write more. I realized controversy ignites the audience, both good and bad.
  • I wrote a blog many years ago on how women can make men successful, and it crossed two million views, and Inc magazine also picked it up.
  • I then moved over to LinkedIn, and I wrote a blog on why married women were more successful. I got around 6000 people reading it every 24 hours.
  • So make sure your content strategy fits your company value, but also take risks here and there.


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