Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from November 2022

Unique, Value and Proposition

How do I develop a Unique Value Proposition?

  • On : November 17, 2022

In marketing, a unique value proposition can be defined as a concise statement demonstrating the benefits a company provides to its customers with its product or service. It is a ”clear, simple statement of the tangible and intangible benefits that the company will provide, along with the ...

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Top 12 Marketing Trends of 2023

  • On : November 16, 2022

In 2023, a market with characteristics of high transparency and high authenticity  will be favored by people. More than ever before, consumers will prioritize privacy, social responsibility, inclusivity, and representation. Brands need to adapt based on the shift in consumer behavior to catch ...

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Thumbs up

10 Celebrities that endorse B2B companies

  • On : November 15, 2022

Do you have favorite celebrities? Have you bought anything that they endorsed? I still remember when Fenty Beauty launched its first product in Sephora; each of my friends bought a lipstick that Rihanna used in the poster. Rihanna’s success in the beauty industry shows the significant ...

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Artificial Intelligence research

Is AI Critical to Marketing Strategy Success?

  • On : November 14, 2022

As technology progresses, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being utilized more and more in everyday life. AI is expected to grow approximately 54% each year, meaning that it will soon be all around us, providing valuable processes to various factors of our lives. AI produces intelligent ...

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The importance and relevance of a Business Marketing Strategy

  • On : November 10, 2022

No matter the turnover and niche, a company must have a well-designed marketing strategy. It is the foundation for building a profitable business. But unfortunately, not all marketers and entrepreneurs understand the importance of developing it, which is why they can lose their profits. ...

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Rules for marketing to children

  • On : November 9, 2022

Market development, market research, product distribution, sales strategy, public relations, and customer support are all part of marketing. Marketing is required at all stages of a company’s selling journey. It can use various platforms, social media channels, and internal teams to ...

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There is no time like the present: outsourced marketing

  • On : November 8, 2022

What we have come to realise is that companies are facing uncertain times and unlike the pandemic, the way we react to the changes in buyer behaviour is a ‘make or break’ situation. With a little over five weeks until Xmas, you may be inclined to ‘turn the breaks on’. But that may not be […]

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Target achieving

Why is traditional marketing making a big comeback

  • On : November 7, 2022

What traditional marketing do you remember? Do you miss it? I remember the days I sneaked into my room after the party, finding my grandpa snoring on the sofa. In those days, television is our primary source of information and entertainment.

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10 of the best marketing strategies this year

  • On : November 4, 2022

Diversified marketing strategies work, but not when you try to use all of them at once. Finding the right balance and choosing a tailor-made strategy for your brand is critical. Trends allow a short push in terms of visibility, but strategies are long-term and build brand identity. So as we ...

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Welcome to Google Ads

Enhanced Data Insights for your Google Ads

  • On : November 3, 2022

What is Google’s Ads Data Hub? Google’s Ads Data Hub is a cloud-based service that allows advertisers, agencies and measurement partners to conduct customized analyses of their campaigns. The service is currently in closed beta and has not yet been released to the public. However, there are ...

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