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Enhanced Data Insights for your Google Ads

  • On : November 3, 2022

What is Google’s Ads Data Hub?

Google’s Ads Data Hub is a cloud-based service that allows advertisers, agencies and measurement partners to conduct customized analyses of their campaigns. The service is currently in closed beta and has not yet been released to the public. However, there are already many companies and organizations using the service. Ads Data Hub allows you to upload your first-party data to BigQuery to be joined with Google event-level ad campaign data. This can help your organization discover insights, improve advertising efficiency, help achieve your business goals and achieve more effective campaign optimization.



Ads Data Hub is designed in a way to ensure end-user privacy is achieved. Certain checks and registrations are in place to guarantee user privacy and prevent the transmission of individual users’ data. Some of these safety measures include static reviews to look for obvious and immediate privacy concerns, data access budget to limit the total amount of times that you are given access to a piece of data, aggregation requirements to ensure every row consists of a large enough number of users to protect end-user privacy and difference checks to prevent information about individual being gained by comparing data from multiple sets of users that meet the aggregation requirements.

Holistic Campaign View

Google Ads Data Hub allows for holistic measurement and analysis of your campaign based on Google IDs and mobile device IDs.

Audience Activation

You can use the service to build and manage audiences. These audiences can then be shared to your linked Google Ads and Display & Video 360 accounts, where you can show your campaigns to users that have previously clicked on your ads.

First-Party Data

Ads Data Hub can be used to join Google data with first-party data you’ve uploaded to BigQuery. This can provide you with a deeper analysis of how your users engage with your platform and assist in achieving better attribution. It must be keyed to an identifier that Ads Data Hub tracks to link your first-party data with Google data. Examples of these include RDIDs, Custom Floodlight variables, Cookies and LiveRampIDs.


With Ads Data Hub, you can access Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360 Active View and advanced viewing ability measurement for YouTube to allow you to have an easily accessible view of your metrics.

New Solutions

Here are new solutions for marketers:

Ads Data Hub for Marketers

This new solution provides a new way for advertisers and agencies to analyze their data. It allows them seamless access to their insights, explores more of their data in one centralized location and helps them understand how they purchase media. ‘This means a simplified experience for marketers running queries and activating their first-party data.’ The service has a strong focus on insights that assist you in understanding how brands and agencies purchase media.

Google presents an example of how Riot Games utilized the service to gain deeper marketing analyses. Riot Games used Ads Fata Hub to store their insights in a centralized location and combine them with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 data. By doing so, Riot Games could accurately measure their return on ad spend and concluded that for every $1 they spent on Google media, they received $2 in revenue. The need for additional technical resources and time to generate insights will soon decrease as new query templates, automated workflows, and updates to reporting are developed.

Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners

This new feature will allow third-party data partners to provide ‘YouTube measurement services on behalf of marketers, advertisers, agencies or publishers.;.’

This will simplify the process for partners to provide accurate measurements and deliver real-time insights. This will then allow marketers to work with independent third-party partners to use YouTube ad performance to form calculations and report on metrics. In addition, adding Data Hub for Measurements Partners will allow users to analyze the performance of their YouTube campaigns concerning other media forms such as broadcast TV, streaming TV and online video.

These new updates to Google’s Ads Data Hub will allow a privacy-safe way for marketers to link their data with Google’s insights to assist in conducting customized analyses of their campaigns. This will then assist in understanding how audiences are engaging with your ads, allowing you to construct a better-informed marketing strategy.