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Email Marketing Analytics: How to Measure And Report On Key Metrics

Email Marketing Analytics: How to Measure And Report On Key Metrics

  • On : July 28, 2022

The importance of email marketing has been discussed countless times as part of a good marketing strategy. We could even talk about how to optimize emails and improve them or the common mistakes to avoid.  Nonetheless, does any of that truly matter if we don’t know if they are generating any valuable results? Are the email campaigns working as we hoped they would? How can we measure whether the email campaigns are helping in achieving our marketing goals?

While each business has different needs and goals, there are some basic points that almost every business should be tracking with their email campaigns to measure success. Read on to learn more about the metrics you should consider with emails.

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search engine optimization

Your Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2022

  • On : July 22, 2022

It’s the little things that count. Making an array of minor adjustments to your website can assist in achieving holistic improvement – relating to your site’s performance in organic search results, its overall online interface, and the users’ experience. The aim of Search Engine Optimization  is to magnify visibility of your business’ website through search engines, organically. Essentially, it is making these previously mentioned improvements to score a higher-ranking search result and drive more traffic to your website as a result.

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How social media has changed the whole marketing industry

How social media has changed the whole marketing industry

  • On : July 14, 2022

Before digital marketing has taken over social media, social media was only a platform for people to connect and virtually socialize. Businesses were using traditional marketing channels such as broadcasting, prints, billboards, and more. These marketing channels are costly and are no longer delivering impressive results as they once were because consumers are moving away from these traditional media to digital media. As more people are predominately active on social media, marketers as well as businesses see the potential of social media and started leveraging social media to their own benefits.Read more

Website analytics

How To Make the Most of Social Media Analytics Tools?

  • On : July 13, 2022

Any social marketer can attest to the fact that optimizing posts is a time-consuming task. Trying to find the perfect hashtags, creating custom images or tweaking content to reach your target audience on social media platforms can be a lot to handle.

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Business Infoghraphic

How to know if your Marketing Strategy is working?

  • On : July 8, 2022

Marketing is an integral part of any business. A Marketing Strategy refers to all the marketing efforts a company undertakes to attract new customers for their products or services. They employ these strategies throughout a course of time and each marketing campaign has several objectives that drive the need for its implementation.

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social media annoucements

10 Design Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing

  • On : July 6, 2022

When scrolling through social media newsfeeds, don’t we all take a quick peek into a new brand’s profile and tap the ‘follow’ button from time to time when their posts look aesthetically pleasing? Have you wondered if you follow the page for their content or just because their posts are visually appealing? As humans are very visual beings, businesses need to focus on the design of their social media as part of their marketing strategy. Social media is where you showcase your brand for target audience to form perceptions, so the designs play a vital role.

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5 Must-Try B2B Marketing Channels

5 Must-Try B2B Marketing Channels

  • On : July 5, 2022

With so many marketing channels available, it can be hard to narrow down on the ones that can earn your Business-to-Business (B2B) the best ROI. You may be asking yourself, why should I try B2B marketing channels? I’m here to tell you exactly why you should.Read more

How To Use Software's to Improve Your Marketing Tactics

How To Use Software’s to Improve Marketing Tactics

  • On : July 4, 2022

In 2009, a now well-known slogan was introduced by Apple – ‘There’s an App for that’. The catchphrase was referring to the number of apps that Apple had available on its store, a store that can’t be accessed outside of its own network of devices. Now, more than a decade later, Apple aren’t the only ones that have ‘an app for that’. There is seemingly apps and software for every possible use case. For marketers, this software is called MarTech or AdTech.Read more

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

How Traditional Marketing Can Still Be Used in The Digital Era

  • On : July 1, 2022

As the digital age has revolutionized the way we interact with each other, marketing has evolved to meet the changing demands of consumers. This evolution came in the form of digital marketing. Digital marketing is any marketing that is done online, whereas traditional marketing uses channels such as posters, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and newspapers or magazines. Digital marketing spends overtook traditional marketing in the US for the first time in 2019 and has remained on top since. But does this mean that traditional marketing is on the way out? Surely the techniques that dominated the marketing landscape haven’t been made completely obsolete by the advent of digital marketing. The short answer is no, traditional marketing isn’t dead yet, and the tactics and strategies that have been used for decades are still powerful tools that you can use in your marketing efforts.

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