How To Use Software's to Improve Your Marketing Tactics

How To Use Software’s to Improve Marketing Tactics

  • On : July 4, 2022

In 2009, a now well-known slogan was introduced by Apple – ‘There’s an App for that’. The catchphrase was referring to the number of apps that Apple had available on its store, a store that can’t be accessed outside of its own network of devices. Now, more than a decade later, Apple aren’t the only ones that have ‘an app for that’. There is seemingly apps and software for every possible use case. For marketers, this software is called MarTech or AdTech.

MarTech and AdTech, short for Marketing Technologies and Advertising Technologies respectively, are software products and solutions that enable a more efficient and effective use of your marketing budget while also improving results and increasing return on investment. These technologies are now an essential part of any marketing strategy and therefore form an important part of your marketing tactics.

Here are some ways that you can use software’s to improve your marketing tactics:

Be Where Your Target Audience is

One of the most important tasks for marketers is identifying and categorizing a target audience. Doing this allows for specific targeting of your marketing materials towards people that are likely to engage with it. This increases the return on investment and the odds that the campaign will be a success.

By embracing marketing software, you can meet your target audience in places that aren’t possible to get to without the use of software. If your customers are online in any capacity, then you need to meet them online and allow them to connect with you. Meet you target audience online and connect with them to keep your business in their mind for the next time they need to make a purchase.

Automate Tasks

Automation allows for certain tasks to be done automatically with limited or no involvement from a human. This leads to greater efficiency and accuracy, and it increases the amount of time that employees can use to focus on the important tasks in their job. AI and machine learning are becoming more and more powerful every day, so you might be surprised at the sort of tasks that can be automated. Automation can be used in creating and sending internal documents to your team but can also be used for writing blogs and content.

For example, social media and email marketing benefit greatly from using software as the tedious activities associated with these tactics can be automated or skipped. Software allows for automatic scheduling and posting of your content to social media, and email software allows for scheduling and sending thousands of emails rather than manually doing so.

Personalize Experiences

You can use software to provide a unique experience to each person that engages with your product. People are more likely to interact with marketing messaging if it is personalized to them, but you also must be careful since laws around data collection are becoming stricter. Make sure you explicitly ask permission from your audience to collect their information and use it to personalize the messages you send them.

Personalized experiences can also come in the form of recommendations based on a customer’s previous purchases. You can use AI and machine learning to analyze a database of purchase history to find correlations between purchases. This increases the chances of a customer buying products from you again, but also provides them with value through your marketing, making them more likely to engage with your content again.

Use Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has come a long way since its first implementation in the mid to late 90’s. The 2000’s and 2010’s saw a boom of new cloud technologies being launched. Cloud technology now represents some of the most powerful tools available to marketers and should be used by any team that is looking to improve results.

Cloud tech allows for powerful hardware and software to be accessed remotely and cheaply. Cloud technology services include Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace, as well as many other specialized tools. The power of cloud computing is its ability to provide high performance and quality without the cost associated with owning and maintaining the hardware and software, while also encouraging collaboration and accessibility.

Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

Software allows marketers to perform tasks quicker and cheaper than ever before. The increased efficiency provided by using software allows for more time to be spent on more important tasks meaning an improvement in the standard of work that is done. It is also often cheaper to do a task using software which then leads to an increased return on investment.

Using software still costs time and money, but it is a significantly more efficient use of these resources. The cost of hiring and training an employee to do the same task that a software can do is several times more expensive than using the program. Some software, such as cloud technology, will operate using a ‘Pay as you use’ model, meaning that there is no excess cost involved in paying for something that you don’t use.

The benefits of using software are numerous. If your goal is to improve your marketing tactics, then consider implementing software such as cloud technology into your workflow to better reach your audience, automate tasks, and personalize experiences, and reduce costs.

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