Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from August 2021

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Why Marketing Isn’t For Everyone

  • On : August 29, 2021

With marketing budgets among companies rising and the global marketing environment becoming harder to create differentiation, the basic marketing tools we once used are no longer adequate. Increasing companies are splashing aimless content through marketing channels in an attempt to attract attention. The reality is, it’s not working.

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The Need For A Data-driven Marketing Strategies In 2022

  • On : August 27, 2021

In 2021, marketers have access to more data about their consumers and using these insights can drive successful results for a business. For many businesses, it has required an update in the re-modelling of their obsolete marketing processes.

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7 Reasons Why Marketing is More Than Advertising

7 Reasons Why Marketing is More Than Advertising

  • On : August 26, 2021

Most of the time we will use these terms interchangeably, not aware of their separate uses.

On the surface, we may link these terms to a wide range of activities that promote a specific message and expand the awareness of a brand or product/service. However, in order to truly maximize your company’s promotional efficiency and effectiveness you will need to understand the nuances that distinguish these processes from one another.

To provide a more clear picture of what separates these distinct activities, we have gathered the following 7 reasons as to why marketing is much more important than advertising.Read more

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How to Suck at Social Media Marketing

  • On : August 20, 2021

Some of the most common social media marketing mistakes are the ones you may not even know you’re making. Read more

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Why Marketing is Not Sales

  • On : August 18, 2021

Often used interchangeably Sales and Marketing are two aspects of business that are intrinsically linked, yet at the same time, both very different. Failure to understand the difference will be to your business’s detriment.

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How to Design a Streamlined Facebook Ads Campaign

  • On : August 17, 2021

The first step to having a streamlined Facebook ads campaign is to use the STP framework. Rather than focusing on a broad audience and actively alienating your customers, STP focuses on specific segments to ensure your message resonates.

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Unchartered marketing territory: How curious are you to be the first player?

  • On : August 17, 2021

Four years ago, I decided to do something that no-one has ever done before. I didn’t think too much about it and was ridiculously busy at work at that time, but the desire to be an inventor of the future of marketing, just had too much pull.

Experimenting in unchartered marketing territory is something that all marketers should do, but few feel free enough to try. Being curious enough about marketing and its potential, and unafraid to be the first player in the market, takes guts.

I’m no Einstein – that’s for sure. In fact, most of the time I don’t feel that smart at all especially when I’m juggling many things, all at the same time, and nothing seems to work.

But choosing a career like marketing allows for that. It is one of the few industries that really lets you experiment in some shape or form every single day.

There are failures, for sure. I’ve had more than my fair share, I won’t lie. But there are also successes and with both failure and success, you find out what really works for the clients you work on.

Being the founder of Robotic Marketer is an incredible life achievement. Not only do I work with the smartest brains in technology, I am also an active member of the team, driving forward the future of marketing.

What we are doing to marketing strategy, automating every single area of the process, and deep diving into data in a way that no-one has done before, is exhilarating. To think that data driven marketing strategies are the future, rather than rely on marketing professionals gut instinct and a few technology applications will change the game.

As we close the door on 2021, most small businesses will change the way they develop strategy. In part, because the pandemic dictates it, but also because there is an inherent need to be smarter, faster and use failures and successes to define better paths forward.

While we head out on unchartered waters, we know that there are millions of small businesses that will be thankful to have the same opportunities are their larger counterparts. Not only do they have the ability to have a powerful strategy in place, their flexibility to be more creative, will see smaller businesses take greater market share.



How Covid-19 Has Changed Marketing Forever

How Covid-19 Has Changed Marketing Forever

  • On : August 16, 2021

When Covid-19 first hit in 2020, it impacted many aspects of our lives. Work from home measures were introduced, with lessons and meetings having to be conducted from our living rooms. Nights out were replaced with nights in, and eating out operated on a takeaway-only basis. However, a year on, we can see that the effects of Covid-19 for businesses are a lot deeper-rooted than we first thought. It’s fair to say that Covid-19 has changed the ways that businesses operate, concerning technology and marketing, forever. The new normal is our reality at the moment, and many companies have had to pivot their marketing strategy to accommodate for that. Here are just some of the ways that Covid-19 has changed marketing for the long run.Read more

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10 Marketing Strategies Your Technology Company Needs to Use

  • On : August 12, 2021

Just like how technology is continually developing, the market is also changing. A digital presence is becoming more important, and increased competition makes the differentiation between competitors harder. Technology companies must continue to push the boundary of possible both in their technology development and their marketing strategies to remain competitive. Marketing ensures greater success for your business goals and has always been essential for companies wishing to excel in their industry. Every company is different, selling different products to a different target market, and for that reason, not all marketing tactics are best suited to every company. This article will discuss ten of the most effective marketing strategies that every technology company could be using to gain a competitive advantage.

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Marketing Strategy Vs Tactics: What’s The Difference?

  • On : August 11, 2021

Two terms that are thrown around often within the marketing space are the words strategy and tactics. Often used interchangeably, many marketers use such phrases to encompass the formative stages of marketing for a business. The misuse of these phrases comes as no surprise, however, as both encapsulate similar characteristics about the marketing process, but there are subtle yet key differences between the two.

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