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Virtual Marketing Internship Program

  • On : August 11, 2021

Due to the pandemic, many future #marketers are being turned down for #internships, so we thought that we had better help solve this problem.

While Robotic Marketer is a start-up, we have an abundance of knowledge and skills that we can pass onto future marketers seeking a career – particularly those hoping to enter the technology industry.

Being a virtual marketing intern is harder than in-person, no question. In fact, it’s ten times harder than having marketing colleagues and other interns by your side, helping nurture your growth.

But…you’ve got this! In fact, if you are anything like the interns we have worked with, you will sail through and show your future employer just how incredible you are and your breadth of experience.

Robotic Marketer helps marketers and entrepreneurs work faster, smarter and with greater success by doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to developing a marketing strategy. What is great about this internship is that you will get a lot of marketing strategy experience and you will learn how to use Robotic Marketer technology, a skill you can take through your entire marketing career.

Marketing professionals do not have the time or resources to create an effective marketing strategy.

Here’s what you can expect from a Robotic Marketer Virtual Marketing Internship:

Ability to learn everything there is to know about marketing strategies

Sure, you would have learned a lot of at university, but this is next level. How do you apply your knowledge in the real world and what impact will your skills have on outcomes?

Insights into what ‘clients’ are all about

When we work with a company, we get to know them intimately. To develop a marketing strategy, we need to know what their business and sales goals are, marketing objectives, brand and brand story – so we can ascertain what are the best tactics to achieve their goals.

Cross-section of marketing tactics and how they apply to business

We work extensively with all areas of the marketing mix. When Robotic Marketer develops a marketing strategy, the technology uses everything from industry best practice, competitor insights, customer profiling and benchmarking, along with data from the internet to develop a set of tactics best suited to a client.

Digital marketing

Many marketers finish their degree without a firm understanding of digital marketing. Do you really know how to make a digital marketing campaign fly? Do you know how to amplify social media posts? Have you actually had any real-life experience in doing so? It’s ok if you haven’t because it’s our job to make sure you do.

Virtual team building

I’m so sorry that your experience has to be virtual. It sucks. It really does. But let’s make the most of a bad situation and turn it into a positive. Doing a virtual marketing internship with Robotic Marketer means that because it is virtual, we will team you up with marketers in other countries. That exposure to international marketing will help you as you progress your career and the contacts you make, you can call upon long after your internship.

We like to employ our interns in ‘real positions’

A marketing internship can set you up for your entire career – that’s a fact. Not only will you get experience, contacts and skills that you may not have achieved otherwise, you will also be able to show your managers just how talented you are and be considered for future positions.

As a technology start-up, we are always seeking to employ new marketers to join our growing team. Working at Robotic Marketer is a great way to fast track your career and be at a company that is on a high growth path.

Be part of a community

As we embark on our first US virtual marketing internship program, we are mindful of how important community is and creating exceptional experiences.

We have instigated a keep in touch initiative where you will be able to learn about our business before you start and long after your internship has passed.

Robotic Marketer will also provide you with access to interacting with other team members, webinars, learning and development programs and more. We encourage you to grow your social media accounts and use this platform to amplify your own brand.

Join us, and you will be taken on a journey that surpasses even your expectations!