Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from April 2021


3 Mistakes That We Can Learn From Businesses That Don’t Use Social Media (& How To Avoid Them)

  • On : April 30, 2021

Do you know that, according to Facebook’s analytics, there are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers and 4 million of them are paying for Facebook advertising to reach more customers? However, despite the intensive competition in ...

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5 Things That Marketing Degrees Will Not Teach You

  • On : April 27, 2021

I am currently in my final year of a marketing degree at University and amidst my first internship program. However, one sinister thing has quickly come to my attention… I really don’t know much. This shocking and eye-opening realisation has left me feeling quite ill-prepared. I assumed what I ...

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sales and marketing alignment

What Are The Differences Between Sales & Marketing – And How To Align Them

  • On : April 22, 2021

The two words “sales” and “marketing” are often used interchangeably in a business environment. But do you know they carry very different goals and functions?

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Linkedin marketing

5 LinkedIn Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

  • On : April 19, 2021

LinkedIn marketing is the practice of using LinkedIn to make connections, improve brand awareness, generate leads, promote business relationships and partnerships, share content and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn is an integral part of a successful B2B marketing strategy to expand ...

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marketing automation

How to Set Up Marketing Automation for your Business

  • On : April 15, 2021

Marketing automation is about turning your marketing practices or communication with customers into processes that are systemized and automated.

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marketing strategies

How Developing Marketing Strategies Has Changed In 2021

  • On : April 9, 2021

2020 witnessed a massive digital migration as everything shifted to the virtual space, easily fast-forwarding the anticipated digital transformation by years.

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5 Key Ways to Make Your Ad Copy Less Boring

5 Key Ways to Make Your Ad Copy Less Boring

  • On : April 6, 2021

Your boring ad copy is killing sales!

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