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content marketing matters

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

  • On : March 31, 2021

Content marketing has become increasingly crucial to businesses these days.

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digital marketing channels

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

  • On : March 24, 2021

Digital marketing is becoming more important than ever. But not every business owner is aware of how vital digital channels are for expanding business reach and connecting with the audiences.

Still, have doubts? Here are five reasons why.

  1. More affordable

The one big truth is that online marketing is much more affordable than traditional, brick-and-mortar marketing like print, television, radio spots and other display ads. Paying for ad space like TV commercials is not cheap and thus, traditional marketing can be out of the financial reach of many small business owners.

On the other hand, digital advertising is the most cost-effective way to market your business, where every organization can have the chance of catching the audience attention on the same platform. If you’re new, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, … are wonderful tools to build up customer relationships and they are completely free to join. If you already own a website, putting content on the website only costs you time. Of course, there will always be additional costs associated with getting professional help – but it’s much more bearable than producing TV commercials and airing them on prime time.

Discover top metrics to measure brand awareness:

3 Tools to Measure Brand Awareness and Why You Should

  1. Measurable results

When it comes to digital advertising, data and results are easily recorded. With Facebook Insights, Google Analytics or any other insight tools offered by most social media platforms, business owners can track customer engagement and interaction rates, reach percentage, sales numbers, …online advertising also enables business users to easily target audience by providing detailed analysis of their behaviors, age, locations, interests, hobbies and personality traits.

With traditional marketing, it’s more difficult to measure ROI as the audience is so much broader. For example, how can you estimate the number of people seeing a print ad on the street? Seems impossible.

Unlike traditional methods, digital channels allow us to monitor the number of people landing on the page and especially how many converted to buyers. In terms of paid advertising, you can also use A/B tests to identify the most converting ad placements, contents or designs.

  1. Customer engagement

With over 53% of the world’s population on social media, we can imagine how wide the reach on social media platforms can be.

Business owners can easily engage and interact with audience on a daily basis to make sure their brands are not forgotten. Besides, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok are updating regularly with new functions every day to bring out the best user experiences – so why don’t we take advantage of that? Online environment is very sharable: utilizing share buttons on social media enables your message to be shared incredibly quickly.

It’s quite clear that businesses can go viral quicker on digital platforms but there’s no easy game. In order to capture the customer’s attention, contents are what distinguish one business from the other. Without good content, there is nothing to get you connected with your customers. And in an increasingly competitive market, great content now are about the customer rather than the marketing or the company. Did you know that nowadays, businesses only have 1.7 seconds to grab audience’s attention on social media before they scroll down? While customers have so much information available to consume, their attention span gets shorter. The heat is on: content is now king.

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How to Increase your Social Media Engagement

4 Marketing Trends to Outrank the Competition in 2021

  1. Accurately targeting

Digital advertising enables business owners to deliver the right message at the right time in the right place – if we know how to utilize all the tools. Programmatic advertising has become an effective tool for marketers, as it has pricing efficiencies thanks to automatic bidding, and uses customer data to more precisely target individuals.

With traditional marketing, everything gets more complicated. For instance, TV ads utilize multiple connected devices exhibiting similar behaviors or common logins across devices to target audience and collect user data. But those data are inaccessible, or we will have to pay a really high price for data collection services.

But to maximize the results of paid advertising, business owners must understand not only who you’re targeting (their age, their location, their hobbies and interests) but also the setting that they’re in and the relationship they are having with the brand. Rather than selecting a wide group of potential audience, it’s better to break them down into very targeted groups and get a high convertible audience.

  1. Everything is becoming digital

Technology has become an every-day part of our lives and business models are being disrupted, accordingly. Today, 90% of the business owners say they need technical skills to adapt to a rapidly changing environment: the environment in which the world’s largest taxi company (Uber) owns no cars; the world’s most popular media owner (Facebook) creates no content and the most valuable retailer (Alibaba) sells nothing.

Not to mention there are a lot of changes in the business landscape since COVID-19 hits the world and the global pandemic is shaping customer behaviors in many ways. During the pandemic:

  • 45% of customers surveyed by PwC indicated that their mobile phone has become a shopping channel.
  • The engagement with mobile ad increases by 15% during the pandemic
  • Social media usage consumption rose by 58%.
  • The daily users of Zoom sky-rocketed from 10 million to over 200 million in March/2020.

And marketing is not an exception, not only for the temporary adaption but also for the sustainable development of businesses. The online environment is where your customers are.

Importance Of Case Studies To B2B Business

Importance Of Case Studies To B2B Business

  • On : March 19, 2021

Ratings, reviews and word-of-mouth play a very important role in B2C consumers’ decision-making. In similar ways, B2B clients bank on case studies when evaluating potential vendors they will work with.

Case studies are a collection of a business’ previous work that serves to exhibit their problem-solving capability. You can showcase various analysis and solutions that you have done for your previous clients.

More than just listing out your capabilities, case studies present actual numbers, details about the problem, and the value your business delivered. Including clients’ reviews or testimonials can also enhance the reliability of the account and act as a social proof to your services.

As a B2B business, here’s why case studies deliver value:

  1. Showcase your services

Case studies can give potential clients a clearer idea of what you can do and achieve beyond your specified job scopes or products and services. This is also done by adding a layer of realistic and contextual background to the information you are presenting.

Overall, case studies would help your potential clients go through their consumer journey, which for B2B businesses, often centres around vendor evaluation. By providing enough information and content, you would make your capabilities more apparent and make it easier for them to do their due diligence, giving them greater ease and all the more reason to choose you over others.

  1. Increase your credibility

Case studies offer greater credibility as they are written around real-life experiences and proof of your work, not just hypothetical anecdotes. With real, measurable performances and results, you are able to back the ‘promises’ your business makes with concrete evidence.

In addition, case studies can act as industry peer reviews where your clients can see how you solve similar problems that are particularly relevant to them. By incorporating direct quotes from your clients, you can benefit from this ‘word-of-mouth’, which is significant in boosting businesses’ credibility.

Such quotes convey your previous clients’ satisfaction with the results, because not only did they use your services in the past, but they are also pleased enough with your work to be included as a case study. These client relations can also serve as leverage to your business, especially if you worked with well-known clients whose apparent success can easily vouch for your performance.

  1. B2B storytelling

B2B storytelling might differ from the usual emotional and people-focused B2C storytelling, but many of the traditional storytelling principles still hold. At the core, you would want to explain the process of service delivery. You can show your thought process, the factors you considered and how you ultimately achieved the final solutions.

Furthermore, your previous customers can act as the subjects of the story, with whom your potential clients can identify and resonate. Instead of being all formal and filled with “hard facts,” you could insert some components of the emotional and experiential journey. By asking accurate questions that really speak to their concerns and challenges, they might see themselves in your previous clients and recognize the value that they can get by working with you.

  1. Content marketing

Case studies can certainly bring many benefits as a part of your content marketing strategy. You would be publishing original content that are specific to your business and cannot be easily replicated by your competitors.

While putting together a case study can require great effort, the main case study can be reused and repurposed in other forms such as: tips, interviews, articles, presentations or trivia facts, over an extended period of time. Together, using case studies as part of your content strategy can increase brand awareness as well as search engine optimization (SEO).

Things to watch out for when putting together your case studies:

  • Don’t make it about you

Yes, you are essentially showcasing your capabilities, but you should shift the focus away from what you did to save your customers, to what you did to support them. Place the focus on them and how they successfully thrived with their efforts as well.

By positioning your customers as the hero of the story, you would empower them by making them feel and look good, a positive response you would want for your marketing strategy. Moreover, recounting the story from your customer’s perspective will definitely lend greater weight to your customer reviews and the overall case study.

  • Clear delivery of the message

While you want them to stay interested, you have to be direct and straight-forward in conveying your points. You should present your information in ways that are easy-to-read or easy-to-digest, which is done by using attractive visuals, design and simpler language, instead of jargon-heavy big chunks of text.

Including clear infographics and headings/sub-headings can definitely help readers grasp the flow of the case studies (before and after; from problems to suggestions to results) better.

5 Reasons Why Marketing Matters More Than Ever

5 Reasons Why Marketing Matters More Than Ever

  • On : March 17, 2021

Marketing has always been around with every product and service produced by a company. More importantly, businesses succeed when innovation and marketing work hand in hand. However, while most business leaders welcome innovation in their companies, they tend to neglect marketing. This has not only caused missed opportunities, but also capital and failure to the business.

To be exact, marketing is not only about online presence and promotion of the product or service. It is way beyond that. Marketing is about building relationships with your audience while meeting your promise as a brand. It is about persuading consumers why your product or service is needed in the market and how it is different from others.

On that account, marketing has become more important now more than ever. The world is developing innovative products, services, business model, solutions, technologies and more every day. These products and services are crucially dependent on marketing to create awareness, generate revenue and profit. Businesses must focus on marketing, as a product or service alone cannot sustain a company.

Here are 5 reasons why marketing matters more than ever today.

  1. Brand Definition 

Your brand is the most valuable asset of your business. It is important to note that branding is not just about design. Rather, it is a whole experience created for your consumers to drive sales. Branding can change how people perceive your business. A strong brand can be built through an effective marketing strategy. As such, brand marketing is an investment companies need to make to create their business assets. It is important to offer a product or service as a brand that resonates with your consumers in order to generate revenue.

  1. Lead Generation

Marketing has become an essential source and process in generating lead and driving sales for a business. To do well, businesses need to capture consumer attention through both inbound and outbound marketing.

Content marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies that should be adopted by businesses. Contents provide value to your audience, build brand awareness and grab the attention of potential consumers.

  1. Understanding the consumer

To bring your business’ product or service to the target market and increase sales, it is important to understand your consumers. Conducting thorough market research can help you understand your target audience. With that, your consequent marketing strategy can help your business effectively release your product or service in the target market and grasp the eye of your ideal consumer.

  1. Building relationships with customers

Consumers need to resonate their values with the brand more than ever. This will produce a sense of belonging in the consumer, resulting in strong relationships with the brand. Whether it is B2C or B2B marketing, your ultimate consumers are people. Therefore, it is not just about sales and profit, but about keeping up and building relationships with your consumers over time with consistency.

  1. Prepare for the future

In these unpredictable times, your business needs to deliver and continuously plan for the future. The more efficiently you plan, the more likely you are to act and produce results through marketing. In a way, marketing is more than knowing your market and competitors, as it is also about constantly getting an edge that puts your business above the rest. Ultimately, a well-planned marketing strategy will help you measure your success and rectify your voids.

If you need help from a marketing consultant with your marketing, Robotic Marketer can help your business with marketing strategies based on market research, including in-depth analysis of competitors. Our marketing consultants will ensure that you will receive the best robot-possible marketing strategy available in the world today.

content writer

What is content writing? Plus 8 tips to take your content to the next level.

  • On : March 15, 2021

What is content writing? Better yet, what is a content writer? When trying to answer this question you’ll come across a variety of definitions. Some say a content writer is a blog writer or a brand journalist, others may say they are a copywriter, a social media writer or a technical writer.

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marketing strategy in 2021

How To Challenge Your Marketing Strategy To Get Better Results

  • On : March 15, 2021

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

The marketing strategy that worked well in 2018/2019, may not be the best course of action in 2021. For a start, the world has changed, buyer habits have become more savvy and the economy has a major influence. As a marketing professional, it is more important than ever to better read the market and all of its dynamics to ensure that previous marketing strategies are challenged and B2B businesses build-out marketing strategies that are going to better connect them with their target audience.

For a start, the marketing department is not what it use to be. Recently we did a job posting for a graphic designer. In previous years, we would have hundreds of applications. This year, the applications were light on and the main reason for that is that freelance work is at its height, paying better than in-house and giving graphic designers better work, life balance. Also, companies are choosing to hire full-time graphic designers in abundance because with all good content, there needs to be visuals that entice the customers to read more, engage more and remember why they should choose your brand over another.

No marketer has all the answers and in truth, B2B marketers use data and insights to develop marketing strategies, but they don’t have the time to ‘gather all information’ needed to develop the best possible marketing strategy.

The 80/20 rule applies more so than ever, but even then, few marketers are even scraping the surface.

There are a number of areas that your marketing strategy needs to address:

Does it incorporate new marketing platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Space?
Is your target audience the same as what it was in 2019?
What are you really selling and does it resonate with your designated target audience?
Who are your competitors today?
What are the best ways in which your company can attract new customers?
What marketing resources and budget do you have in place?
How well is your website working? Is it bringing in leads?

By challenging your marketing strategy and debating why it may not work, you are in fact creating a better strategy moving forward. Even if it doesn’t change because the marketing strategy is what it should be, it makes your position so much more powerful moving forward.

Never be afraid to challenge your marketing strategy to end up with something even better.

We use Robotic Marketer technology to develop our marketing strategy, but even then, we challenge our key messages over and over again to ensure that we have the right messages moving forward.

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

Robotic marketer

Robotic Marketer Announces New Chief Machine Learning Officer

  • On : March 15, 2021

SYDNEY, Australia, March 15, 2021 — Robotic Marketer, a world-first marketing strategy technology platform built using AI and big data, is pleased to announce Dr. Asim Baig has joined the company as Chief Machine Learning Officer (CMLO). Dr. Baig holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Queen’s University, Belfast, and has more than 20 years of experience developing machine learning models and deep learning algorithms.

The C-suite position within the startup technology company, with offices in Australia and the United States, signifies Robotic Marketer’s desire to be an AI-first company.

Using carefully designed data inputs, the Robotic Marketer technology platform simplifies and automates a deep dive into a company’s competitive landscape and its marketing performance. The tool deploys the knowledge gained from more than 1,000 marketing strategies to create a 40-page-plus report. The report is used as a powerful resource to create a comprehensive go-to-market plan, including objectives, tactics, assets, KPIs and more.

“Our innovative combination of machine learning and AI with marketing expertise has helped fuel the success of start-ups and SMBs, as well as Fortune 100 companies,” said Mellissah Smith, Founder and CEO of Robotic Marketer. “Dr. Baig will manage our advanced technology platform, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing strategies we deliver to our customers.”

“I am excited to be joining a team with the energy and enthusiasm of a tech start-up combined with deep expertise in marketing,” said Dr. Baig. “Robotic Marketer is truly revolutionary.”

“The work that I am undertaking at Robotic Marketer is ground-breaking — especially in the area of written text and ability to understand human writing and generate content from there, taking into account the complexities of different emotions and feelings of humans. The human mental idiosyncrasies and replication thereof is challenging and exciting.”

Dr. Baig brings with him extensive experience in working across four different continents and will lead teams of machine learning engineers working on the cutting edge of technology and marketing by augmenting marketing research with machine learning algorithms to improve the ability for companies to read the market and adapt marketing strategy accordingly.

“The appointment of Dr. Baig is strategic in ensuring that Robotic Marketer provides technology that improves the ability for marketers to not only develop marketing strategies faster but also benefit from data-driven insights. Having a marketing strategy in minutes rather than days or weeks is groundbreaking for the marketing industry,” said Ms. Smith.

“His responsibility for the technology’s AI and ML capabilities is transformational for the technology and its ability to provide value to organisations around the world.”


For more information, contact Mellissah Smith at or +1 (404) 626 8406 (US contact) or Lennia Pedroso on or +61-3-9692-7600 (APAC).

About Robotic Marketer

Robotic Marketer is a world-first marketing strategy software based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data. The groundbreaking platform transforms company, business and market information into an actionable marketing strategy. Clients include SAP, Oracle and Mitel channel partners around the globe and SMBs across technology, logistics, professional services, health, manufacturing and FMCG.


How To Develop A Clubhouse Strategy

  • On : March 10, 2021

Clubhouse is an up-and-coming, invites-only, audio social media that was launched in mid-2020 (only on iPhone for now). Simply put, it is a live podcast app where people can attend “rooms,” and groups of personalities engage in interviews and discussions on a variety of topics. The application has been very relevant to the current pandemic situation, as people increasingly crave for personal connections as a result of the ‘new normal’.

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3 Things You Should Have On Your Website To Convert More Leads

3 Things You Should Have On Your Website To Convert More Leads

  • On : March 3, 2021

While a website is essential to a business, everyone uses it to achieve different goals. Some might use their business website to increase brand awareness, produce sales, and enhance growth through lead generation. Optimizing your website is essential to generate leads and requires a strategic approach. There are several ways you can optimize your website according to your needs.

Here are 3 key components you should consider having on your website to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Add pages that get the most traffic

It is important to understand your current lead generation process to track your success and analyze where you need to improve. To begin with, you might conduct an audit to gather data on your online traffic. This can be done through an analytical tool, which will provide you with detailed insights about your online audience.

Here are some pages you can add to your business website to gain more online visitors:

  • Blog Posts: Many businesses convert their online traffic to leads from blogs. Blog posts are considered to be the highest performing content marketing tactic.
  • Social Media: Social media can help you gain traffic through users who engage in a campaign on your social media profile.
  • Email MarketingEmail Marketing is highly effective as your potential leads often tend to click through your website from your emails.

Once you identify where your leads are coming from, you want to make sure the pages they land on are relevant your visitor’s pain points.

  1. CTA (Call-to-action) 

The lead generation process often starts when a website visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) which might be located on your blog post, email, or social media.

  • Landing Page

When a visitor clicks on a CTA it redirects them to a landing page which includes a form used to collect the visitor’s information. Businesses with a high number of landing pages on their website are likely to generate more leads.

  • Thank-You Page

Once the visitor has submitted the online form, a thank-you page is key to engaging the prospect. It should not only say thank-you but should also provide other information, such as social sharing buttons.

Along with a thank-you page, you can also send a thank-you email, as you have now converted a visitor into a lead and have their information in your database. These emails are an opportunity to include specific CTA, such as sharing on email and social media.

  • Pop-up

Many CTA’s are often kept at the end on your landing page, this might create the odds of your visitors reading through the whole webpage. In this case, your website might offer a pop-up. However, a pop-up is different from a CTA. A pop-up might disrupt the view of the visitor, whereas a CTA will always be placed at a particular location.

  1. Live Chats

Live chat is customer service your website can offer to your visitors looking for key information about the solutions you deliver. This is another way to generate leads from traffic. Live chats have the pwer to boost web engagement and increase time spent on your website pages. It also helps enhance your website’s SEO and improves your conversion rate.

To have an effective Live chat, it is important to build a persona of your website visitor to develop answers for your live chat program. For this, you might want to consider key concerns and frequently asked questions of your potential leads.

Need help from a marketing consultant with your B2B marketing or lead generation. Our marketing consultants will ensure that you will receive a marketing strategy that caters to ensuring that your website is optimized and maximized for lead generation.