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How To Challenge Your Marketing Strategy To Get Better Results

  • On : March 15, 2021

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

The marketing strategy that worked well in 2018/2019, may not be the best course of action in 2021. For a start, the world has changed, buyer habits have become more savvy and the economy has a major influence. As a marketing professional, it is more important than ever to better read the market and all of its dynamics to ensure that previous marketing strategies are challenged and B2B businesses build-out marketing strategies that are going to better connect them with their target audience.

For a start, the marketing department is not what it use to be. Recently we did a job posting for a graphic designer. In previous years, we would have hundreds of applications. This year, the applications were light on and the main reason for that is that freelance work is at its height, paying better than in-house and giving graphic designers better work, life balance. Also, companies are choosing to hire full-time graphic designers in abundance because with all good content, there needs to be visuals that entice the customers to read more, engage more and remember why they should choose your brand over another.

No marketer has all the answers and in truth, B2B marketers use data and insights to develop marketing strategies, but they don’t have the time to ‘gather all information’ needed to develop the best possible marketing strategy.

The 80/20 rule applies more so than ever, but even then, few marketers are even scraping the surface.

There are a number of areas that your marketing strategy needs to address:

Does it incorporate new marketing platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Space?
Is your target audience the same as what it was in 2019?
What are you really selling and does it resonate with your designated target audience?
Who are your competitors today?
What are the best ways in which your company can attract new customers?
What marketing resources and budget do you have in place?
How well is your website working? Is it bringing in leads?

By challenging your marketing strategy and debating why it may not work, you are in fact creating a better strategy moving forward. Even if it doesn’t change because the marketing strategy is what it should be, it makes your position so much more powerful moving forward.

Never be afraid to challenge your marketing strategy to end up with something even better.

We use Robotic Marketer technology to develop our marketing strategy, but even then, we challenge our key messages over and over again to ensure that we have the right messages moving forward.

Source: Marketing Eye Australia