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Robotic Marketer Announces New Chief Machine Learning Officer

  • On : March 15, 2021

SYDNEY, Australia, March 15, 2021 — Robotic Marketer, a world-first marketing strategy technology platform built using AI and big data, is pleased to announce Dr. Asim Baig has joined the company as Chief Machine Learning Officer (CMLO). Dr. Baig holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Queen’s University, Belfast, and has more than 20 years of experience developing machine learning models and deep learning algorithms.

The C-suite position within the startup technology company, with offices in Australia and the United States, signifies Robotic Marketer’s desire to be an AI-first company.

Using carefully designed data inputs, the Robotic Marketer technology platform simplifies and automates a deep dive into a company’s competitive landscape and its marketing performance. The tool deploys the knowledge gained from more than 1,000 marketing strategies to create a 40-page-plus report. The report is used as a powerful resource to create a comprehensive go-to-market plan, including objectives, tactics, assets, KPIs and more.

“Our innovative combination of machine learning and AI with marketing expertise has helped fuel the success of start-ups and SMBs, as well as Fortune 100 companies,” said Mellissah Smith, Founder and CEO of Robotic Marketer. “Dr. Baig will manage our advanced technology platform, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing strategies we deliver to our customers.”

“I am excited to be joining a team with the energy and enthusiasm of a tech start-up combined with deep expertise in marketing,” said Dr. Baig. “Robotic Marketer is truly revolutionary.”

“The work that I am undertaking at Robotic Marketer is ground-breaking — especially in the area of written text and ability to understand human writing and generate content from there, taking into account the complexities of different emotions and feelings of humans. The human mental idiosyncrasies and replication thereof is challenging and exciting.”

Dr. Baig brings with him extensive experience in working across four different continents and will lead teams of machine learning engineers working on the cutting edge of technology and marketing by augmenting marketing research with machine learning algorithms to improve the ability for companies to read the market and adapt marketing strategy accordingly.

“The appointment of Dr. Baig is strategic in ensuring that Robotic Marketer provides technology that improves the ability for marketers to not only develop marketing strategies faster but also benefit from data-driven insights. Having a marketing strategy in minutes rather than days or weeks is groundbreaking for the marketing industry,” said Ms. Smith.

“His responsibility for the technology’s AI and ML capabilities is transformational for the technology and its ability to provide value to organisations around the world.”


For more information, contact Mellissah Smith at or +1 (404) 626 8406 (US contact) or Lennia Pedroso on or +61-3-9692-7600 (APAC).

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