Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from September 2018

Facebook scratched

Can we happily live without social media?

  • On : September 24, 2018
Angeliki Sfikas

The big question

On my way to work every morning, I see people on the train, their earphones in and their eyes are glued to their devices. Some are sending emails, others flicking through Facebook, few watching last night’s Instagram stories, scrolling through their Insta feed, because everyone knows, if you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen. So here comes the big question: Can we happily live without social media?

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weird robot

The 6 Weirdest Robots Ever Created!

  • On : September 19, 2018
Angeliki Sfikas

During the last decade, robots escaped the factory floor and started conquering big cities. Robots in assembly lines, robots in accounting, robots in welding, if all this sounds pretty normal to you, then you need to read about the following robots!

1. A Tooth Brushing Robot

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How the Army is Using Artificial Intelligence

  • On : September 17, 2018
Zac O’Hehir

The future of militaries across the globe will have a heavy focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Militaries are heavily investing in robots because they believe they will play a key role in future defence force endeavours. Both the US and UK military are now utilising battlefield robots in combat exercises. These robots are working with soldiers to perform dangerous tasks such as clearing minefields and bridging tank trenches.

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A new companion: The future of social media

  • On : September 5, 2018
Written by Stephanie Petrolo

Social media has become synonymous with our everyday lives. From connecting with friends and colleagues to communicating with services; a reliance on social media has been formed. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence on these platforms has promised to personalise and enhance our online experiences personally and professionally.

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