The 6 Weirdest Robots Ever Created!

  • On : September 19, 2018
Angeliki Sfikas

During the last decade, robots escaped the factory floor and started conquering big cities. Robots in assembly lines, robots in accounting, robots in welding, if all this sounds pretty normal to you, then you need to read about the following robots!

1. A Tooth Brushing Robot

Ara is the first artificial intelligence powered toothbrush ever invented. Having a low power processor in place, allows the toothbrush to learn algorithms, which enables the system to follow your habits and refine accuracy the more it’s used. The company has recently come up with ‘Magik’, a toothbrush robot specially designed for children, so they won’t miss out on the fun of dental hygiene!

2. A Self-driving Suitcase

ForwardX, is the company which first introduced the self-driving suitcase that follows you around. This robot was invented to prevent people from losing their suitcase and not having to lug it around the airport. The robot’s name is CX-1 and it uses a 170-degree angle camera and laser radars to detect and avoid obstacles. Should anything go wrong, the suitcase also includes a built-in alarm system which is paired with a wristband to notify the owner when they are getting too far away.

3. A Laundry Folding Robot

Folding the laundry is one of the most boring household chores, and everyone would agree with that. FoldiMate Inc. is the new robot which will save you from having to fold the laundry and is user-friendly. The only thing owners have to do, is feed the robot with an article of clothing into the top of the machine. FoldiMate takes in the clothes, folds them and then deposits them into a bin at the bottom of the machine.

4.Rocking Bed robot

Rocking Bed does exactly what its name implies, it moves back and forth to help you fall asleep. Mark Russell, the creator of Rocking Bed, came up with this idea after noticing that he was able to fall easier asleep while he was on a cruise ship during his vacation. Therefore, he wanted to create a bed which would mimic the same swaying motion. Rocking Bed, comes with a timer which the owner could set the rocking motion to stop when they would fall asleep.

5.Beer brewing robot

IntelligentX has introduced the first beer which has been brewed by a robot. After drinkers tasted the 4 best beers of the company, they submitted their thoughts via an online feedback system of the company. By using different algorithms, IntelligentX turned data into insights and then all information is sent back to the brewery. The interesting part is that every customer is able to provide their feedback which is a chance to improve the recipe and enjoy better tasting beer!

6.Burger flipping robot

Flipping burgers could be tedious for people working in larger burger manufacturing companies, so what better than having a robot flipping them for you? Flippy is the burger flipping robot, who can grill over 250 petties an hour. He not only flips the patties, but also switches spatulas when needed and even cleans the grill! However, Flippy was forced to retire, since humans were not able to assemble burgers as fast as Flippy would prepare patties.

Artificial Intelligence is well and truly here and it’s obviously here to stay and it’s definitely making human life one hell of a lot easier. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all industries in terms of AI.