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Small Business Grants Now Available To Victorians

Small Business Grants Now Available To Victorians

  • On : August 25, 2020

The City of Melbourne Council has announced that small business grants of up to $5,000 for Victorians doing it tough.

The pandemic has left many businesses all around the world struggling to survive. In particular, as a result of the second wave and its corresponding lockdown, small businesses in Victoria are continuing to feel the financial pressure that weighs so heavily on their shoulders.

Before the crisis, small businesses accounted for nearly half of all private-sector jobs which directly contributed to the economic health of a locality – rich in businesses that spanned a variety of sectors, namely retail, architecture, professional services, cafes, building and construction. In order to jump-start the economy, the Victorian government is offering various grants, vouchers and assistance programs, as a step to ensuring businesses are able to get through the current climate.

Business transformation grants packages of up to $5,000 are now available for small businesses located in CBD, Docklands, World Trade Centre and Southbank. These grants are focused on “brick and mortar” businesses that have been impacted by decreased foot traffic. Grants are open to all sectors, excluding hospitality.

Grant applications are now open with a deadline of Thursday (3rd September 2020) at 11:59 PM.

As a marketing and technology-based company in Victoria, we are partnering with businesses to navigate the next year. The path ahead is unchartered and a roadmap to achieving sales and revenue goals is crucial. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Robotic Marketer is able to help businesses adapt to the changing environment for sustainable growth.

Here’s how we can help your business:

  • Marketing Workshop – A 3-hour information gathering session with a designated marketing consultant designed to be a free-flow and intelligent discussion on the current position of your company and where it should be in 12 months. You also benefit from experiencing a world-first technology in action. Pretty cool stuff!
  • Marketing Strategy – Robotic Marketer then produces a (comprehensive) 40+ page marketing strategy complete with everything needed for a small business to navigate the market and get on the right path to successful outcomes. This blueprint is designed to keep small businesses on track and focused on the end goal – business acceleration.
  • Marketing Consultation – You then attend a 1-hour consulting session with a marketing manager to discuss the strategy, implementable next steps and time frame for each step. The session will be an opportunity for you to receive a review of your business’ current marketing performance and how that coupled with externalities have affected the bottom line.
  • Implementation Services– Implementing a marketing strategy can be a daunting task to many, which is why businesses are provided access to Robotic Marketer’s team of marketers, website developers, graphic designers, digital, social media, lead generation and public relations professionals that combine the use of martech with industry knowledge to accelerate the implementation of marketing tactics aligned to the marketing strategy  – acting as your outsourced marketing department.

At the end of the day, no one can go about this alone and everyone is in this together. So, why not let Robotic Marketer be your perfect marketing colleague.

Let’s get started.

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Why You Need The Help Of Marketing Strategy Technology

  • On : August 21, 2020

Because technology is the answer to coping with the future.  

Following the current trajectory of the world’s events, I think it’s safe to say that technology is at the forefront of managing the ‘new normal’. Today, there is mounting pressure on businesses to adapt quickly in order to stay afloat and it is this developing trend the has many believing that a digital future is the only way to go.

It is critical now more than ever that special attention is placed on how businesses capitalize on existing market opportunities and take into account shifting buyer behavior, competitive landscape, and much more. But, this may not be possible without the help of artificial intelligence. And, many businesses are already catching on.

According to a recent study conducted by PwC, 72% view AI as a “business advantage”. Traditionally, marketing strategies took many months to develop and when completed, were considered outdated to the current market environment. Moreover, marketing strategies were limited by the intelligence of the marketing professional writing them, who in most cases would not be across all areas of marketing. For this reason, ‘early adopters’ like Oracle and SAP with large distribution networks saw the value in AI-based marketing strategy technology through real-time insights gained for strategic next steps.

Combining the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing strategy technology such as Robotic Marketer is able to deep dive into big data available on competition, customer perception, and existing market conditions to provide a comprehensive roadmap to strategically navigate the ever-changing market for sustainable growth. Information gathering is often limited by the tools at our disposal but with Robotic Marketer, you are only limited by the “universe”.

So, here are three benefits to having a marketing strategy technology write your next marketing strategy:

It’s Faster

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing enables businesses to innovate and go-to-market faster. Thanks to the dynamics of machine learning, marketing strategy technology is not only able to learn from the past but also prepare for the future by taking account of present conditions.

Organizations and agencies alike are able to leverage this value in order to help their clients succeed. What’s advantageous of utilizing technology like Robotic Marketer is that agencies can now self-serve to have a marketing strategy in place in a matter of days instead of months, which processes the data entered during a workshop in mere seconds rather than hours. Furthermore, with a multi-user functionality to enhance collaboration, teams are able to work alongside each other in real-time to ensure all relevant information is inputted across the board for a faster turnaround.

It’s Smarter

The human and machine combination could possibly be a match made in heaven. The exponential advances made in the digital sphere has meant that technology now has the precision and performance of a human, and dare say even better.

Marketing strategy technology is able to make sense of large sets of data with minimal manual work. The data gathered is then used to inform relevant marketing tactics with appropriate key messaging to be delivered to the right person at the right time. A robotics-based platform dealing with multiple strategies is able to learn to suggest ideal content most relevant to the target audience. Artificial intelligence takes over the most time-consuming tasks that businesses and their marketing teams struggle with to provide smarter solutions that work.

It Keeps You Ready

The unique ability of artificial intelligence to not only uncover new insights but also apply that to future campaigns through learning is key to maximizing outreach to the target audience in the most effective manner. AI solutions like Robotic Marketer deliver marketing strategies that are not only intelligent but also promote real-time decision making to be strategically positioned or ready for whatever the market has in store. It also increases the likelihood of converting prospects into clients significantly.

At the end of the day, businesses see value in understanding which marketing activities work and which do not, and a marketing strategy that is powered by AI-based market understanding is just the solution needed for an increased ROI and enhanced bottom line.


As many take the time to plan their next steps, having a marketing strategy for the next 12 months will be an essential conversation to have. While the benefits of investing in a marketing strategy technology are endless, the above three reasons highlight why even the world’s largest organizations choose to employ its help.

How a Marketing Strategy Technology is the Best Option for your Marketing Team

How a Marketing Strategy Technology is the Best Option for your Marketing Team

  • On : August 17, 2020

Technological innovation and marketing strategy are unique and evolving disciplines, wide-ranging into relevant circumstances which are utilized by marketing teams to help facilitate an intended experience amongst consumers. Today, marketing strategy technology is a required approach, employed to ensure the business stays dynamic within a competitive landscape. For instance, Tableau and Salesforce expenditure rate is approximately  53% of their revenue, a colossal amount of their proceeds focused on marketing, sales and technology in 2020.

Here are some benefits of a marketing strategy technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI) has been in continuous development in previous years, gradually applying a complex and functional perspective within a marketing strategy. The AI methodology comprises of utilizing technological processed intelligence to strengthen the customer’s experience and boost the return of investment of marketing campaigns. Employing technical processes such as machine learning, big data analytics and marketing automation. Furthermore, AI and marketing automation has seen a constant progression since 2014, which is set to continue for a long time. AI is unquestionably the future of marketing strategy and technology, both intertwined to provide insight into your target audience, integration with content generation, and also restructuring the customer service sector via chatbots.


Blogs are an online marketing tactic that utilizes generated content to increase online visibility – intended to appeal to prospects that require assistance towards solving a problem or producing a solution.  Specifically, blogs are traffic magnets, channeling online visibility to optimize SEO results, and generating 67% more traffic. Marketing strategy technology like Robotic Marketer is able to deep dive into big data to list out what information your target audience is looking for to create informative and valuable content that adheres to their specific needs.


Google Analytics is by far the most prevalent technical tool that provides an in-depth look into data performance, optimization, and attributing modeling within a brand. It is also free to operate. If used strategically, say with the help of a marketing strategy technology, you are able to identify the pages and links your visitors clicked and journeyed through your website. While this may sound complex to infer especially if you do not have a digital marketing background, that’s what artificial intelligence is for – scraping through the searchable keywords/keyphrases, ranking versus the competition, social media performance, and so much more in a single document. Employing a form of analytics within a marketing strategy sets a business up for success in the midst of competition.

The extensive reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to better assist your marketing team in many formats – drawing key insights from marketing best practices to improve your customer’s journey in a matter of minutes. You are provided with a blueprint to capitalize on market opportunities that guarantees a sustainable competitive advantage.