How a Marketing Strategy Technology is the Best Option for your Marketing Team

How a Marketing Strategy Technology is the Best Option for your Marketing Team

  • On : August 17, 2020

Technological innovation and marketing strategy are unique and evolving disciplines, wide-ranging into relevant circumstances which are utilized by marketing teams to help facilitate an intended experience amongst consumers. Today, marketing strategy technology is a required approach, employed to ensure the business stays dynamic within a competitive landscape. For instance, Tableau and Salesforce expenditure rate is approximately  53% of their revenue, a colossal amount of their proceeds focused on marketing, sales and technology in 2020.

Here are some benefits of a marketing strategy technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI) has been in continuous development in previous years, gradually applying a complex and functional perspective within a marketing strategy. The AI methodology comprises of utilizing technological processed intelligence to strengthen the customer’s experience and boost the return of investment of marketing campaigns. Employing technical processes such as machine learning, big data analytics and marketing automation. Furthermore, AI and marketing automation has seen a constant progression since 2014, which is set to continue for a long time. AI is unquestionably the future of marketing strategy and technology, both intertwined to provide insight into your target audience, integration with content generation, and also restructuring the customer service sector via chatbots.


Blogs are an online marketing tactic that utilizes generated content to increase online visibility – intended to appeal to prospects that require assistance towards solving a problem or producing a solution.  Specifically, blogs are traffic magnets, channeling online visibility to optimize SEO results, and generating 67% more traffic. Marketing strategy technology like Robotic Marketer is able to deep dive into big data to list out what information your target audience is looking for to create informative and valuable content that adheres to their specific needs.


Google Analytics is by far the most prevalent technical tool that provides an in-depth look into data performance, optimization, and attributing modeling within a brand. It is also free to operate. If used strategically, say with the help of a marketing strategy technology, you are able to identify the pages and links your visitors clicked and journeyed through your website. While this may sound complex to infer especially if you do not have a digital marketing background, that’s what artificial intelligence is for – scraping through the searchable keywords/keyphrases, ranking versus the competition, social media performance, and so much more in a single document. Employing a form of analytics within a marketing strategy sets a business up for success in the midst of competition.

The extensive reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to better assist your marketing team in many formats – drawing key insights from marketing best practices to improve your customer’s journey in a matter of minutes. You are provided with a blueprint to capitalize on market opportunities that guarantees a sustainable competitive advantage.