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Office workers

Is AI being used to monitor staff activity?

  • On : May 20, 2019

For many the thought of their work activities being monitored might make them a bit uneasy, but that is the direction AI is headed. Artificial intelligence allows robots and technological systems to gather information, analyse outcomes, and produce final work and projects to you in record time. However, if that isn’t enough for you AI is now being used to oversee employee activity. Now before you go and rethink your last Google search or email take a look at how and why AI is being used for this type of monitoring.

More than 22 percent of organisations from all over the world are gathering data on their employees’ activities at work, according to a survey conducted in late 2018 by Gartner. The data being collected came from employee emails, searches, and any activity that involves the website. The advancements in technology have also led systems such as facial recognition to have the ability to monitor employee mood and emotions at work. Does this seem all a little bit to close for comfort? We want to know your thoughts!

On another note, the data gathered by AI is said to improve worker productivity, accountability, and even compare the efficiency of different products. According to, “…74 percent of business leaders say it will help unlock the full potential of their people.” But at what cost will this productivity increase come with?

AI surveillance in the workplace has created a large concern amongst a vast majority of employees. This concern has been created due to the use of the data collected. It has employees left thinking, will the information collected be used to set unfair targets, over-scrutinise work, or micromanage? If companies misuse data in a way that diminishes trust they risk losing revenue growth and the dissatisfaction of their employees.

On the other hand, if the data collected is used properly it can build trust between employees and individuals in higher positions, as well as motivating workers and boosting productivity. This monitoring process can help to hold staff accountable to their work and keep them on track.

As AI continues to grow and prosper, one thing is for sure that this technology will begin to impact every aspect of our lives, including our workspaces. Is it for the better or the worse? Well, that is something we will just have to find out for ourselves.


Is Artificial Intelligence creating a fake world

Is Artificial Intelligence creating a fake world?

  • On : May 16, 2019

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Is artificial intelligence the key to doing your job better?

  • On : May 13, 2019

By now you have must have heard the news? Well if you haven’t, yes robots and artificial intelligence are taking over every aspect of our lives including our workspaces. But the real questions are, is it for the better or for the worse?

The increased utilisation, integration and implementation of technology into our daily work lives is making us more efficient and productive. With recent studies suggesting that artificial intelligence could bring efficiency and productivity in our jobs up to a new and exciting level. If businesses don’t begin to use artificial intelligence in aspects of their projects and tasks, they will simply be left behind.

Automation of customer interactions

A human dealing with customers will soon be a thing of the past with the implementation of artificial intelligence in businesses. Artificial intelligence allows these interactive processes to become automated along a multi-channel approach, including email, social media and your website. This will enable a unified and consistently high quality of interactions with customers. This technology will decrease businesses evident labor costs and reduce time used to deal with customers. With this added extra availability of time for businesses, they will be able to focus their attention on more important and pressing issues, increasing the overall functionality and experience of products and services.

Enhances your research processes

Imagine a world, where you could gather an abundance of research at the tips of your fingers in a matter of seconds. Well that will soon be a reality, as artificial intelligence has the ability to greatly assist businesses in gathering and sourcing secondary data in a short period of time. This access to resources and data will enable you to make informed business and marketing decisions to further target your markets. In our day and age, a business with access to data, is a business with the greatest competitive edge.

Hiring your next recruit

When it comes to recruiting the last thing most employees want to be doing is sitting at your desk all day trying to find the perfect employee for your advertised job position. The integration of artificial intelligence into your HR departments, will change the way you do business for the better. As this technology has the ability to sift through applicants and find the most appropriate that matches the desired criteria. As mentioned previously, Artificial Intelligence will continuously save us time enabling us to spend our time elsewhere, and ultimately helping us to do our job better.




Will AI be able to protect itself from hackers

Will AI be able to protect itself from hackers – 2019 update

  • On : May 8, 2019

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