Robotic Marketer Blog Posts from January 2019


AI and it’s influence on farming

  • On : January 30, 2019

The time has passed whereby everyone does everything the traditional way. We are now living in a society which is continuously evolving and heavily dependant upon technology. This reliance on technology has led to the adoption of artificial intelligence in just about every aspect of life. Now we are seeing AI play its role in farming. This might come as a shock to many as the farming industry is typically made up of hard workers who don’t shy away from tough work. Those farms that have adopted the technology are generally very large manufacturing farms which are producing vast amounts of produce, but now we are starting to see smaller farms adopt AI technology to improve efficiency.Read more

investing in Artificial Intelligence

Why investing in these top 3 Artificial Intelligence stocks is beneficial!

  • On : January 25, 2019

There is an array of different stocks being offered on plenty of stock markets around the world. Therefore, the question comes up which industry is the most profitable one as well as which stock is the best choice to invest?  Especially, when looking at recent trends the most noticeable one is surely the current development in the technology industry. From Self-driving cars to interactions with virtual assistants, there is always an AI algorithm working in the background to come up with the best results. However, there is no doubt that those companies utilising artificial intelligence are predicted to be the most profitable stock for the future.


  1. Amazon (Market Value of $177.866 million)

Amazon is already operating with machine learning products for instance search rankings, recommendations, demand forecasting, fraud protection and warehouse fulfilment. But surely the most common product of Amazon is the virtual assistant called Alexa. Nevertheless, for the future there are even bigger plans like drone delivery and cashier-less grocery stores that are partly already a reality like Amazon shopping store in Seattle, USA.


  1. NVIDIA (Market Value of $9.714 billion)

This chipmaking company is well known for utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to parse data and algorithm for making predictions and decisions for the future. Additionally, the NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPU) are already used by other major technology companies to help implement machine learning services. NVIDIA also invest in semi-autonomous driving technology and are most certainly very successful with it. Therefore, this company predict that autonomous represents $60 million total addressable markets for the company by 2023.


  1. IBM (Market Value of $79.139 billion)

Artificial Intelligence is for IBM surely nothing new. This company is developing this type of technology already since its inception and implemented it’s AI computer called Deep Blue already in 1985; far ahead of others. Nowadays, it’s utilising strategic imperatives that contain cloud computing, security, analytics, big data, and mobile generated $39 million or about 48% of total revenue. Additionally, not only the amount of AI that used by IBM makes this stock so interesting for investors, but also the promising dividend, which is pegged at 4.1%, makes IBM so profitable.


There are surely a multitude of stocks out there that are defined by Artificial Intelligence, but these three are definitely one of the most profitable stocks every investor should be aware of. However, better think twice when choosing the right stock to invest. So the question is which one of these stocks will you be investing in this year?

Robot marketing strategies

Can a robot write your marketing strategies?

  • On : January 23, 2019

The answer is Yes. Robots can do everything these days. And I already know the name of this robot, it’s called Robotic Marketer!Read more

AI Marketing hype

What is all the hype around AI and marketing?

  • On : January 21, 2019

When you hear “AI”, are you thinking about science a fiction film?Read more

world of a Human Resources

AI in the world of a Human Resources

  • On : January 17, 2019

The world as we know it, is changing rapidly and is going through an array of technological innovation that is recognisable in literally every business industry. By utilising Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Engineering and Cybersecurity, the new century has arrived and is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But after all those impressive technical influences and innovations, the question comes up in what way does artificial intelligence change the work of the Human Resources Department?

The influence and benefits of AI hiring systems

By introducing  AI hiring systems, it simplifies the task of communication with candidates to write an invitation and give them feedback after a successful job interview. Such a system also increases the efficiency of the process of job candidate matching. AI can screen thousands of candidates based on pre-determined parameters during only a few seconds. This makes the hiring process quick and efficient. Without the need of HR reps to call or meet candidates that are not fit for the job in the first place.

Better Outcomes after the hiring process

The use of recruitment platforms helps employees to enhance their abilities in several aspects for instance to improve their knowledge of compliance, safety or other job-related topics. By utilising artificial intelligence-based systems, HR reps can provide the ability to implement workshops and tests for employees with biometric and psychometric analyses. This system has the capability to evaluate the results of the test in seconds and supply a productive and efficient score.

The facts speak for themselves

Researcher and recruiters recently collaborated to find out how much of the HR work consists of repetitive tasks that can be replaced by artificial intelligence programs and systems to increase efficiency and improve the cost management. The results they found were that 16% of all HR jobs will be taken over by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in the next 10 years.

Also, HR is taking their advantages from this fast-growing technology and increasing their efficiency of the hiring process and matching the candidates with the position as well as that current employee getting the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in their specific business field. AI is surely an impressive and very useful tool for the Human Resources Department.

Robotics law and order

No more Law and Order

  • On : January 16, 2019

Everyone loves a good old dose of Law and Order every once and while. In 10 years’ time, our favourite characters and our real-life legal system will be flooded with an overwhelming amount of Artificial Intelligent robots and technology. Read more


Unlocking business success based on behavioural science

  • On : January 14, 2019

The roll out of a successful franchise business in both new and old markets has been tried and tested since the grandfather of franchising, Howard Deering Johnson, established his first restaurant franchise Quincy in Massachusetts in 1932.Read more

Data signage

Is AI the new marketing?

  • On : January 11, 2019

Nowadays, AI is everywhere! At our jobs, when we use the internet, in our homes, pretty much simply everywhere. AI is a machine learning designed to simplify our life and make sure all we see on the internet or on our applications is relevant to our methods of consumption. A simple example is Netflix and YouTube, which give recommendations based on what we liked or watched. AI is maturing every day and with this, it provides new options and permits to optimise and reduce costs.

Is AI useful in marketing?

The simple answer is yes, but why? Because we all want to improve our business, what’s better than using a device which is learning and improving their knowledge at the same time as the market continues to grow. Consumers use various websites and click on a lot of recommendations which are all effectively analysed by this technology. This technology helps marketers to track customers and to find new leads. It targets the correct audience and therefore reduces the marketing risks. AI filters all data that it receives and arranges it accordingly. This is why you can send many personalised emails at the one time.

What about marketers?

AI is not going to replace marketers but rather support them in their work. Marketing is a huge part of any company budget and contributes heavily to sales. AI permits marketers to not lose time on the little things and gets them to concentrate on what they do best, and that is being creative. Marketing Eye has made AI their greatest asset in order to give their clients extremely effective marketing strategies. Marketing Eye is already using AI in their analysis of clients social media channels and websites.


Marketing is one of the most important departments in business and all marketers should be on the lookout for any AI technology that improves their work environment. That’s why Marketing Eye is using AI to improve their business and clients businesses.


Why the big players on Wall Street all invest in AI trading systems

  • On : January 8, 2019

Recent events such as the global financial crisis in 2007/2008 demonstrate the tremendous impact that these financial institutions can have on the entire world. Read more

travel industry

The impact of machine learning in the travel industry

  • On : January 4, 2019

Every business owner and business leaders working in the field of tourism and travel, must use the latest trends to ensure that they are constantly up to date with the market. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with the development of our fast-growing technology and integrate machine learning into your business strategy. However, there are several trends a business owner in the travel industry needs to be aware of to successfully optimise their business.


Recognition Technology

Retina scanning and finger print scanning is already being used to unlock hotels rooms and enhance the customer experience. This causes no need for cards anymore that eliminates the probability to get lost or stolen and increase the safety for every hotel visitor.

Additionally, the utilisation of facial biometrics to automatically authorise payments or automatically check out of the hotel will be a new technology that we will additionally face in the future.



You would have heard of this exciting digital trend called chatbots. This Technology has been a revelation for a customer service handling and improves the travel industry by providing rapid response times to fundamental queries all around the clock. This is all due to the use of artificial intelligence.


Mobile Integration

In the age of smartphones, the use of those technical devices is more important than ever and can be easily integrated into the travel industry. Just downloading a mobile app for a hotel that can be used for facility room bookings, restaurant reservations, room service requests as well as spa appointments. Wouldn’t that be simple!


Internet of Thinks (IoT)

If you haven’t heard about IoT, than its surely last minute to get in touch with this promising technology trend. By utilising big data and internet capabilities the tourism industry will have the ability to reduce costs and enhance the experience of customers. This includes eliminating wasted energy usage in empty rooms as well as the deployment of smart energy systems to automatically adjust room temperatures based on whether the rooms are occupied or not.


Artificial Intelligence is surely a promising technology that enhances our life in several aspects. By understanding the above mentioned trends, business owners gain the capability to avoid being left behind. Therefore, even the travel industry is taking an array of advantages to reduce their cost, increase their revenue and to improve their customer satisfaction.