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Is AI the new marketing?

  • On : January 11, 2019

Nowadays, AI is everywhere! At our jobs, when we use the internet, in our homes, pretty much simply everywhere. AI is a machine learning designed to simplify our life and make sure all we see on the internet or on our applications is relevant to our methods of consumption. A simple example is Netflix and YouTube, which give recommendations based on what we liked or watched. AI is maturing every day and with this, it provides new options and permits to optimise and reduce costs.

Is AI useful in marketing?

The simple answer is yes, but why? Because we all want to improve our business, what’s better than using a device which is learning and improving their knowledge at the same time as the market continues to grow. Consumers use various websites and click on a lot of recommendations which are all effectively analysed by this technology. This technology helps marketers to track customers and to find new leads. It targets the correct audience and therefore reduces the marketing risks. AI filters all data that it receives and arranges it accordingly. This is why you can send many personalised emails at the one time.

What about marketers?

AI is not going to replace marketers but rather support them in their work. Marketing is a huge part of any company budget and contributes heavily to sales. AI permits marketers to not lose time on the little things and gets them to concentrate on what they do best, and that is being creative. Marketing Eye has made AI their greatest asset in order to give their clients extremely effective marketing strategies. Marketing Eye is already using AI in their analysis of clients social media channels and websites.


Marketing is one of the most important departments in business and all marketers should be on the lookout for any AI technology that improves their work environment. That’s why Marketing Eye is using AI to improve their business and clients businesses.