investing in Artificial Intelligence

Why investing in these top 3 Artificial Intelligence stocks is beneficial!

  • On : January 25, 2019

There is an array of different stocks being offered on plenty of stock markets around the world. Therefore, the question comes up which industry is the most profitable one as well as which stock is the best choice to invest?  Especially, when looking at recent trends the most noticeable one is surely the current development in the technology industry. From Self-driving cars to interactions with virtual assistants, there is always an AI algorithm working in the background to come up with the best results. However, there is no doubt that those companies utilising artificial intelligence are predicted to be the most profitable stock for the future.


  1. Amazon (Market Value of $177.866 million)

Amazon is already operating with machine learning products for instance search rankings, recommendations, demand forecasting, fraud protection and warehouse fulfilment. But surely the most common product of Amazon is the virtual assistant called Alexa. Nevertheless, for the future there are even bigger plans like drone delivery and cashier-less grocery stores that are partly already a reality like Amazon shopping store in Seattle, USA.


  1. NVIDIA (Market Value of $9.714 billion)

This chipmaking company is well known for utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to parse data and algorithm for making predictions and decisions for the future. Additionally, the NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPU) are already used by other major technology companies to help implement machine learning services. NVIDIA also invest in semi-autonomous driving technology and are most certainly very successful with it. Therefore, this company predict that autonomous represents $60 million total addressable markets for the company by 2023.


  1. IBM (Market Value of $79.139 billion)

Artificial Intelligence is for IBM surely nothing new. This company is developing this type of technology already since its inception and implemented it’s AI computer called Deep Blue already in 1985; far ahead of others. Nowadays, it’s utilising strategic imperatives that contain cloud computing, security, analytics, big data, and mobile generated $39 million or about 48% of total revenue. Additionally, not only the amount of AI that used by IBM makes this stock so interesting for investors, but also the promising dividend, which is pegged at 4.1%, makes IBM so profitable.


There are surely a multitude of stocks out there that are defined by Artificial Intelligence, but these three are definitely one of the most profitable stocks every investor should be aware of. However, better think twice when choosing the right stock to invest. So the question is which one of these stocks will you be investing in this year?