AI Marketing hype

What is all the hype around AI and marketing?

  • On : January 21, 2019

When you hear “AI”, are you thinking about science a fiction film? It is no longer a subject of fiction! It’s estimated that by 2020, every new piece of software will include AI.  AI is a combination of precision, automatization and predictive capabilities, a human can make those things, but AI do it better and faster! This technology can change the life of a marketer and help him.

To operate, AI needs several data and statistics. In marketing, AI is not independent, they are just tools who facilitate the actions of a marketer. The new marketing challenge is complicated. The number of channels, the huge data volume and the unpredictable nature of buyer’s today, are relevant challenges. The complexity of technology can be hard to manage for a marketer, but AI technology can solve this problem!

The search, sorting and classification power offered by the computing capacity of AI will always surpass humans. But it still has the task of analyzing the results to make decisions based on reliable information. AI technology is getting more powerful every day, the evolution of this concept is endless for now.

According to a study, things who make people think AI will be efficient and essential are:

  • possible to be more efficient and reliable
  • will create new products/services
  • free up time by performing non-value-added tasks for them
  • replace low-skilled jobs

Those things can explain the hype around AI, and it’s importance in marketing.

This surrealistic feeling when talking about AI makes this tool very interesting! And it provokes an even greater enthusiasm. The AI does not have tools that replace Man but a tool with which he can work, and thus facilitate his work as in marketing in this case. Are you ready for this technology that seems out of reach?