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The impact of machine learning in the travel industry

  • On : January 4, 2019

Every business owner and business leaders working in the field of tourism and travel, must use the latest trends to ensure that they are constantly up to date with the market. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with the development of our fast-growing technology and integrate machine learning into your business strategy. However, there are several trends a business owner in the travel industry needs to be aware of to successfully optimise their business.

Recognition Technology

Retina scanning and finger print scanning is already being used to unlock hotels rooms and enhance the customer experience. This causes no need for cards anymore that eliminates the probability to get lost or stolen and increase the safety for every hotel visitor.

Additionally, the utilisation of facial biometrics to automatically authorise payments or automatically check out of the hotel will be a new technology that we will additionally face in the future.



You would have heard of this exciting digital trend called chatbots. This Technology has been a revelation for a customer service handling and improves the travel industry by providing rapid response times to fundamental queries all around the clock. This is all due to the use of artificial intelligence.


Mobile Integration

In the age of smartphones, the use of those technical devices is more important than ever and can be easily integrated into the travel industry. Just downloading a mobile app for a hotel that can be used for facility room bookings, restaurant reservations, room service requests as well as spa appointments. Wouldn’t that be simple!


Internet of Thinks (IoT)

If you haven’t heard about IoT, than its surely last minute to get in touch with this promising technology trend. By utilising big data and internet capabilities the tourism industry will have the ability to reduce costs and enhance the experience of customers. This includes eliminating wasted energy usage in empty rooms as well as the deployment of smart energy systems to automatically adjust room temperatures based on whether the rooms are occupied or not.


Artificial Intelligence is surely a promising technology that enhances our life in several aspects. By understanding the above mentioned trends, business owners gain the capability to avoid being left behind. Therefore, even the travel industry is taking an array of advantages to reduce their cost, increase their revenue and to improve their customer satisfaction.