Robotics law and order

No more Law and Order

  • On : January 16, 2019

Everyone loves a good old dose of Law and Order every once and while. In 10 years’ time, our favourite characters and our real-life legal system will be flooded with an overwhelming amount of Artificial Intelligent robots and technology. Artificial Intelligent systems are advancing at rates that we as humans never believed was realistically possible. Our minds are being blown and this scenario of an AI invasion is closer than we think. But will an increase in AI leave us with a non-biased and fairer legal and judicial system with AI or will the whole world begin to crumble at our feet?

Learning the legal language

Artificial Intelligence has developed and enhanced it’s skills over the last couple of years through the integration of deep learning of the human language. Our natural human language is being programmed into AI systems, leaving this technology to become more advanced and human-like than ever before. This technology is discovering and learning the relationship, meaning and emotion behind each individual word and phrase. As much as this is incredibly innovative and exciting, where will these ‘robots’ stop, where is the end point?

Could AI practice as a Lawyer?

Imagine the workload of any current lawyer, it’s a lot. Some even saying it’s too much. Well imagine how many cases an AI lawyer would be able to get through in any given day. Case prep for a human lawyer takes weeks, a robot would be able to do this in a matter of minutes. The bottom-line here is that the AI can produce more successful results than an average experienced lawyer. It’s only a matter of time until we start to see this happen.

Can these AI platforms be trusted?

Many industries are looking to answer this question in one form or another. With artificial intelligence on the rise more and more companies will be forced to answer this question. In my opinion, trusting these AI platforms is inevitable as they are certainly going to be part of our future so you may as well learn to trust them earlier rather than later. The key thing to remember is that this kind of technology is only getting smarter and sooner or later will be operating with zero mistakes.