A new companion: The future of social media

  • On : September 5, 2018
Written by Stephanie Petrolo

Social media has become synonymous with our everyday lives. From connecting with friends and colleagues to communicating with services; a reliance on social media has been formed. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence on these platforms has promised to personalise and enhance our online experiences personally and professionally.

Chatting with AI

When we have a query, we search for answers. Enter the world of Chatbots. Facebook messenger has enabled the extension of AI to solve any questions or requests we may have. Enabling us to gain information about services, content,and transactions, Chatbots have become our knowledgeable friend. The use of Chatbots on social media has enabled organisations to ensure consumers have a greater customer experience through personalisation of content. This constant 24/7 access ensures customers can be supported at any time.

It is evident that the introduction of Chatbots will enrich our experiences with organisations online. The future of interacting with AI on social media is limitless. We already have the ability to order services such as Uber to our front doors through Chatbots – the possibilities of what comes next are limitless.

Smile! AI Knows You

You may have noticed when you upload a photo to Facebook that the faces in the picture are automatically recognised. The technology associated with facial recognition is quite remarkable and while at first, it may appear excessive; it can be beneficial particularly for business.

You can tell a lot from someone’s expression, ranging from excitement to sadness. Someone’s reaction to a product or how they are composed at an event can in actual fact help an organisation in the future. AI technology can help detect emotional expression, generating feedback. A company can enhance its experiences based on this feedback. It’s quite extraordinary!

AI technology can also detect where your photo was taken. This can increase exposure of a company whether it be a local café or function centre. This is beneficial towards the exposure of the company which will only increase through people tagging their friends, widening the network exposed.

Tailored to Your Taste

Have you ever browsed for a product online only for it to appear as an advert on social media soon after? Initially a surprising feature, we have grown to accept this AI tool. We spend the majority of our time online on social media – our identities and personalities are best known on these platforms than anywhere else on the internet, making the integration of adverts clever. We are exposed to products we may be interested in and at competitive prices, enhancing our shopping experience.

The introduction of AI on social media has revolutionised the way we use these formats. We are now met with constant support and access to desired companies, can improve businesses through facial recognition and receive a personalised shopping experience. AI has become our companion on social media. The system is changing the game providing us with an enriching experience.