Robot and ligths in the night

The Sexbot is here… AI really can do it all.

  • On : August 29, 2018
By Maud Garcia

The cyber woman is born.

The wait is over! Realbotix will launch their version of the cyber woman, specifically designed for male companionship, in September. This robot isn’t quite on Ex-Machina’s level but is insanely impressive nonetheless.

Only a handful of tech companies have launched similar products on the market, but the most advanced thus far is definitely Realbotix. Launched by Matt McMullen in 2015, Realbotix is a project that designs human-like robots with the sole purpose of pleasing their owner.

Meet Harmony

‘Harmony’ is their main product, a pure mix of robotic and AI innovation, created for companionship and sexual interactions. Made of from high-quality silicone, Harmony imitates human movement through her robotic component and has a removable self-lubricating vagina you can put in the dishwasher.

More than just a Sexbot

Still not convinced? Harmony is not just a sex doll, she is “the perfect partner”, or at least she will strive to be. The software is designed to imitate human behaviour and hold a conversation. McMullen has programmed Harmony to guarantee she has the ability to adapt her personality to ensure compatibility with her partner. The software operates through collecting data about the owner, feeding it to Harmony, and ultimately enhancing his experience through targeting his specific needs. The face and body of the Robot are customizable, as is her personality! There are 18 personality traits and over 300 personal interests to choose from.

She can sense you!

Harmony has sensors making her capable of comprehending all of your movements. These sensors trigger a response in Harmony which will consist of words, facial expressions, noises and even heating technology. The Robot is equipped with cameras, enabling the AI to understand the context of particular interactions. McMullen is currently working on integrating a facial recognition into the software. I’m not sure if I’m more scared or impressed.

What about the perfect partner for females?

As a woman, I’m not comfortable with the concept as it seems demeaning to my gender as we could be replaced by dolls… that was until I realised Harmony has a male equivalent and he goes by the name of Henry the Sexbot. Henry, a 5’11” male Sexbot who has been manufactured by Realbotix, much like Harmony. Henry has killer abs and tells jokes. Unfortunately, Henry’s software is slightly less advanced than Harmony’s as his communication skills are not fully developed yet.

Harmony vs. Henry

According to Realbotix, the demand for Henry cannot compete with Harmony’s, it has become extremely apparent that men seem more comfortable with robotic sexual partners, but who knows, women may be ready to switch human men for cyber dongs… we’ll just have to wait and see!