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What is content writing? Plus 8 tips to take your content to the next level.

  • On : March 15, 2021

What is content writing? Better yet, what is a content writer? When trying to answer this question you’ll come across a variety of definitions. Some say a content writer is a blog writer or a brand journalist, others may say they are a copywriter, a social media writer or a technical writer.

All of these are correct. A content writer is a multifaceted occupation that involves creating content for digital platforms.

In essence, they “convey meaningful, helpful and insightful messages to inspire and move an audience to take action – that action being a final sale.”

If you are a content writer looking for some tips to take your content to the next level, check out my top 8 recommendations.

  1. Collate and compose original content

Begin by doing your research and knowing what you want to talk about. From here, this is where you add your artistic flair. Be original, be creative, and be yourself. It is what sets you apart from other content writers and places you ahead in the game.

  1. Develop an attention-grabbing title

Come up with a title that hooks the reader in but is also relevant to what you are discussing. Remember to keep it short and sweet, as it is what first draws the reader in and ultimately decides whether they will continue on.

  1. Incorporate relevant calls to action

It is one thing to write about relevant and interesting content, and another to implore your readers to act on what they have read. Make sure to incorporate calls to action where necessary in order to convert your readers into potential clients/customers.

  1. Edit

Make sure to set aside time to carefully read over your work. At first glance check for any sentences that are not easily digested. Then go through with a fine-tooth comb and look for any punctuation or grammatical errors.

  1. Take a unique approach

Find a gap in the industry and develop your own niche. This will allow you to differentiate your work from that of other content writers and encourage readers to read your work.

  1. Add value

Add value where possible. This can be in the form of quotes or case studies from relevant industry experts. The ensures your piece is rich in content and readers can gain the most possible from reading your work. It will impress your readers and impart the belief that they will not find this content anywhere else online.

  1. Evidence, evidence, evidence!

Readers are less interested in your opinion on certain matters and would rather hear about real-life examples and knowledge from experts in the field. If you are an expert in the relevant field, make sure to provide alternative viewpoints.

  1. SEO-optimize your content for search engines

There is no point in drafting a beautifully written piece, rich in content if no one will ever read it. Make sure your work is SEO-optimised so that it appears at the top of customer searches on the relevant platform it is published. SEO involves using keywords, phrases and links to generate organic, unpaid traffic to a webpage.