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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

  • On : March 31, 2021

Content marketing has become increasingly crucial to businesses these days.

“Whether you choose to create something for your buyers or not, they’re going to consume somebody’s content,” says Braden Becker, a senior staff writer who focuses on SEO and content optimization for the marketing platform, HubSpot. “If you aren’t creating content for your audience on their platform of choice, you’re not just missing out on their attention — you’re giving it to your competitors.”

Your content not only educates your audience about your product or service but also allows search engines to increase your ranking in their search results. By providing content, your brand can effectively gain customers and build brand trust.

Here are five reasons why content marketing is more important than ever.

  1. Growth in Lead Generation

With the reduced effect of traditional marketing and email marketing on potential clients, businesses need to capture the attention of their target audience through different techniques, such as content that clients look for themselves.

Content marketing has become essential for businesses to generate leads and increase sales.

  1. Ensure Longer Consumer Journey

Customers no longer rely on traditional advertisements or marketing strategies for their purchase decisions. They research the product or service, follow its content, and then decide to make a purchase. These leads are essential to nurture, and prospects start by looking for good content to know your business, before establishing a relationship.

Content marketing educates prospects about your product or service and other relevant information. In turn, raising awareness, influencing needs and creating an impact.

  1. Beneficial for Search Engine Results

Your business, service or product are found on search engines such as Google. In relation to this, content can have a major impact on your SEO and SEM. More specifically, your potential leads would find your business through your content when they search your service or product on the internet. As such, content marketing is important because it improves the quality of your search rank on search engines like Google.

“While search engines just five years ago relied heavily on keyword matching to rank the best content, search engines today are interested almost exclusively in intent,” says Becker. “The article with the best combination of keywords is no longer the first blue link a person sees on Google — it’s the web page that best answers the question that was intended in the person’s search.”

  1. Essential for Word-of-Mouth

Digital media platforms play a significant role in word-of-mouth marketing. People in today’s world do not recommend a product or service verbally, instead, they tend to do it online by sharing links.

This online word-of-mouth has resulted in effective lead generation and can be greatly enhanced by content marketing. Your content will allow your target audience to share your content online and generate discussions around your brand and services.

The content becomes a strong marketing asset that can be sustained for the coming years, becoming increasingly significant for word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Understanding your Customers

Content plays a critical role in this digital work as it creates high engagement with your target audience.

Your business will not be able to resonate with your audience if you do not have a deep understanding of your customers. Each piece of content published by your business can attract potential consumers and build engagement with your existing clients. If measured and analyzed, product ideas can be tested, and the needs of your target audience can be assessed and refined. Through this, your business can build an accurate buyer persona that can help you obtain a deep understanding of your customer.

In short, content marketing is not just an option to consider for marketing your product or service. It is an essential marketing strategy to adopt in order to thrive as a business. It is a lucrative medium to reach new customers, effectively engage with clients and understand the developing needs of your target audience. This is why content marketing is more important than ever.