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10 Marketing Strategies Your Technology Company Needs to Use

  • On : August 12, 2021

Just like how technology is continually developing, the market is also changing. A digital presence is becoming more important, and increased competition makes the differentiation between competitors harder. Technology companies must continue to push the boundary of possible both in their technology development and their marketing strategies to remain competitive. Marketing ensures greater success for your business goals and has always been essential for companies wishing to excel in their industry. Every company is different, selling different products to a different target market, and for that reason, not all marketing tactics are best suited to every company. This article will discuss ten of the most effective marketing strategies that every technology company could be using to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Video Content

Content in the form of videos is becoming more and more popular with tech companies to introduce their ideas and solutions in exciting and engaging ways. Consumers might not have the time or interest to go through detailed product descriptions, but a short 1-minute video can save hours of research and make for engaging content. Ensuring your video content stands out from the competition is important; creating interesting and aesthetic content is crucial to building engagement. A popular video content trend in the technology industry is using infographics and animated content to explain concepts or complicated ideas. Because technology can commonly be complex, infographics keep the consumer visually engaged and makes for a higher intake of information.

  1. Inbound Marketing

In recent years, inbound marketing has been one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies and is becoming especially popular amongst technology companies. Unlike other industries, technology companies are commonly not selling physical products; therefore, building tangible trust in a product or service is more complicated. Inbound marketing can be broken down into three steps: Content development, promoting content, and lead generation. Together they build a digital community around a brand, building engagement and increasing brand awareness naturally. Companies must tailor their content through various mediums to promote their products or services and improve their SEO ranking by including keywords and phrases.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing across various industries has proven highly effective at building brand credibility, informing an audience, and expanding brand awareness through new markets. Especially in the technology industry, where companies commonly sell intangible products or services that cannot be tested before purchase, building trust and credibility is essential. Influencers have proven especially valuable in promoting products that respond highly to trends, such as phone brands or wearable technology.

  1. High-Value Content

The sheer amount of digital content created today is astounding, but not all of its high value and engaging content. Building high-quality content is important, especially in the technology industry, where building brand professionalism and integrity is more important than content cadence. That’s why we often see ‘clickbait’ titles that generate clicks from viewers but reduce trust and a potential long-term relationship. Your company needs to resist the temptation of quick wins and focus on providing high-quality content in a long-term strategy. It may take time, however, viewers will trust your company to produce valuable content and build engaging relationships.

  1. Marketing Automation Tools

Like many other industries, automation in marketing allows basic and low-level cognitive tasks to be completed by automatic processes such as artificial intelligence. Combing the web for analytics for websites, social media, and other forms of data by hand is time not well spent and is best offloaded to a state of automation.

Marketing automation tools will allow your tech company to collect and nurture leads with an automated pipeline-like system. Some popular marketing automation tools include

  1. Existing Customer Remarketing

Existing customer remarketing, or otherwise known as existing customer retention, is one of the most useful overlooked ways that technology companies can enhance their marketing strategy. Segmenting your database into existing clients, new clients, solutions that they purchased and creating separate content for each segment will yield impressive results. For instance, sending content to existing clients about products they have already purchased only damages your brand’s reputation, illustrating a lack of personal attention to a customer’s details. Instead, create content for each specific segment about what they are likely to purchase, add-ons for solutions they have already bought or tips for solutions they have already purchased.

This marketing method improves customer retention, builds customer relations, and builds your brand’s personality as a personalised, tentative and professional company.

  1. Interactive Tools & Experiences

Interactive content is a new and emerging marketing trend for technology companies. Examples of interactive content you could consider are interactive infographics, quizzes, assessments, solution builders and product tours. Interactive tools and experiences are made even more helpful because of COVID-19, where many people cannot attend what would otherwise be an in-person event or demonstration. Especially in Australia, where lockdowns have prevented people from purchasing tangible consumer goods in person, virtual reality and interactive content have played a prominent role in the growth of e-commerce.

  1. Engage in Social Media 

Creating a successful social media marketing strategy is more than just publishing content regularly or building highly valuable content. It’s about engaging with the consumer on a personal level. Creating business accounts with big social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok increases your business’s social media presence globally. But interacting in the comments and re-sharing content from consumers illustrates a level of commitment by the company and level of care towards consumer needs. If you’re looking for a great example of how this strategy has worked, go take a look at Telstra. A brand that previously has one of the worst reputations for customer service has come a long way by replying to individual comments on Facebook, responding to public complaints rather than hiding them, even making humorous remarks on Twitter.

  1. Email marketing

Although email marketing may seem like it has been around longer than the internet itself, it doesn’t mean that the method isn’t practical. Email marketing presents a world of opportunities that other marketing services cannot offer. For instance, personalization is hugely important with email marketing. Being able to segment a database and send targeted emails has already illustrated substantial success. The average open rate of an email marketing campaign for 2020 was 18%, that’s a much higher engagement than many other forms of advertising. Another significant reason email marketing is so successful is that the cost of operating and running an email marketing campaign is small, and acquiring a database also requires minimal cost.

  1. Guerrilla marketing

Technology is all about taking risks and continuing to push the envelope of the possible. Similarly, guerrilla marketing is about thinking outside of the box and searching for new strategies to get exposure for your band or company. The basic idea of guerrilla marketing is to use non-traditional methods of advertising/marketing to create awareness of your brand or product. An example of guerrilla marketing would be legal graffiti art which can be a low-cost but high-impact marketing method within a specific target market.

When planning marketing strategies for your technology company, you need to remember that adaptability and agility are essential as the technology industry is among the fastest-growing and evolving industries. As long as you truly understand your target audience and consumer base, you have the ingredients to create a successful marketing strategy.

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