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Create your 2024 marketing strategy in a matter of hours with Robotic Marketer’s data driven marketing strategy platform. This all-in-one AI marketing strategy platform helps businesses develop, manage, execute and report on marketing strategy performance. Find out how your company can use AI in marketing campaigns.

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An AI marketing strategy platform that performs

AI Marketing Strategy

AI powered marketing strategy platform that develops, manages, executes and reports on marketing performance – in minutes.

Popular Features

  • Detailed marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • 50+ pages comprehensive strategy
  • Competitor and customer data insights and comparisons
  • Lists: Media, Events, LinkedIn groups, Influencers, Awards etc.
  • Content marketing: Provides campaigns and content easily integrated into ChatGPT

Execution Plan

Year-long marketing implementation plan easily integrated into project management software.

Popular Features

  • 12-month marketing calendar to share with key stakeholders
  • Resource time allocation for each marketing tactic
  • Resources internally and externally
  • Easily integrated into project management software

Digital Dashboard

AI powered digital marketing dashboard to manage, execute and report on marketing

Popular Features

  • Integrates into popular CRM, Email Marketing,
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads,
  • Marketing Automation, Social Media, etc.
  • Real time digital competitor analysis
  • Blog heading curator
  • Reports for marketing team and management

Award winning AI software for marketers

If you procrastinate over your never-ending marketing “to do” list – then this is for you! Develop your data-driven marketing strategy using AI today with Robotic Marketer. In-built key metrics, benchmarking and industry best practice will ensure that your company has the best possible marketing plan in place.

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Start strategizing with Robotic Marketer today

With the Robotic Marketer AI tool, your marketing department will be more effective, efficient and performance driven than ever before.

Robotic Marketer is a world leading data driven marketing strategy firm that uses artificial intelligence to drive better marketing outcomes for business. Robotic Marketer has created a comprehensive technology platform which utilizes a vast array of data to provide businesses with the tools necessary to strengthen their brand and acquire new customers.

It’s step by step approach makes it easy to use whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer or office junior.

Robotic Marketer + ChatGPT

Robotic Marketer is revolutionizing how businesses strategize marketing efforts, measure performance, and carry out their plans by utilizing the power of ChatGPT and GPT-4. This integration of AI technology into marketing processes is a game-changer, as it will expedite the development of marketing strategy, automation of marketing plans and budgets, and maximize ROI. By implementing Robotic Marketer with ChatGPT, marketers will be able to save time and resources, and can focusing efforts on other marketing projects and personalizing campaigns.

Robotic Marketer, the ultimate AI driven marketing strategy platform

With years of research and development, Robotic Marketer has realized that there are inherent challenges that all marketers face – time, resources and budget. Not only do businesses seek to develop marketing strategies aligned to business goals, but they also require careful execution according to the marketing plan. Robotic Marketer simplifies the process for businesses of all sizes to use data to improve their marketing strategies and campaign results.

Benefiting from AI, Robotic Marketer outputs include: comprehensive marketing strategy, detailed marketing plan with estimated time to deliver marketing projects, marketing budget, overarching marketing snapshot and executive summary. Once the marketing strategy is delivered, marketers and entrepreneurs can manage performance on AI-driven digital marketing dashboard.

To save time on providing reports to senior management, Robotic Marketer has an in-built reporting mechanisms across all marketing functions integrated into the platform.

New In-built Marketing Reporting Feature

Recently launched, Robotic Marketer’s marketing report benefits from integration into email marketing software, Google, CRM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. It also takes your competitors insights and keeps an up-to-date account of their digital performance.

The digital marketing report provides details of your marketing performance each month, measured against marketing strategy goals. It also provides your company with key recommendations to improve marketing performance across all areas of your marketing programs and campaigns.

Smart working with technology

Marketing Plan with Resource Allocation

The comprehensive marketing strategy is one output but the marketing plan is considered the highlight. Your company is 426% more likely to achieve your business goals with a marketing strategy integrated into project management software.

Robotic Marketer makes it easy for your company to take your marketing plan and seamlessly integrate into project management software.

Expect marketing project resource time allocation and actions to be clearly defined allowing you to resource up or down, as required.

Channel Partner Programs Working with Robotic Marketer

Technology and Franchise programs that support partners with market development funds and marketing resources find Robotic Marketer with ChatGPT key to increasing revenue performance.

Robotic Marketer’s go to market strategy platform helps partners develop a blue print to run marketing campaigns driving demand for products and solutions. We can be found on marketplaces for SAP, Oracle, Mitel, Atlassian, Zift and more.

Having the right channel partner marketing strategy program in place is critical to realizing the sales performance helping partners leverage your solutions.

Digital Dashboard for Marketers

Robotic Marketer is a AI powered marketing strategy technology platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Google, SendinBlue, Pipedrive, NimbleCRM and more. With our digital dashboard, you can see your entire marketing strategy performance in one place.

Using Robotic Marketers digital dashboard, you can monitor your marketing performance metrics in real-time and gain insights into your marketing channels’ success. From there, you can develop new marketing campaigns, create blog content, leverage influencer marketing, and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends.

Robotic Marketer’s software integrations make it easy to track your marketing performance and optimize your campaigns quickly across all your digital assets.

Robotic Marketer empowers you to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.