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A marketing strategy platform that you will love

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy software that
develops, manages, executes and
reports on marketing performance.

Popular Features

  • Detailed documented marketing strategy
    (50+ pages)
  • Competitor data insights and comparisons
  • Lists: Media, Events, LinkedIn groups,
    Influencers, Awards and more

Execution Plan

No point in having a strategy if you
don’t execute it.

Popular Features

  • 12-month cadence calendar of marketing
  • Time commitment for each tactic to manage
    resources internally and externally
  • Easily integrated into project
    management software

Digital Dashboard

Manage and report on marketing
strategy performance.

Popular Features

  • Integrates into popular CRM, Email Marketing,
    Google Analytics, Google Ads,
    Marketing Automation, Social Media, etc.
  • Real time digital competitor analysis
  • Blog heading curator
  • Reports for marketing team and management

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You don’t need to procrastinate any longer. Develop your data-driven marketing strategy today with Robotic Marketer. In-built key metrics, benchmarking and industry best practice.

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