Transform Your Marketing Programs with AI-Powered Execution and Guidance

Are you a small business owner or junior marketer looking to elevate your marketing game? Join Robotic Marketer’s “Come Market Your Business with Me” programme and gain access to advanced AI technology that simplifies and supercharges your marketing efforts.

Unlike other AI platforms, Robotic Marketer was built for small to medium sized businesses and is tailored to help you develop your marketing strategy, execute content across email marketing campaigns, blogs, press releases and social media, and report on marketing performance.

Start Date: July 29, 2024
Duration: 12 Months (with monthly subscription option)
Cost: US $199 per month

Programme Highlights:

  • AI-Powered Marketing Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan using advanced AI tools.
  • Daily Live Demonstrations: Get 15 minutes of live, hands-on training every day at 8am AEST / 3pm PST with a facilitator.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access ongoing support and resources to ensure your marketing campaigns succeed.
  • Industry-Leading Partnerships: Leverage insights and tools from our collaborations with large partner ecosystems and entrepreneurial associations.
  • Disciplined Approach: We help your company stay on track in developing and implementing your marketing strategy at the highest level.

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    Monthly Planner

    Day 1

    Setup Strategy Session & Content Generator
    Duration: 1.5 hours


    • Introduction to the Platform: Get familiar with the Robotic Marketer interface and features.
    • Strategy Session: Develop a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.
    • Content Generator: Learn how to use AI to create engaging content for social media, blogs, and email marketing campaigns.


    Execute and Monitor
    (15 minutes at 8am AEST / 3pm PST)
    Day 2-30: Daily Execution

    • Content Posting: Take AI-generated content from Robotic Marketer and post it on your social media platforms.
    • Email Marketing: Where required, send out email marketing campaigns using the content provided by the platform.
    • Blog Uploading & SEO: Upload AI-generated blogs, optimize them for SEO, and share them on relevant channels.
    • Performance Monitoring: Daily check-ins to review marketing strategy performance and make necessary adjustments.

    End of Month

    Reporting and Analysis
    End of Month Reporting

    • Strategy Performance: Generate and review detailed reports on the performance of your marketing strategy.
    • Predictive Analysis: Read and understand predictive analysis to plan for the upcoming month.
    • Continuous Improvement: Use insights from the reports to refine and enhance your marketing efforts.

    Why Join?

    • Expert Guidance: Access insights from top marketing professionals that know how to leverage AI technology to automate marketing. They also know where your input is necessary.
    • Cost-Effective: For just $199 per month, access advanced AI tools and marketing support. This is less expensive than having an in-house resource or agency do it for you.
    • Flexible Learning: Participate in daily live demonstrations at times convenient for both AEST and PST time zones. Ideal for graduate marketers and small business owners.
    • Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical, real-world applications through interactive sessions. Learn by implementing proven marketing strategies under expert guidance.
    • Community: Join a network of like-minded marketers and business owners. Share experiences, exchange ideas and help each other amplify marketing efforts.
    • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Stay ahead with the latest trends and best practices.

    Sign Up Today

    Sign Up Today – Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be guided and coached from strategy development to implementation using AI. The ‘Come Market Your Business With Me’ will give you free access to Robotic Marketer’s AI-powered marketing strategy platform for strategy, execution of content, management of marketing strategy and reporting.