Digital vs Traditional Marketing

How Traditional Marketing Can Still Be Used in The Digital Era

  • On : July 1, 2022

As the digital age has revolutionized the way we interact with each other, marketing has evolved to meet the changing demands of consumers. This evolution came in the form of digital marketing. Digital marketing is any marketing that is done online, whereas traditional marketing uses channels such as posters, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and newspapers or magazines. Digital marketing spends overtook traditional marketing in the US for the first time in 2019 and has remained on top since. But does this mean that traditional marketing is on the way out? Surely the techniques that dominated the marketing landscape haven’t been made completely obsolete by the advent of digital marketing. The short answer is no, traditional marketing isn’t dead yet, and the tactics and strategies that have been used for decades are still powerful tools that you can use in your marketing efforts.

Here are some traditional marketing techniques that you can use today.

Combine Digital and Traditional

No matter how much time people spend online, they still exist in the real world. Meet them wherever they are by using a mix of digital and traditional methods in your strategy. Sponsor events that your target audience attends and have a promotion online to give away free tickets to the event. Use traditional marketing channels to direct people to your digital marketing content. Using a mix of both is a powerful tactic that gives you a lot of flexibility to tackle marketing challenges.

The combination of digital and traditional channels can help you achieve better retention of your messages by increasing exposure to your marketing. Remember that the difference is simply that one is online, and one is not. You can use the same ad in both digital and traditional channels, meaning that you can have people exposed to the same ad in different ways and places.

Custom Ads for Different Locations

Statistics show that personalized marketing messages are more effective than generic ones. People enjoy when a promotional email has a greeting that uses their first name rather than a generic message that is the same for everyone. Digital marketing allows for easy personalization of marketing materials as software’s can automate the process for you. However, you can use this tactic of personalized ads in traditional marketing as well.

While it may not be possible to make it unique to each person, you can make it unique to each location. Different cities, suburbs, streets, or even buildings could have different ads placed in or on them. For example, a billboard near a sports stadium could reference the home team, or an ad at a train station could mention being in a rush and on the move. This makes each ad feel unique and special rather than just an image that has been copied and pasted repeatedly.

Reach A Different Audience

Your target audience plays a key role in determining which marketing tactics you will use. Young people spend more time online than older people, for example, so focusing on digital marketing channels makes sense if you are targeting a younger audience. But you might find in your research that a large percentage of your audience listens to the radio, or lives in a specific area, or gets home from work and watches TV at the same time. These segments of your target audience are all reachable using traditional marketing techniques.

Traditional methods allow you to reach people that are outside of your typical target audience. There may be potential customers that are unaware of your company because they don’t use the digital channels you advertise on. For example, if you identify that most of your customers use Facebook and therefore dedicate resources to advertising on Facebook, any potential customers that don’t use social media will not see your messages. The ability to reach an audience that you may have previously missed with a focus on digital marketing methods will give you an advantage over the competition if they have neglected to do the same.

Send A Different Message

Traditional marketing techniques include sponsorships. This can be sponsoring an event, a local sports club, or a community program. Traditional marketing provides avenues to shape the perception of your brand that digital marketing lacks. While you can promote your sponsorships online, the ability to establish yourself as a positive member of the community is unique to traditional marketing.

Marketing involves more than just advertising your products. You can use your marketing to show consumers about your company. Things like your company values and beliefs can be conveyed indirectly through your messaging. Digital marketing can be used to display these ideas, but traditional marketing provides opportunities to put your money where your mouth is and act on those values and beliefs. Actions speak louder than words and people will react more positively to you doing something for the good of the community than they will if you just say you support the community.

Digital and traditional marketing are sometimes seen as opposites in the world of marketing. In truth, they are two different methods available to marketers that should be used together to achieve the best results. You should analyze and assess your digital and traditional marketing needs separately but ensure that when you address those needs you combine the two to ensure the best results. Whilst traditional marketing has slipped in popularity in recent years, its ability to deliver results when used effectively has not waned. Despite being firmly in the digital era, traditional marketing techniques are still an important part of successful marketing strategies.

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