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Why is traditional marketing making a big comeback

  • On : November 7, 2022

What traditional marketing do you remember? Do you miss it? I remember the days I sneaked into my room after the party, finding my grandpa snoring on the sofa. In those days, television is our primary source of information and entertainment.

We loved watching news broadcasting after dinner, but there were always too many tedious ads. Now my grandpa no longer falls asleep while watching TV. In the digital era, everyone has a phone. This convenient invention is gradually replacing television and already became an irreplaceable part of our life.  

So what exactly is traditional media? You may already have the answer. Traditional media includes television, radio, newspaper and magazine, direct mail, out-of-home, in-store signage, brochures, and banners. It’s anything that irrelevant to a phone, computer, or internet. 

Since we have so many advanced technologies, why is traditional marketing coming back? Let’s have a look at the five reasons below.

1. A matter of credibility

Have you ever trusted fraud online? With the development of technology, new media went viral overnight. As a result, many emerging companies entirely focus on the number of clicks to bring traffic. As a result, problems like media hype arose with the growing desire for clout. 

According to the MarketingSherpa survey, 82% of customers trusted print advertising, 80% trusted television advertising, 76% trusted direct mail advertising, and 71% trusted radio advertising. It also realized that British and American customers trust traditional advertising more than social media advertising. 

In addition, large companies are typically good at utilizing traditional media, as this process requires seamless planning, time, and money. Therefore, their ads and promotions are often classical that have stood the test of time. Because of this, the audience deems that fast-changing digital media has a lower level of credibility.

2. A broader audience group

A study shows that while consumers over 55 take up 32% of the UK population, they control 60% of their wealth. The report highlights the purchasing power of older customers, but they are the marginalized group in ads and a demanding audience to please. Television advertising could play a vital role in reconnecting with older customers.

Meanwhile, based on massive data analysis, digital media is excellent at reaching a precise audience. However, sometimes we may need a viable target. A target that also includes diversified communities. If some audiences today don’t have a phone or avoid using phones, traditional media can reach a remote place or a wider population where digital services cannot work well. 

3. A sense of nostalgia

Digitization has radically changed every aspect of our traditional life. The millennium is looking to the past for the newest trends. The entire Western world is in a state of nostalgia where revivals of classic TV shows, clothing trends, and films come with people’s cheers. To cater to the audience’s demand, traditional marketing can better acclimate to the simpler, bygone era. In addition, it will make your brand stand out among competitors who still stick to attract online traffic. 

4. Taking a break from the advertising clutter

Do you have enough patience to watch the ads before your video starts? A HubSpot Survey found that 73% of participants disliked online pop-ups, while 18% hated magazine/print ads. It indicates that most offline ads are viewed favorably. Besides, 47% of participants only watched ads after the video. 

On the flip side, traditional ads are winning audience engagement. A report summarized that 50% of customers frequently watched TV or read printed mail ads from companies they liked. It also suggested that the essence of advertising is to help the right customer find the right product. So, instead of posting massive ads that may block the loading page, marketers are considering a traditional way of sending customers an original and sincere message.

5. Seeking balance

After seeing some good aspects of traditional marketing, you should recheck your marketing campaign, but don’t lose faith in modern media. You should have different tactics for different situations and other customers. In a word, modern media and new technology improve the way of spreading information, and traditional media ensures data reliability. Finding a way to balance traditional and contemporary marketing may help you achieve your goal more efficiently.

To sum up, traditional marketing is making a big comeback because it shows a higher level of trust, faces a broader audience group, contains a sense of nostalgia, releases audiences from the advertising clutter, and balances the deficiency of digital media. Moreover, the recent rise of traditional marketing reminds us to rethink marketing. After all, the best advertising is to bring customers quality instead of finishing a quantitative task.