The Future of Marketing is Digital

  • On : July 24, 2020

An emerging and soon to be dominating approach within marketing is devouring the traditional marketing methodology and becoming a visage of marketing. The future of marketing is digital.

Traditional marketing has been seen as the cornerstone for marketing for ages, using methods such as television advertising, print media, and telemarketing. However, change is necessary and inevitable.

An ever-expanding labyrinth of utilized electronic platforms, devices, and the behemoth network of information systems, known as the internet is what defines the core of digital marketing.

These online instruments allow the opportunity to connect with wide-ranging audiences and develop brand awareness.

Video Marketing is Trending Upwards

Video marketing over the years has grown significantly due to its exceedingly engageable and sharable content, which can be easily accessed on several digital platforms and smart devices.

With over 70% of consumers sharing a brand’s video, it’s reasonable to predict that you’ve been influenced by video content at some point in life; from Instagram and Snapchat stories to vlogging entries.

Another interesting development is the utilization of Zoom, a cloud platform that enables video content and conferencing in a one-to-one or group format to meet and collaborate online.

This is especially beneficial within our current predicament during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to isolate physically. In April 2020, more than 300 million daily meeting participants were using Zoom. The value and experience of video conferencing presents a better outcome in comparison to common emails and voice calls.

The Outshining Control of Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term utilized to simulate machine intelligence demonstrating learning, functionality, and problem-solving abilities to imitate human actions.

To be more specific, chatbots are becoming more and more assertive within the customer service sector, with chatbots dominating over 80% of customer service this year.

Chatbots are a 24-hour service, assisting and providing immediate responses to inquires with genuine and accurate replies to ensure customers’ expectations are met and automating recurring responsibilities.

Overall, chatbots are digitally inclined to reach out or communicate with customers in a humanized and natural way through various of platforms like voice recognition technologies, SMS texting, also functioning in website and application layouts.

Interactive Content is Becoming Highly Attractive

Interactive content is anything that involves creating and shareable online content to promote brand engagement while providing entertainable yet informative content to educate their audience.

Lately, online business entities have engaged with consumers offering interactive quizzes, infographics, and webinars. These formats are enacted only to catch your audience attention and to establish a memorable experience.

According to BeMedia, 70% of marketers are creating more interactive content today than last year, This is because consumers have an attention span between 8-15 seconds to take in information before they become impatient, bored or they are no longer interested.


Everyone is soon realizing that digital marketing is becoming the preferred approach to emphasize in a marketing strategy, so that you can reach your audience with ease and efficiency. These trends are evidence that digital marketing is continuing to augment and acclimatize towards the future of the digital marketing landscape.