IT technology

How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing your everyday life

  • On : October 2, 2018

Stephanie Petrolo

The initiation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has been met with mixed responses. Some have been quick to embrace the technology whilst others are much more skeptical. In business, a more efficient work environment has been promised with the adoption of AI encouraged. Whether we are conscious or not, AI is already present in our lives and it is only going to flourish. Here are some examples of AI in your everyday life.

Customer Support

When visiting a website, there is sometimes a need for assistance. You may have noticed the ‘customer support’ window which appears on your screen. Most websites are now implementing AI in this feature. Whilst most AI on websites are automated responses, they are also able to mine particular information from the site relevant to the user. The more we interact with these bots, the more helpful and intelligent they become, enhancing our online experience.

Entertainment Recommendations

We’re no stranger to watching programs and films on apps such as Netflix. When you’ve finished watching a particular movie there are suggestions as to what you should watch next. These recommendations are AI at work. An algorithm is implemented giving recommendations which you are more than likely to have an interest in. This may be a simple use of AI but is undoubtedly useful and helps you discover new films and programs you may have otherwise missed.

Social Media

Have you ever uploaded a photo to Facebook and had faces highlighted, suggesting who to tag in the image? This is AI in action. AI has become a mainstay on the social networking site which also uses Artificial Intelligence to customise your newsfeed. This includes displaying ads which you are more likely to be interested in. The use of AI on social media allows for a more personalised experience, connecting us to friends, stories and products/services which take precedence.


Undoubtedly the most frustrating email to receive is spam. AI technology is present in filtering these emails, constantly learning from signals including particular words in a message and monitoring where the email comes from. This is an ever-learning system and AI will take into account what you establish as spam. Ultimately, AI will adapt to your ideal email inbox making sure you only receive what is important.

It is evident that AI has an ever-present influence on our everyday lives. There are countless examples of the system in practice whether it be noticeable or not. From smartphones to the introduction of robots in our workplaces and beyond, AI is here and is ultimately making our lives much easier.